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denny comments

Posted in: China OKs some visas for Japanese, S Korean citizens as exceptions See in context

I dont believe ANYTHING that comes out of china...all lies,,,Power hungry leaders...I feel for the people...

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Posted in: Japan to tighten COVID border controls for travelers from China See in context

I don't believe ANY test for travel China gives...first thier vaccine probably does not work...how many are flying with phony health cards? Yesterday a flight from china to korea....172 passengers,,,131 tested positive UPON arrival....71%......look out Japan...same coming your way....

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Posted in: Japan starts requiring COVID tests for all passengers arriving from China See in context

Saw news story,,,one month ago...flight from China to Italy....upon arrival 54% of passengers tested positive..I wonder???? can one believe the covid test papers issued by China for travel...I doubt everything else the govt says...just me..

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Posted in: Japan reports 42,737 new coronavirus cases See in context

Find it odd, Japan with all their mask wearing outside...daily cases amount to MORE than the entire USA per day of late, and in USA about 99% do not wear a mask.....Glad Japan is OPEN finally...took long enough..

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Posted in: Japan reports 42,294 new coronavirus cases See in context

I live in USA..city of about 120,000 persons...I would say 99.99999% do not wear a mask...inside or outside..

This is accross the USA now...ONLY in hospitals/nursing homes are masks really worn...IF vaccinated, boosted...you are as safe as one can be....this mask wearing outside is just not warranted in my opinion..inside, I guess ..well Japanese think so....lets stay well in any case...above is just a fact..

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Posted in: Japan reports 42,294 new coronavirus cases See in context

So funny....The PGA golf tourney was held in Japan this past weekend..Saw it on TV...95% of spectators were wearing masks..this is just to me, silly...outside on a golf course, open air, wind blowing...wearing masks...Maybe they work outside, maybe they dont....here in USA, hard to find anyone wearing one outside or inside at all......I personally think outside it not necesssary....Unless someone with covid is blowing air into your face, not going to catch it......Just me..

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Posted in: Japan reports 15,372 new coronavirus cases See in context

Poster saying borders should be closed...Silly...ALL of Japan's covid cases the past months are from WITHIN the country...not from anyone entering......So funny, PGA golf tourney in Japan this past weekend...all spectators wearing masks...it is ridiculous....outside in open area's having to wear mask...I don't get this at all..

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Posted in: Tourists enjoy 1st Saturday after Japan scraps COVID border controls See in context

Here in the U.S. Outside I "rarely" see anyone at all wearing a mask...almost never...Inside stores, I might see 3 or 4, persons who may be older age or have existsting conditions..otherwise NO ONE wears masks...I have my 2 shots and 2 boosters...I am not afraid....wearing outside in Japan I think ,,the time has COME..take them off..

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Posted in: Japan reports 39,218 new coronavirus cases See in context

It is expected end of October,,Japan will once again begin VISA FREE ENTRY 90 days stay....NO travel agency, NO covid test, NO anything....HOPE so...Japan is sooo backward compared to all other countries...OPEN freely again...

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Posted in: Japan weighs plan for ban on hotel guests without masks: report See in context

This is ridulous...The masks are not working...Japan has had more covid cases per day in the last several weeks, wearing masks, than all of the USA not wearing masks...I thought authorities are planning end of OCT to completely open up...visa free arrivals reinstated, NO covid test,,NO mandatory tour groups, NO having to buy tickets thru agent,,,,so ok...open it all up and lets keep mask on...I can then visit..

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Posted in: It’s time to talk about no-mask anxiety See in context

Here in the USA, anyway where I live...99% wear no mask at all...it IS required to enter a hospital or nursing home otherwise no one has one on....With Japan and other countries with high covid counts daily wearing the mask,,,I assume it does help the spread of covid, but,,just saying...Japan has more covid cases daily in the past 3 weeks than the entire USA did....and we don't wear masks...soooo UP TO YOU...

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Posted in: Japan reports 64,044 new coronavirus cases See in context

News reports say...probably by end of October...Japan will re-instate the VISA FREE 90 days stay..ending this crazy applying at embassy for a visa...NO tour group mandatory...No buying ticket or making hotel thru an agent...Just normal....I HOPE...end this crazy crap,,all other major countries HAVE...

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Posted in: Japan set to waive some visa requirements in October to boost tourism: Nikkei See in context

So 1). VISA FREE ENTRY for USA citizens...and other countries.... 2). NO tour groups...enter alone...BUY your own ticket.....


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Posted in: Japan aims to remove daily arrival cap in October to spur tourism See in context

OPEN up completely.....Visa Free entry 90 Days stay like before..NO going to embassy to apply for a visa....NO tour groups.....NO travel agent involvement....NO nothing..JUST OPEN UP like every other country....

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Posted in: Japan aims to remove daily arrival cap in October to spur tourism See in context

Japan MUST return to the VISA FREE STATUS for 90 days stay..ALL other major countries HAVE...for those countries for which it is authorized...This madness of applying to an embassy for a visa is time consuming and restrictive...BACK TO VISA FREE TRAVEL....Japan is so far behind everyone else..

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Posted in: Japan to remove entry cap in 'not-so-distant future,' official says See in context

Stop the mandatory tour groups....STOP having to apply for the damn visa......(visa free 90 days stay resume)....JUST OPEN UP....

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Posted in: Japan eases COVID-19 border controls but tourist surge doubtful See in context

Such a backward country is Japan...Their citizens for example can travel to USA freely,,NO visa,,NO covid test, NO tour groups,,NO NOTHING...but for Me, an American,,Must obtain VISA as visa free was cancelled...I am NOT going to buy a ticket thru tour company and hotel arrangements....I want MY way, My freedom...So open up ..ONE of the last countries with such restrictions.....SAD..

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Posted in: Japan reports 123,100 new coronavirus cases; 12,561 in Tokyo See in context

I do hope SOON, the Gov't will cease requiring people wanting to visit Japan as tourist, to re-instate the VISA WAIVER 90 days stay so many can visit Japan...People will not nor can visit Japan having to go to an embassy to get a visa for entry. OPEN UP almost all major countries have..

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Posted in: Japan to increase entry cap on arrivals to 50,000 from Sept 7 See in context

NOW the VISA FREE 90 days stay is STILL NO AVAILABLE..One must apply for a damn visa at a Japanese embassy..soooooooo I am not going to visit Japan again UNTIL I can enter visa free, no agency, no tour guide, no nothing....NORMAL entry I will return...

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Posted in: 72% of survey respondents say border controls reason for not visiting Japan See in context

Japan ENDED The Visa Free Waiver for USA persons....before 90 days visa free stay, NOW the stupid, ridiculous CONTROLLED TOUR GROUP, applying for visa at Japanese embassy...However..JAPANESE people can get on a plane, go to the USA, and NO problem...don't need a visa, just enter and enjoy....Japan is sooooo backward a country.....just OPEN UP..

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Posted in: Japan to scrap pre-entry COVID test for triple-vaccinated travelers; cap on entrants remains See in context

BIG DEAL....NO one from USA can visit Japan as a tourist, alone or with anyone else...the VISA FREE ENTRY is still CANCELLED...ONLY the stupid, crazy tour groups, totally controlled by the govt agencies is in effect...They must OPEN up totally,,,re-instate the visa free 90 day stay entry....So very very backward of a country..The Japanese can go to USA with NO restrictions what-so-ever.....Ridiculous..

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Posted in: 72% of survey respondents say border controls reason for not visiting Japan See in context

"FULLY VACCINATED",,,,,,SHOULD BE: NO covid pcr test required UPON OR AFTER ARRIVAL...Test to board I have no problem with....NO mandatory Insurance coverage.....NO quarantine in Hotel upon arrival....Thailand has NO restrictions whatsoever for vaccinated travelers...Korea has only Covid test for boarding flight and test upon arrival in Korea...IT IS TIME TO OPEN UP....99% I assume of all the current HIGH daily covid cases are spreading Japanese to Japanese, within the country,,NOT any incoming tourists...So I hope Japan will totally open up soon so many persons wanting to visit CAN..Thank you

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Posted in: Japan eyes lifting of pre-departure COVID tests for inbound vaccinated travelers: media See in context

Will there be an ARRIVAL Covid PCR test requirement??? Will there be ANY quarantine upon arrival CRAP??

Just open up....Thailand is totally open....Korea is open with only test prior to boarding and a test upon arrival..OPEN up for tourists....come on...

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Posted in: Kishida's support tumbles, hit by questions over Unification Church and COVID See in context

Come on Japan...don't be so backward a country..OPEN up to tourists...To many regulations. Easy to enter South Korea...Thailand is totally OPEN ( just be vaccinated, get on the plane and enjoy) .welcome everyone, except Japan....I want to visit...waiting...come on open up

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Posted in: Japan to trial small group tours from 4 countries See in context

Japan will be the LAST asian country to fully open...the idea of compulsory Medical insurance, is one turn-off, you would NOT be free to tour anyplace you wanted, ONLY where the tour company/Gov has set for you..MORE important,,a Japanese National can travel to the USA and all they need to do is get a PCR test 48 hours prior to departure,,NOTHING ELSE..go in USA and go where you damn please...What a backward country Japan is....get with the program and open up..

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