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Dell_1957 comments

Posted in: Japan to deploy Patriot missiles in Okinawa permanently See in context

To all anti American posters....it is all your fault for allowing the J government to allow any foreign involvement in Japan...you vote these people in so deal with it. If you don't like the American presence in your country then tell us, don't ask us to leave.

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Posted in: Triumphant experience See in context

One word only.......WOW!!!!!!!!!

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Posted in: Okinawans use kites to protest against Osprey aircraft See in context

Let me explain something to you, I am my own people. And regardless of where we stand on the Osprey issue or the base issue, we dont treat the military servicemen and women with disrespect.

Did you not read the part that I have been here for four years?...unless you are with us when we go out of the base you have no idea what we go thru with your people....the only reason we don't respond to comments about us is because we get in trouble with our government....

Kick you off our island? Even if we wanted to, the Okinawan people have the power to do this?

I could care less who has the power to kick us off your island...just kick us off.....

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Posted in: Okinawans use kites to protest against Osprey aircraft See in context

What?! A kite can take down one of these? A real piece of Military equipment, there>

Then why have us here if your equipment is superior? Like I posted earlier...by all means kick us off your island and fend for yourself...

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Posted in: Okinawans use kites to protest against Osprey aircraft See in context

Dell, before you go off on a rant and call us ungrateful, maybe you ought to study up on a few things about the issue. First, this has nothing to do with military here. Just the Ofspeys. "Here" refers to Okinawa, which is part of Japan, however, Okinawa is not all Japan. If you did a little bit of studying before you let you brains fall out of your mouth, you would understand this.>

Let me explain something to you, I have been stationed here for 4 years and us Marines know first hand about how Japanese people treat us...especially when they think we don't speak Japanese and can understand every word they speak. Comments like "why are they even here"..."I wish they would leave our country"...they are ruining our country"....get the picture? I can go on and on about what we hear, so don't tell me it's just about planes....seems to me you need to study your own people...

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Posted in: Okinawans use kites to protest against Osprey aircraft See in context

Be strong, people of Okinawa. Continue the protests. American "military intelligence" will continue to put and keep these dangerous aircraft over your area because no city in the USA wants them. Ask this question of your leaders: "What good is a slow flying plane that cannot out maneuver a heat seeking missile and can only reach Taipei or Fukuoka? Put these "planes" on Guam and see if the people enjoy these noisy aircraft flying over their area.>

Then by all means kick us out of your country and let you fend for yourselves....

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Posted in: Okinawans use kites to protest against Osprey aircraft See in context

Us Americans are so fed up with countries that don't want our military in their country, and as soon as they need help because they can't defend themselves from another country then they beg for US Military help. If you don't like our military equipment and armed forces in your country kick us out and don't depend on us to help you in any way when you need help defending you from other countries. You people are the most ungrateful people....we Americans would like nothing more than to have our son's and daughters on American soil and let ungrateful countries defend themselves.

The only reason Japan continues provoking China is because Japan knows the US will back them up in case of a war with China and then you have these ungrateful protesters complaining about airplanes. I would love to see the US military leave Japan and never go back.

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Posted in: Defense talk See in context

And when was the last defensive one? War mongering is the US's biggest industry. Defense is an industry not a state of preparedness. Panetta is a glorified salesman.

All this trash talk about the United States and it's Military but when a nation like Japan gets into war who is the first nation they will go to for help? Of course the US Military...if your country would go to war it could not defend itself without the US Military, people only appreciate the US Military when it's to their advantage.

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Posted in: Little firefighter See in context

In their innocence, very young children like this little girl know themselves to be light and love. If we will allow them, they can teach us to see ourselves the same way...

Children only see the world through genuine and pure love.They are so innocent that their lovely smiles warms up our hearts. I truly believe that there is always a child in each one of us.

So let us learn to share our genuineness and smiles with everyone.

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Posted in: Queens' man See in context

Boy....looking at this photo I remember people here posting Mrs. Clinton's outfit she wore for a photo a few weeks ago was terrible fashion. Take a good look at your prime minister and his suit, looks like he took it out of luggage and didn't even bother to press it...and who advised him on wearing that god awful tie and shoes that are not even polished. His expression is telling the photographer....hurry up...I want out of here!

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Posted in: Okinawa marks 40 years since return to Japan See in context

@Sfjp330....the real reason the Japanese government doesn't tell the US to pull out is because they know that Japan has no real military to defend itself compared to your neighbors. Japan is only pretending to be a US friend to ward off any country that is thinking of military action against Japan...Japanese people want their cake and eat it too...

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Posted in: Okinawa marks 40 years since return to Japan See in context

****By all means.....if any part of Japan does not want any US military presence then Japan should tell the US military to leave and not come back even if it means not coming back if Japan needs help defending from a hostile country. Americans are tired of countries that only want to use the US for military reasons and then when they don't need them anymore they want them out.

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Posted in: This way See in context

As a American citizen, the fashion comments about Mrs. Clinton are just plain mean and uncalled for. She is considered one of the most down to earth politicians in the US. If that is the way she wants to dress, so be it! Hillary Clinton is, according to Gallup, the most admired woman in the U.S. She is by far the most popular member of Obama's cabinet -- and a recent CafeMom poll revealed that a majority of moms would rather vote Hillary for president in 2012 than Obama himself! You will never read or see any comments like this about any of your officials when they visit our country.

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