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Posted in: McDonald's to let parents, kids cook burgers at its stores See in context

I agree with most of the posts here the positive and the negative. I believe that McDs is looking to build a personal relationship with the children, or future customers. Once they have an emotional connection with the restaurant they will want to go there regardless of the press or public opinion. This is a transparent attempt at getting kids hooked on their junk food. With that said, I'm guilty of going there for a chicken burger where there is a time or money issue. I hate that they are the only real option for a burger, of any kind in Japan. I would rather pay extra and get the veggies, instead of just nasty meat and bread.

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Posted in: Cyclists knocked off bikes by car, then robbed in 2 incidents See in context

This is a very dangerous game the thieves are playing. One slip up and they will be wanted for murder instead of robbery. I hope the police catch them before it gets to that point. It is very common for office workers to go home late after late night drinking, unfortunately not by choice. I'm sure they would rather be safe at home in bed.

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Posted in: Working to death in Japan: Health warning over 'no overtime' law See in context

Supey11 Well said! Well said! Without drastic changes Japan and the culture are going to go the way of the dinosaurs. Nowadays companies are putting profit before all. That means that nothing will change. With Prime Minister Abe's plan it will accelerate the demise of an aging population. Sad, sad days ahead for Japanese workers.

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Posted in: Volcanic activity continues at Hakone resort See in context

That is an active volcanic area. The pressure is constantly being released by a man made ventilation system. Due to the earthquakes the ventilation system could become ineffective and cause a volcanic explosion. As it is now with the pressure being released if it erupts most likely it will only be a lava flow. But I would not like to gamble with either one.

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Posted in: One finalist for AKB48 draft this year is just 11 years old See in context

Shirley Temple lead a pretty normal life after stardom... yes there are positive points for the child, money for her future and education, great experiences, and a taste of fame. There are horror stories all over the place about child stars and the bad things that have happened to them... the stories are the same for normal children as well we just don't hear about it as much because there is not much money involved. I hope her parents watch her like a hawk and keep her safe from all forms of harm. Children are not mentally developed enough to make life changing choices, that's why she has parents to guide her and keep her safe. If my daughter wanted to do this I would keep her in my line of sight until she was in her 20's. If anyone got too close I would give the a friendly warning only one time. I'm not the meanest man in Japan but I would keep my daughter safe by any means necessary. That's a fact. Be famous, but be safe from creeps.. good luck to this young child.

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Posted in: Risa Yoshiki is back to yell at us, help us become better workers See in context

Ahhh...I like it... it gives me a funny feeling somewhere. Can I keep her?

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Posted in: Wearable device to track your child See in context

I have never been told that school kids can't wear watches. I live in Yokohama. Both my kids wear them.

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Posted in: WWII firebombings of Japanese cities largely ignored See in context

This is why it is important to remember the past and live in the present. We shouldn't repeat history. War is hell on Earth, it should not be entered in to lightly. Governments have a responsibility to their people to avoid war unless all other options have been explored. Their are many victims in war, no human that has been exposed is unharmed physically or mmentally, these are the lessons we must not forget. Ask any veteran they will tell you, "There are no winners."

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Posted in: China urges Japan not to lose its conscience over WWII guilt See in context

Dead horse... whip whip! China's propaganda machine hard at work. China needs to get over it's self. Every other country around the world is past WWII. Bad things happened, Japan got nuked, China got what, war crimes committed aginst them that were done in a war. Move on. No one is listening becasue nothing can be done about it now, it happened in a time no one can remember. That would be almost 100 years ago.

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Posted in: High-tech contact lenses zoom with a wink of an eye See in context

So I have to admit I want these! Wonder how long it will be before they become afordable to the eeveryday user.

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Posted in: Magazine publishes name, photo of minor held in Nagoya murder case See in context

Let's be honest... this girl used a hatchet to kill and admits to popoisoning a classmate in the past, it's a little late for rehabilitation. Life behind bars ought to rehabilitate enough for the next cycle of life.

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Posted in: Japan envoy in Jordan hopeful about release of hostage, pilot See in context

Why is it that I have a bad feeling about this. This group has shown they care nothing for human life. We should expect the worst but hope for the best.

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Posted in: Fukushima rice passes radiation tests for first time since disaster See in context

Sorry, but l'll pass on this rice.

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Posted in: Indian police arrest 3 for gang rape of Japanese scholar See in context

This is terrible news. This should not happen in this day and age. We must always remember there are bad people in every country. This is sad beyond mesure, I hope this young woman recovers and continues her studies on India. She seems to be a strong minded woman, she excaped and made it to the police. I hope she will be able to live a full normal life.

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Posted in: Jeb Bush resigns from remaining board memberships See in context

I can tell you who will win the election, it will be the Koch Brothers. They along with Big Business have bought the US government. Bush or Clinton, doesn't matter. The American people lose.

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Posted in: Prosecutors indict vagina artist on obscenity charges See in context

I think a better argument for her is that it is art. I believe it is, art to shock people into debate. Which it is clearly doing. It's art therefore not illegal.

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Posted in: Smoke haters go after smokers with a vengeance See in context

I smoke because I enjoy smoking. I smoke at home in the kitchen under the vent fan. I smoke in my car and smoking areas. In public I go out of my way to find a place where I can enjoy my cigarette. If it bothers someone then I can't enjoy it. I think I'm considerate of others and I tell non-smokers not to start. With that said if someone comes to my house to complain, it will be a bad day for them. Because I would get my pipe and go back to the door and tell the to get the hell off my property. What I do in my home is noone's concern but my own.

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Posted in: Gov't considering 2.5% corporate tax cut from fiscal 2015: Nikkei See in context

This idea of cutting taxes for businesses and raising the peoples taxes is working well for Americans..... Sorry I mean American Businesses, the people are in very bad financial shape. And it is also a factor in the civil unrest on the US.

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Posted in: Husband, wife die after setting themselves on fire See in context

This is just crazy! Why would they feel the need to do this? And in public? Side note a passerby most likely called 110 for emergency services. Unless Chiba is in the United States.

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Posted in: Hawking warns artificial intelligence 'could mean end of humanity' See in context

Look at what has happened in our grandparents and great-grandparents time. No electricity in homes to cars, radio, telephones, and computers in almost every home(in the US). If you had tried to explain that to the when they were young it would have been impossible. So is SH's warning really so crazy? I think it is a word of caution. I'm also in the camp that is rooting for cyborg tech.... it would be great. I don't think we will end up in the matrix.

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Posted in: For world's police, force of the law meets the law of force See in context

The United States needs to follow some ( or all ) of the good examples given here by other countries.

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Posted in: 5 South Koreans arrested over stolen Buddha statue in Japan See in context

Talk about racking up some bad karma. At least the cops caught them. Win for the Jp cops.

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Posted in: EU urges Japan to open up its beer market See in context

Let's not forget about the forest while looking at the trees. If Japan allows these no tariff imports, what will happen? Cheap products will flood the market and slowly kill off Japanese products. That will result in the loss of jobs all across the board in Japan. It could well be the straw that breaks the camels back. These tariffs are in place for a reason, to keep Japanese workers working. Don't believe me? Take a look at the US economy, it is a consumer economy. How's that working for Americans. It's not working for The US, and it definitely will not work for Japan. The reasons why are too numerous for a comment post.

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Posted in: Video of pick-up artist grabbing Japanese women on street triggers online protests See in context

This guys is stupid on so many levels it is ridiculous. But I'll leave those alone and just point out that he is smart enough to cash in on dumb guys who go to his "events" or what ever he calls them. This kind of stuff goes on all around the world and will continue to do so. People feel a sense of anonymity when they travel to big cities, and there are places like Ropongi in all of those cities. Places where local men and women go because they want to hook-up with foreigners. Sad but true, travel a bit and you will see. I have been embarrassed by my fellow Americans so many times because of their antics... but there are people in every country who act like this when they travel. I'm just glad that this guy is going to have a harder time making money off it.

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Posted in: New high beam lamp does not dazzle other drivers See in context

I think it is a great concept, if it works. I don't understand the writers choice of the word dazzle. I undersatand that it is correct, but it is not commonly used to mean blind these days. I cannot think of ever seeing this word in this context. I think, blind on coming drivers would have been a better choice for lucidity. But hey, it made me read the article.

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Posted in: Yankees pitcher Tanaka, model Rola among winners of 'Best Jeanist Awards 2014' See in context

Uuummm, I don't get how this is news. ( ˘•ω•˘ ).。oஇ

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Posted in: States and corporations grab for reins of the Internet See in context

The US government has been bought and paid for by corporations. So the the headline should be, "Corporations battle for the Internet shouting.. show me the money!" What a shock.

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Posted in: Bank employee, Tokyo district court clerk held for groping same woman in train See in context

If you have ever been on one of the tuna can trains in Tokyo you know that it is not a very pleasant experience. The rush hour trains are packed to the point you think it might burst going around a curve. I also did as one poster said, kept both hands in the air. But when the trains are packed to the point of critical mass there is really nothing you can do to avoid body contact with people. There is no gaijin barrier. It is at this time we as people must show why we don't consider ourselves animals, by exercising self control. You cannot and should not blame the woman in this case. She was most likely scared stiff when one of the guys started feeling her up. She most likely had no idea who was doing it. The second man seeing her being silently groped and thought she was enjoying it and joined the act. At this point the woman had to have been totally terrified. The witness who grabbed one of the gropers probably did so at the first chance he had. All this is just speculation but closer to the truth than most of the posters here have suggested. I have been on these trains many times and I have been groped, I would like to think it was by a woman but I would not bet on it. Women on these trains are not all scammers, believe it or not the practice is not as common as the posters here would lead you to believe. I have seen men and women have panic attacks on the Yamanote Line, and on a daily basis watched both men and women go to sleep while held vertically by the mass of bodies packed around them. The point of my story is self restraint, people should be able to control themselves. This was to the point where a stranger felt the need to get involved and for a Japanese person to do that it takes quite a bit, normally they won't do it. Sad but true.

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I think that their heart was in the right spot. I'm not upset at all by the sign. Could it could have been better? Yes. When I see stuff like this I politely tell the staff that to English speakers it seems a little rude. Then I suggest something that is not so offensive. Generally what happens is they take the sign down, and put nothing in it's place. So we have a bit of a dilemma. At least with a rude sign you know you are welcome. Also you know that they most likely have some staff that speaks a little English and if you are lucky, some menus in bad English. Being call a gaijin doesn't bother me. I grew up in west Texas, there it was gringo. They both mean the same thing, an outsider. You can tell when the person means it in a rude way. Guys, when in Rome do as the Romans. When in Japan do your best not to be too upset because I can tell you that foreigners do a lot more things that are considered rude here in Japan than rude things that foreigners experience while they are in Japan. Think about the people who live or work in the tourist areas, they see it every day. So do as they do, take it with a grain of salt. Blow it off. Forget about it. Let it go. Can't we all just be friends.

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Posted in: 3 ex-execs of Mie rice wholesaler indicted for mislabeling rice See in context

The shock of this news is just too much to bare. Not really, it's most likely a common practice. Any time people believe that a food product is better just because it comes from a certain location it's an open invitation for the less scrupulous businesses to take advantage of customers. These guys were ratted out by someone on the inside, I would guess. But that's all I can do is guess because of the tweet which passes as a news article.

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