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Posted in: Cleavage cover to keep prying eyes away See in context

This has been around in the USA for a while now. I got a pack of 3 for 9.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond

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Posted in: Yamanote line in Tokyo features AKB48 train See in context

Generally speaking, lots of JT posters are just negative overall - always complaining about Nihon and always a pessemistic outlook. This AK group is harmless. Are they overexposed? Yes, but how are they causing any real trouble?

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Posted in: An Apple a day See in context

For some people, this is an adventure and it's fun. I personally wouldn't do it, but neither would I criticize them for this - they're just having fun. If they want to freeze outside, that's certainly their problem and their concern. Just let them be.

I was in Akiba yesterday and saw the massive line starting at about 5:30pm.

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Posted in: Small tsunami observed after M6.8 quake off Hokkaido See in context

Felt this in Sendai, although it was just light swaying. I'm still just a visitor, but I was scared. Not used to this! But my fiance is moving to Niigata soon, thankfully, where it's a bit more quiet.

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Posted in: No. of deaths due to snow-related accidents passes 100 See in context

This scares me. Fiance is moving to Niigata City (near Sekiya station) and I will join him in about 2 years. I'm scared of being killed like that. I'm coming from a very tropical area (South Texas).

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Posted in: Japan's post-tsunami tourism industry haunted by nuclear fears See in context

Tis a pity. I was there this past July and it was beautiful there. Loved the cruise, the restaurants and the aquarium (though that was still kinda filthy). It seemed pretty crowded - couldn't tell that tourism was down. I hope they rebuild fast.

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Posted in: Tohoku shinkansen back to normal operations for first time since March 11 See in context

Wasn't this already fully operational? I was just there this past July and went to Tokyo a total of 4 times using the Shinkansen. The journey was about 1hr 45 minutes. I remember coming back to Sendai and the train would go further to Aomori. Oh well. Guess it could only make it better :)

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Posted in: Qantas, JAL, Mitsubishi Corp to form Jetstar Japan See in context

They need to offer flights to Sendai from Narita! The current ones are a bit inconvenient. :/

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Posted in: Cat cafes purrfect for lonely and childless people See in context

Cats are so underrated - many people prefer dogs. I myself am a big cat person - I have lived around cats for more than 20 years. I still live in the USA, so I'm able to have my precious little cat with me. But once I marry and move to Japan, I may not be able to have a cat. So sad...

I went to this Cats Livin in Odaiba many years ago. It was so relaxing. I wanted to take those babies home with me.

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Posted in: Honey, do you mind going back to work? See in context

True. Last visit to Japan, on the days I went out, the malls were swarming with women. Swarming. Any men I saw were college-aged or those in business suits. It sounds fun spending hubby's money, but I'd feel restricted - I mean, what if he dictates to you how you can use that money? No thanks. I will earn my keep and spend my keep as I wish.

I'm currently a school teacher here in the USA (hope that helps me find a job in Japan easier) and I can't imagine life without my job.

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Posted in: Fill 'er up See in context

Glad to see this. Even in Sendai, was glad to see places like Sendai port resuming some normalcy. Hang in there, Tohoku region!

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Posted in: Ichihashi appeals life sentence for killing British teacher See in context

While it is sad that Ichihashi's punishment will never be enough, at least in Japan I can walk the streets at night knowing that my chances of being raped are SIGNIFICANTLY lower than my home country, the USA. And nobody is siding with Ichihashi! Good god!

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Posted in: Osaka - Japan's amazing water city See in context

Osaka not high on the list for foreigners?? After Tokyo and Kyoto, most people go to Osaka.

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Posted in: Honey, do you mind going back to work? See in context

Blah, my J-fiance is a penny pincher, does not wastefully spend. His current job (which is still not a prestigious position) nets him about 700,000 a month and he says that I don't have to work if I don't want to (when we marry and I move there).

As a woman, I'd be ashamed of myself if I didn't go to work. Then again, I'm westernized and I've been brought up by my dad to believe that I should fully support myself and that I shouldn't have to have a husband support me. When I finally move with my fiance, I am going to work full-time. I want to spend MY money.

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Posted in: Tigers complete sweep of Swallows in Central League See in context

Yay Tigers! Ain't no baseball game as exciting and fun-filled as the Hanshin Tigers! hugs her Tigers jersey

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Posted in: Finance minister says yen is 'strongly overvalued' See in context

There have been a lot of expats rejoicing this strong yen thing because they only think of "oo, now I can buy more dollars." While it may sound great for THAT person alone, it is bad for the Japanese economy overall. It means less tourism and less spending. When I went to Sendai for a month, I held back my spending by A LOT. Valuable tourist dollars lost because I didn't have as much money as before. A LOT of people are now holding back because it's gotten so expensive. It doesn't help that the media is constantly harping on this (on CNN, MSNBC) and making it look like it's too expensive to visit.

That's not even factoring in the export issue. No, this strong yen looks good for a few expats, but it's terrible for the Japanese economy overall. I hope the yen falls to reasonable amounts. Japan does not need anymore problems.

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Posted in: M6.2 quake jolts northeastern Japan See in context

Supposedly we're now gonna get rolling blackouts from 1:30-3:30pm here in Sendai Taihaku ward. I guess the power plant was further damaged in that 6.2

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Posted in: M6.2 quake jolts northeastern Japan See in context

Yes the east coast has had lots of aftershocks but they've been m5s and less. This month alone, two m6s and an m7. The news cast showed footage of my area. It was really shaking a lot!

Yeah, I've noticed that the apt makes like a creak noise and then it shakes.

My fiancés eyes opened but he didn't even bother to sit up or anything. Lol. He just murmured, "yeah make sure you have your clothes on." after it was over, he just laughed and said "welcome to Sendai"

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Posted in: M6.2 quake jolts northeastern Japan See in context

Holy crap, this one was pretty strong. The epicenter is actually 40 miles from Sendai, 60 miles for us since we are in the southwest area of Sendai. Got jolted awake bigtime. I was in my undies when my fiancé said for me to put on my clothes. The tv newscast showed the footage and damn. It was pretty strong. The earthquake website reports this as moderate to strong I'm my area.

I will be honest, I was frightened. Couldn't sleep for an hour.

What's with these big ones recently? Another 8+ on the way or something?

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Posted in: M6.5 quake jolts northern Japan See in context


Of course, I'll always stick by his side. Unfortunately, I'm on a tourist visa. Can't live here just yet. Besides, I have to go back to work in about 3 weeks. >_<.

I pray that no more biggies happen close to Sendai. These people really are traumatized. I don't blame ANYONE for being scared.

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Posted in: M6.5 quake jolts northern Japan See in context

I'm in the Taihaku ward. An hour's drive from the coast. We're not in danger of tsunami. We're too far inland, thank God.

The people here in Sendai have carried on as normal, as far as I can see. I don't know the public reaction to this 6.5, as I was home. I imagine people freaked. Like I said, since July 9, when I got here, I've only felt about 4 after shocks. Supposedly, it has calmed down significantly since March and April.

Anyone feel this one down in Tokyo?

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Posted in: M6.5 quake jolts northern Japan See in context

I'm leaving back home in 5 days. The aftershocks here in Sendai weren't frightening at all, hell that July 10 7.0 didn't scare me at ALL. Then again, I was in Yodobashi, surrounded by people. A few people ran out of the store. Here, I was alone. Also, my fiance's apt has some structural damage (cracks, lots of em). We're on the bottom floor of a two story apartment building. I get scared that earthquakes of this magnitude will bring the house down.

My fiance? Damn, he's traumatized for life. He was born and raised in the Shiga area, where earthquakes hardly happened. 2 weeks prior to 3/11, he moved to Sendai for his new job. He doesn't like talking about the 9.0, he says it's the most traumatizing thing ever. Still, aftershocks like these startle him. :(

I really hope this region calms down within the next year. These poor people are so startled.

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Posted in: M6.5 quake jolts northern Japan See in context

Felt this here in Sendai, a bit strong, but it's classified as a level 3 in intensity here (Tokyo, like a 1). I was a bit frightened by this one, since I don't live here and in the 5 years I've visited Japan, never felt earthquakes. My fiance is at work and being home alone made it a bit more scary. Still, seismologists say this was only "light shaking" in Sendai. I thought it more moderate.

I was also pondering going to Tokyo today. thank GOD I went yesterday. I can only imagine the backlog of the shinkansen (it was so crowded yesterday on the way back to Sendai).

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Posted in: Strong earthquake rattles tsunami-weary Japan See in context

How the hell did you all feel it in Tokyo? I am currently in Sendai and at best, some light shaking and swaying.

The people here are traumatized, though. Some ojiisans ran out immediately when the ground shook. Fiance dismissed it as a 4.8 or so until we saw CNN.com

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Posted in: High hopes for Haneda's new international terminal See in context

Haneda is an ideal landing place, but who wants to arrive at friggin 10/11pm? Good luck getting trains and stuff! Until the landing times are better, I will stick with Narita

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Posted in: U.S. airlines squeezed as Haneda goes international See in context

How sad that fliers care more whether their flight attendant is a kawaii asian woman or an older lady. Who cares as long as the job is done.

Anyway, tried to book a flight to Haneda airport for this March but the landing times are crummy!!! Arrive at 11pm?? NO THANKS. By the time I get my butt out of the airport to a hotel...zzzz.

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Posted in: Air France begins A380 Flights between Paris and Tokyo See in context

Morning is not too bad for immigration. Try coming in at 1-2pm. Last time we did that, we spent about 1 1/2 hours in line. Some poor couple almost missed their connecting flight to Chitose. Thankfully my connection to Osaka Itami didn't leave until 4 hours later.

Anyway, that's a huge jet. 500 some people.

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Posted in: Delta upbeat on Japan business amid strong yen See in context

I simply have to thank Delta airlines for their route additions. My fiance is simply pleased that he can get a flight out of Kanku airport straight to the USA other than United Airlines.

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Posted in: Donut duo See in context

I like Mr. Donut's glazed stuff, but the chocolate ones taste awful! The chocolate resembles the fake dollar general stuff!

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Posted in: Judge blocks parts of Arizona immigration law See in context

I think Arizona KNEW it was going to be shot down, and I have a feeling this law was merely created to push the government to do something about illegal immigration. This law sends a message that states WILL take matters into their own hands if nothing is done.

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