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Posted in: Queen enters 'twilight' of reign after farewell to Philip See in context

I am a republican at heart who doesn't really approve of 'royal' families but goodness me, what an absolute treasure Queen Elizabeth is. She will perhaps go down as the most popular monarch who ever graced the earth. I adore her.

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Posted in: Virus surges fuel fears 100 days before Tokyo Olympics See in context

@Simiam Lane That's just the problem, you see; life doesn't go on for a great many people.

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Posted in: Prince Charles says royal family 'deeply grateful' for world's support See in context

Whether one agrees with the notion of royalty or not, he was from an era of higher virtues.

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Posted in: Japan urged to outlaw LGBT+ discrimination before Olympics See in context

Members of the LGBT community are their own worst enemies when it comes to ending discrimination. Perhaps if they kept their private lives to themselves then there wouldn't be anybody opposing them but pushing their victim narrative as being marginalized and oppressed (when in fact they have the same freedoms and opportunities as normal people) is annoying and tiresome to listen to or read about every day.

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