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Posted in: What's the best way to deal with screaming or badly-behaved children at airports and on planes so that they don't drive other passengers crazy? See in context

Badly-behaved have said it all,but we have to consider those that do cry because they are afraid of the plane! I think that the best way to deal with those type of children is to talk to them(their parents)and prepare them mentaly for the trip and get what they like to keep them busy,like the biscuit,chips,chocolate,juice and games that they like more!Children can be managed the way we adults we want it because they can not just do whatever they want and the parents keep silent and allow them to do whatever they want,in that case they are not good parents!As for the cafeine and brand in the milk is just so irresponsible!Asuming is your child,will you get him drunk each time you travel?As human we have to try to tolerate our fellow human beying and understand each other!That is the problem,in the world today everybody is becoming annoying because of their own problem that they can not tolerate other people's problems!

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