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Denise Nisurai comments

Posted in: Becky loses sponsors, regular TV appearances over affair scandal See in context

From the land of host/hostess bars, Becky gets punishment for being with a man who is married and how lied about it. Go figure.

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Posted in: Ski resorts hit by lack of snow; some stores already selling spring clothing See in context

At least it's bearable there. We have 40°C today. That will melt roads never mind snow.

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Posted in: More rivers burst their banks triggering further floods; 25 missing See in context

I feel deeply for Japan and it's beautiful people, I hope the death toll doesn't rise. Japan has suffered too much.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over death of 42-year-old disabled daughter See in context

Being the mother of a disabled child, i really feel for this woman. It's not much of a life looking after a disabled child and their future when your'e gone is always on your mind.

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Posted in: Whaling ships return home from Antarctic with no catch See in context

Sorry but Japan scientists are pretty dumb if year after year the do the same scientific tests again and again. Maybe they should just ask someone else for their results.

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Posted in: Project kicks off to promote Japanese idol culture See in context

The only j-pop groups known where i am (Australia) is Baby-Metal and Arashi. I total agree with subtitling their T.V shows. I think more overseas people would watch them and tell others about the shows. Concerts need to be held in other countries also and not just in Asia.

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Posted in: Australians reject siding with Japan against China in island dispute: survey See in context

I don't believe polls they are all way bias. I know my family would side with Japan not China.

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Posted in: TV commercial queen See in context

Love her

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Posted in: Woman held for murder after dropping 3-year-old daughter from bridge into river See in context

Just so sad I feel for the grandparents and the child but also for the mother to kill your child is a horrific crime, her mental health must be included in the sentencing of this woman.

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Posted in: Redback spiders found in Tokyo for first time See in context

I have been bitten by a Red back spider on my left breast and yes it hurt like hell. Hospital for an anti venom shot and antibiotics for a week intravenously, but hey that's living in Australia for ya.

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Posted in: 2 school girls jump to death from Tokyo apartment building See in context

This is so sad. To commit suicide at that age. What can be so wrong in a 11-12 yr olds life to end it like this? Condolences to the parents and friends of both girls.

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