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Posted in: Suga: No change to airlines' notification policy when flying in China zone See in context

smithinjapanDec. 02, 2013 - 04:59PM JST And Suga once again proves to be a moron. I hope he flies each and every day through the zone to show he's not simply putting civilian lives at risk for the sake of his political vote.

No, Mr. Suga believes PRC is not so stupid to shoot down commercial aircrafts in the international airspace. But maybe you are right, PRC is really idiot and shoot down commercial aircrafts in the international airspace.

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smithinjapanNov. 27, 2013 - 04:47PM JST I guess you missed the fact that this thread is about Japan expanding it's air-space.

You missed the point. ADIZ is not a someone's Air Space. Don't manipulate other people.

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Michael Phillip Udem at Nov. 06, 2013 - 10:40AM JST

Which countries of Asia would be provoked by this? Please do not talk like all of Asian countries would be provoked. These Ships are for BMD and Japan's constitution article 9 prohibit to have any war potential which will exceed the minimum necessary level of Japan's self defense. Japan do remember its history and do need to protect its citizens. Tell us your opinion about China's defense building like carriers, ICBM and military exercises in the west pacific.

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Japan has right of self defense like all other nations. Japan's article 9 of constitution renounces war, the possession of war potential, and the right of belligerency by the state. Tanks, fighter jets and battle ships are for self defense. You can not defend your nation by pistols. Japanese military ships and aircrafts never cross the Japan-China median line in southern region where the Senkaku island located. But China does. If Mr. Abe is hawkish because he wants to revise constitution to be normal country which can exercise the right of self defense, what do you say about China. China has ICBM with nuclear war heads, aircraft carrier, but Japan does not have those.

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Posted in: Another cabinet minister visits Yasukuni Shrine See in context


The International Military Tribunal for the Far East was biased, you know that right? Winner is right, loser is wrong. Did you know why Japan had to start the war? Please do not talk like you are god. Why don't you check history from Japanese standpoint. Just try.

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