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I thought it were the Britain authorities who like to accuse Moscow before the end of the investigation and without any evidence. But now I see that Washington was poisoned by Theresa May's marasmus and anti-Russian hysteria. One can think that London has some leverage on the White house or The US try to solve their own problems. I think it were the democrats who initiated a new round of anti-Russian actions on the background of improvement of US-Russian relations. London should end the investigation on attempt as soon possible. Otherwise everybody will be able to use the Skripal case in their own interest.

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Why British authorities don't want to think logically? What was the reason for Kremlin to assassinate double agent who was jailed in 2004 and then was pardoned by Russian president Dmitri Medvedev in 2010. If Skripal really threatened Russians they would never let him go. Not to mention attempt on ordinary Brits. They surely didn't threaten Putin or anybody else. The investigators should study evidence ignoring the anti-Russian hysteria.

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You know what else is just a few miles away from

Porton Down, UK's main chemical weapons facility.

It's interesting fact to think about. If you start looking for Kremlin's motivation to poison common Brits you find nothing because they didn't threat Putin. That's why there is a version, that there was a case of leakage of poison in Porton Down chemical laboratory. And to hide the fault of the personnel the British authority decided to fool people and accuse Moscow of another chemical attack on the British soil....

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Posted in: Two Britons poisoned with Novichok nerve agent near where Russian spy was struck down See in context

it's silly to think, that Moscow decided to use chemic in GB again. More over those pare were common Britons and they didn't threat Putin. It seems the British authorities start new round of anti-Russian hysteria because their campaign against world football championship 2018 in Russia is failed.

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This investigation shares common features with the investigation into Skripal 's seems to me that those 2 cases are investigated by one investigator. And he or she has one main specific - he(she) doesn't like to introduce any evidence. His(her) accusations are groundless. At the same time he(she) promises to show them but a little bit later....and the main specific of his(her) actions is anti-Russian be honestly I am tired with anti-Russian hysteria. Please, think of something new next time.

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Trump shows that he never wanted peace and stability in the region. The tension is profitable for him.

Using the threat of NK nuke he can explain the deployment of the Asian element of global antimissile shield which is indeed produced to neutralize Chinese nuke potential.

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Trump wages a new war in the Meddle East.....what's the reason? Follow money.....

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Trump does not want to keep peace in the world.....he always finds problems and threat for the US and allies. NK gives up its nuclear he remembered Iranian issue.....

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Posted in: U.S., Russia clash at U.N. over chemical weapons attacks in Syria See in context

What are you talking about people? if the US and Russia clash in Syria, then this will mean the beginning of the third world war. The humanity will remember the horrors of war/.......but now nuclear war. We should safe our children........Stop Trump........The UN must help us!

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Russia warned the world community that the West is preparing a provocation using chemical weapons. That is why I wonder why everyone was so worried when the provocation was realized. The US again use chemical weapons as a reason to invade another country . The UN should stop the US authorities and not allow them to destroy Syria, as they have already destroyed Iraq, Libya and other countries.

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Sergei Skripal and his daughter are Russian citizens. That is why the investigation should be joint.

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