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Dennis Smit comments

Posted in: Lord Patten on the new world order See in context

new world order!!!!! without the investments of japan europe and america there would never have been an growing china, now the jobs are being broad back and china faces the consequences of over mass production, there will be a big downfall. maybe as it is not clear what is really going on in that country china is really falling down allready for many years. for 4 years allready the people from the countryside who allway's worked in the city have no jobs there, besides china has so many loans standing out which can never be repayed, that they will face oure crisis of the last years in the coming years. this may wel lead to the total colapse of the china as we now know it and hopefully it will!!!! the biggest economy by far is the european union followed by america and japan as china has the same income but ten times more people so what are we talking about, india also would rise but if japan does not invest it will not come, it's all nice stories but the reality is it will never be!!!!

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Posted in: 5 fun facts about the flag of Japan See in context

what i miss is how and why this flag returned from history!!!! it would have been the most fun fact to know so here comes number six. when the sengkoku jidai was at it fullest there was one clan in the end that looked to have the best leader, army and dedicated samurai. this leader allready developed the countryside and developed his own way of country administration based on his own time but in correct order to the heijan time way of governing and mixed with that of the kamkura dokoro. offcourse this figure was Takeda Shingen and one of the banners he carried with him was the traditional flag. shingen was the only one trying to maintain the traditional way even in how his army looked. opposite to easy to make sober koroi's his army was dressed in the traditional colourfull way.

later tokugawa took over this way of thinking and doing and carried also a small banner with the sun sign which is offcourse the amaterasu flag!!!!

thunderbird 2, celtic people have the tradition of 3, 3 goddes, 3 anthems and 3 flags and due to the clan culture and we never felt we belonged to an empire like japan or the english who experienced the romans we had a more regional traditions, your own clan!!!!

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Posted in: WWII veteran sues Netherlands over slave labor in Japanese POW camp See in context

i am dutch so this may be awkward for japanese and i have to excuse to all of you as it is not meant to insult japan or accuse them of anthing. the big problem for ex-indonesian veterans who had to go through a part of the 2th pan-chin war in the dutch indies is the fact that they where never been taken serious in their own country by family, community and the state. everytime they said something about their story they were mett with the responce that the germans were so evil and life in the netherlands was so hard. this resulted that many war veterans from the east developed big anti feelings towards their own goverment and called them the the hague mob! the compensation to wwII victims and pow in the western front was in total disbalance to those who had to protect oure indonesian colony. i can speak about this as i am the grand child of one of those war veterans, my grand father fought the imperial army but never held an grudge to japan nor their soldiers; as he allwa's said ; we all had to do oure duty. offcourse many white people who were in indonesia saw themself superior to asian people, those people really got some emotional problem as the were inclosed to workcamps, same with the jews in germany who also saw themself superior to normal europeans. but most soldiers there did not see it like this, like my grandfather he allway's had a deep respect to the japanese soldiers for their skills, deep respect! this old man wants his own goverment who just left their man to suffer to compensate, just like his goverment claimed compansation to the japanese authorities. why should japan compensate his goverment but his goverment does not compensate him.

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Posted in: Ban says Philippines typhoon a 'warning' on climate change See in context

here they come again, global warming yeah sure. we never will have the winters our grandparents had they said 4 years ago and what followed....winters not seen for so many years. here in europe the wind this year constantly came from the north, summer from the north!? typhoons over area's where they never came it means the pole's are changed, and nature's moves with it. that's a natural proces instead of this ridiculous global warming talk, don't let the these fanatics steal more of our money, let them find a decent job, what a bull!!!!

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Posted in: Is Japan really racist? See in context

nationalism should not be mixed up with rasism, every country, culture or race has besides the modern demanded things still the duty to their ancestors to keep, maintain and give on what they had. read to many stupid remarks, to be honest to much, offcourse japan is better for the japanese, that is what i like about this country. if you don't like it then you are free to go, they should have maintained that rule also in western countries then they would still be a save and pleasant but mostly dignified place to live and not the criminal unsafe and downfalling system and societies they are now. ganbate nippon ichi ban and NO i am not japanese but i do know my place in this world. americans can easily say they are rasist but they al live on soil not of their ancestors bot stolen, just like canadians, australians and new zealanders. people from poor countries allway's hide their un ability to get along in a society that they are not used to or do not want to be a part of just profit from it's developement, look around in europe i would say. evey country is a rasist country if japan is, as all the things i read you will find everywhere as again i say do not mix up rasism with nationalism, every country has a duty to be nationalistic and that's a problem where the whole world is dealing with since wwII as nationalism is seen as evil but it is not as long as it is in the line of the ancestors.

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Posted in: Japan stations missiles on Pacific gateway island See in context

china could never risk to start a war they are just showing of like so many times in history the japanese should get scared and drop on their knees and beg for forgiveness. luckely the japanese never did, the chinese should have learned as they allready invaded japan twice and never succeeded. the japanese did it once and bullseye, if the usa never had intervered the chinese would be speaking japanese right now. then they would have had a culture and a asian tradition now they are just communist and very bad ones. decency should never give in to brutal behavior, china could star something but if the eu and usa pull back the chinese shitty qualities products from their markets china is gone again which it really allready is. shout about the foreigners is a policy so nobody mentions what is going wrong internally, bankrupcy for so many is coming in china, they have the crisis coming which the world allready had in 2008. hopefully japan and india can grow more in economy and become the central dominating powers by technologie end knowledge. this powerbased on violencce and intimidation must stop, this china is no china, mao ze dong was a cowardly loser which attacked shang kai check at it's weakest, just like chinese are only fight when they know they can win so dont worry, as japan keeps it stance they will shit their pants as they know their own history, the odds are very much against them.

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Posted in: China criticizes 'self-deceiving' Japanese politicians See in context

the nanging masacre would never have taken place if the chinese soldiers would have fought or either surrendered instead of hiding between commoners they should have protected with their lives instead they used them as a shield to run from their fate of defeat. let the chinese wage war and let us as the whole world community teach them a lesson and destroy this evil communistic regime who constantly violate human rights and free manchuria, tibet, yunnan, quanchi clique, xangshi and let those chinese who fled this regime from taiwan return. china never won a war from a foreign nation and if they made their own weapons and material then it could be a funny war too, their biggest enemy will be their own weapons, made in china hahahahahahaha

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Posted in: Abe makes 3rd ritual offering to Yasukuni Shrine, but stays away See in context

as a non japanese i think that whatever the japanese want to do in their own country they have to decide themselfs. a constitution written by foreigeners is no constitution but supression and any supressed country and people have the duty to protest and object this in any way. maybe china and korea are ashamed that the small country they tried to dominate for so many centuries exceeded them in developement by itself and not to be the slave of western economics! china and korea do not credit japan for the sacrifice the country and it's people made during a war they knew they would loose but still did their duty and with this war they ended the colonisation of all asian countries! maybe japan was the great liberator as they where the first non european power to win a battle over western armies in vife hundred years, not the chinese nor the korean could or still can. a bit more respect would be approriate and what is a war criminal for the enemy is a hero at home, that's logic. like all those allied bombers who bombed europe for vife years during the second world war are seen as the war criminals they are, bombing innocent civilians ; day in day out leading to the destroying and collapse of the total european infrastructure what lead to the big starvations in the last winter of the war. get real and warn china and korea to mind their own business and shut up about japan! like china or korea mean anything real in this world, the only reason they are devloped is that are being used by western companies to rape their country and destroying their culture just for some peanuts as the profits of trade goes to the leaders of western countries. it where these countries like america which invested so much money into china and korea thet they came this far, not the other way around but japan did this miracle by it self. the meiji restoration which made japan step out of the middleages as last country on earth and became a world power right after, with it's own money and hard work!!! the pan chin war was the result of this transformation, china and korea as decent countries should oversee this fact as they themelf act as whores of western powers. i love yasukuni jinja, i go there everytime when i am in japan, i am a peacecorps veteran and killed and slaughtered innocent woman and childeren in the name of the united nations and peace. my grandfather fought against the imperial army in the dutch indonesian islands for vife years and he never hated nor bad mouthed these soldiers, infact he honoured them and had a deep respect to them. he never got a medal from his own goverment, but i did and i left my medal, the third highest of my country as i saved the lives of my fellow soldiers by killing childeren at yasukuni jinja inner shrine. i did this to make a commitment in the hope the soul of my grandfather and his enemies would find rest as all soldiers are warcriminals in the eyes of the innocent.

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