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Posted in: Police officer pushes student off bike; lifts up her skirt See in context

perhaps the NPA should screen their recruits better.

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Posted in: Electric cars risk losing green sheen in Japan See in context

'such an issue'

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Posted in: Electric cars risk losing green sheen in Japan See in context

If one has a solar powered charging station then such an issues never arises.

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Posted in: Yamagata University to study Peru's Nazca Lines See in context

sounds like a dream job. can i go too?

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Posted in: Edano says Japan facing power shortage in summer See in context

If the Japanese truly adopted a power saving strategy this wouldn't happen. All I see is companies, restaurants, shops, etc. using way too much power. Sometimes I get headaches because the lights in the convenient stores are so bright. Just turning up the AC in the office to 28 degrees in the summer accomplishes nothing. Turn down the AC a few degrees and shut off all the lights and electronic audio announcements everywhere. The grocery stores here are so loud that sometimes it makes my head spin. Non-sense!

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Posted in: Why does the existence of AKB48 bother so many readers of Japan Today (judging from the comments on the discussion board)? See in context

it's because they are fake musicians. where is the actual music coming from? it's all recorded. the whole thing is fake. it's sad and inauthentic.

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Posted in: Noda urges all of Japan to help with disposal of tsunami debris See in context

PM Noda, 'NO!'

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Posted in: Sightings reported as penguin hunt continues See in context

i'm rooting for the penguin too.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd claims win after fracas with Japan whalers See in context

Makes me sick when I see whale meat for sale in the local grocery stores. Whales are killed in the name of research and then their meat is sold for a profit to the public. So many contradictions there it makes my head spin. Fight on Sea Shepherd! Stop the slaughter!

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Posted in: Woman arrested for abandoning 12 dogs in house See in context

why would anyone want 12 dogs in the first place? isn't one or two enough?

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Posted in: Limbaugh comments overshadow Super Tuesday contest See in context

Rush Limbaugh is just an idiot with an audience.

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Posted in: Gov't to support municipalities that accept tsunami debris See in context

It's called bribery.

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Posted in: 12-year-old girl killed after lying down on railway tracks See in context

more sad news. Only 12 years old! Poor girl. in the states suicide is illegal.

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Posted in: 5 youths ordered to apologize to monkeys, clean pen for throwing fireworks See in context

Meddling kids!

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Posted in: Marshall Islands fine Japanese ship for violating shark fin ban See in context

we're killing the planet.

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Posted in: Ishihara agrees with Nagoya mayor's Nanjing massacre denial See in context

No surprises here...most politicians are just idiots on a power trip.

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Posted in: Japanese whalers under new attack by Sea Shepherd See in context

'...part of one's culture,....'

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Posted in: Japanese whalers under new attack by Sea Shepherd See in context

Close the loophole and everybody go home. Leave the poor whales alone. And yes, while you're at it, leave all the chemically force-fed chickens, turkeys, pigs, and cows alone too. Oh, yeah, leave all the tuna alone for at least 100 years and any and all sea creatures that we have overfished. Sushi is a non-sustainable form of nutrition consumption. And I don't care if people say because it is a part of one's cultural, then it's acceptable. Eating whale is just plain wrong and the meat is filled with poisons. Tradition and culture do not necessarily mean that something is right. That is something many Japanese will never understand. It's called provincialism. Look it up.

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Posted in: Japan planning to give IMF $50 bil to ease Europe's debt crisis See in context

Forget about giving all that to the EU & the IMF, they created all those problems. There shouldn't be a Euro in the first place, those currencies should have never changed. Instead, put that money towards Japan's debt and towards green energy projects. There's just no way the Mandarins in Tokyo will ever really care about the real issues in Japan.

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Posted in: TEPCO to cement 73,000 sq meters of seabed off Fukushima See in context

As with so many other problems in Japan, such as unemployed manual laborers, wasting taxpayer money, now the problem of radiation is being solved by pouring cement. How sad.

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Posted in: 3 people found dead apparently from starvation in Saitama apartment See in context

I guess there aren't any soup kitchens or places to go for free meals in Japan. Quite sad. Sounds like a horrible way to die.

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Posted in: BBC and Hulu tie up See in context

Oh, great. I thought that Hulu was blocked in Japan. BBC is great.

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Posted in: Firms plan to build floating wind farm off Fukushima coast See in context

Yes, go green, Japan and the world. It's about time.

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Posted in: Pachinko addiction a growing problem for Japanese women See in context

cards are a form of gambling too. i wonder how many poker circles there are in Japan.

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Posted in: Tokyo Gate Bridge to open to traffic on Feb 12 See in context

Nice. I like stuff like new bridges. What an amazing infrastructure Japan has.

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Posted in: Water temperature rising in No. 2 reactor at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

Does anyone think the China Syndrome will occur in Fukushima? If that has happened/will happen, then it's truly all over. What a nightmare.

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Posted in: Firm loses potassium cyanide equivalent to 2,500 lethal doses See in context


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Posted in: Mayor of village near Fukushima plant urges residents to return to homes See in context

Another case of the blind leading the blind.

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Posted in: Japan's population to shrink two thirds by 2110 See in context

bring in the robots.

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Posted in: Fukui 'Nuclear Alley' conflict: reactor danger vs economic reality See in context

Shut down all the nuclear plants and just learn to live with less.

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