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Dennis Bauer comments

Posted in: Accused groper on train escapes by jumping onto tracks at Tokyo's Akabane Station See in context

Second one in a short time has the gropening started?

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Posted in: 15-year-girl, boyfriend, 21, found dead in suspected murder-suicide See in context

Wow, Vietnamese girl killed, Vietnamese guy died in Detention center and now these 2 Vietnamese people died. RIP :(

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Posted in: Britain formally notifies EU of withdrawal See in context

So when will the Scott's join Europe?

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Posted in: Panasonic integrates solar panel with residential roof See in context

@SenseNotSoCommon more surface area? and even in the shadow there will be some photons

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Posted in: Chiba police searching for serial attacker who puts finger in teenage boys’ mouths See in context

I don't want to know where that finger has been!

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Posted in: Bus in Haiti flees accident, kills 34 See in context

What was that guy thinking? :O

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Posted in: Should there be an age limit for driving licenses? See in context

No, i am more for a capability test, there are good drivers at 80 but lousy ones that are younger

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Posted in: Two men stab themselves to get out of going to work See in context

If i could post a picture it would be a big facepalm one ;)

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Posted in: Man arrested after slicing his stomach at Tokyo police HQ See in context

So what was the reason?

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Posted in: Trump denounces anti-Semitism See in context

Yeah trump doesn't discriminate he insults everyone equally! :P

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Posted in: 40-year-old man arrested for pouring dirty liquid on high school girl See in context

I am confused by his logic!

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Posted in: Trump comment about immigration 'problems' baffles Sweden See in context

Who needs the truth when you have feeling! :P

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Posted in: 'Fat taxes' could save billons in healthcare costs: study See in context

And if you don't eat enough you get starvation tax!

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Posted in: Who would you say has been the most famous fictional character of the past two centuries? See in context

Fairy tale characters as they have been longer around than any on this list

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Posted in: 19-year-old mother, 2 friends arrested over child abuse See in context

I think child services should take away the kids "just for fun"

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Posted in: Japanese killjoys wage war on Valentine's 'conspiracy' See in context

Special Valentine safe spaces needed!

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Posted in: 2 men arrested for shooting girl with air gun from car See in context

@papigiuliojust a big wallet the realistic ones are not cheap

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Posted in: Woman's body found in apartment; husband, son arrested See in context

A certified care worker? :O

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Posted in: Do you think that U.S. President Donald Trump can unify his country, in view of the massive protests against him and his disputes with mainstream media? See in context

Trump seemed to have the opposite effect, it fractured the the voters, the republican party, the democratic party and whatnot.

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Posted in: Japan's draconian marijuana laws against ongoing trends See in context

@Strangerland No way pot makes you Liberal and a communist! :P Strange that the naysayers always say how pot will turn the country into anarchy, Holland has lenient drug laws since the 1970's the country is still going strong as far as i know.

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Posted in: Scientists say they can produce spider silk in lab See in context

Professor Peter Parker? ;)

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Posted in: Man held on stalking charge after leaving doll with needle in woman's photo on it outside her home See in context


Someone tell the guy voodoo doesnt really work....

Don't tell him, otherwise he may do something nefarious

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attacking sleeping husband See in context

I wonder what set her off

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Posted in: Missing taxi with 93-year-old passenger found after 27 hours See in context

Yeah, the article is somewhat unclear, should have started with the information that the 93 year lady was found unharmed, not wait until the last sentence, it is not a movie.

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Posted in: Smart diaper generates power from urine See in context

New eco pee pee power! ;)

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy arrested for attacking stepfather with scissors See in context

Well, it can be a multitude of reasons why this happened but with the information we have there isn't much to conclude.

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Posted in: Disney hits industry-first $7 billion at box office See in context

No, because rogue one is good, and better than the abomination that is episode I, II and III

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Posted in: Woman arrested after giving 5-year-old daughter milk despite her allergy to it See in context


My grandmother raised 11 kids without the comforts of modern life or social security, my girlfriends son has 5 kids one with a disability they both work and are everyday drained but they love their kids, first world problems are not reasons to try to kill a kid.

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Posted in: Johnny Depp, Will Smith, George Clooney on 'overpaid' Forbes list See in context

@Yubaru i am not sure but they spend a huge amount on promoting the films, but i do not think they spend a 100 million on promoting the movie.

Tomorrow land was not a bad movie

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