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@djv124 Thank you for being the VOICE OF REASON.

I also enjoy idol groups such as AKB48, and lesser-known groups like Tsuri Bit, Doll Elements, etc.

I have been a fan of AKB48 since about 2010, and echo everything djv124 says. Although I no longer follow AKB as closely as I used to, I will still think that the group is one of the best things in popular culture.

Idol groups are pure fun! As an American observer who likes Japanese popular culture, anime, video games, music, etc. I can say that one of the most surprising and enjoyable aspects of Japan Culture is their Idol music and Idol shows. Idol music and especially the AKB48 family of idol groups are different from other musical acts. I like a lot of different Japan musical artists. I don’t listen to AKB48 in the same way that I listen to other Japanese musical artists. There is a lot of beauty to see of course, but Idols shows are pure escapism. It is all mostly pretty innocent. The majority of idol fans are not perverts. (AKB48 is about as risqué as the old Benny Hill show.) AKB is actually pretty innocent in comparison to the festering crap Hollywood and the Grammys put out. There is NO VULGARITY in the idol world, but I can’t say that about America’s top 10 music artists.

It pisses me off when someone says because I am a fan I must lust after the girls. No. Not even close. If all I wanted to do was “look at girls” … there would a lot easier, and cheaper ways to do it rather than following idol groups.

By analogy, are all you American rap music fans ignorant, immoral, low-life thugs and criminals? Look at rap imagery and those who listen to rap music. They are the worst of society. If you like rap, that means that you must be just a dumb thug. A stupid, but also a murderous thug at that. Go burn down a neighborhood.

Indeed there are perverts involved in this assessment of idol culture, and it is the Japan Times and their readers.

Like you, djv124, I’m outta here …

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