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Posted in: Ben Stiller See in context

I saw this movie. Well, most of it; it was so unfunny that I walked out.

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Posted in: Microsoft says next Windows won't be as annoying See in context

So who uses Windows anyway?

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Posted in: Kagoshima police committee to prevent scandals after cop busted for sex in patrol car See in context

Cops should be trusted

In an ideal society, yes. In this country however, the police have proven time and time again that they cannot. Look at how many times people have come to the police for help, only to be laughed at/turned away then end up dead?

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Posted in: Waka Inoue unveils new calendar See in context

Typical tarento wisdom

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Posted in: Connecting the world See in context

Yeah, Verizon has a pretty bad reputation where I come from

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Posted in: China Airlines takes MOS burgers to the skies See in context

Uh, yes. Really! Do your homework for once!

Show me the corresponding statistics then

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Posted in: China Airlines takes MOS burgers to the skies See in context

one of the world’s leading fast-food chain restaurants

Uh, really?

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Posted in: Chicago perfect for travelers on a budget See in context

I've only ever flown through O'Hare, never been in the city. I'd like to one day.

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Posted in: JAL map of Tokyo launched online See in context

I hear Google Earth is pretty good

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Posted in: TBS pulls drama after actor Taishu Kase arrested over drug use See in context

everybody hates a snitch

Not everyone

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Posted in: Japanese girls go sexier in their fashion styles See in context

The reason all these girls show off their bodies is because they have absolutely nothing else to show off.

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Posted in: MasterCard launches 2nd phase of Enjoy! Japan Campaign See in context

This makes total sense. Get the foreigners in here, get em to spend spend spend then boot them out again.

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Posted in: Boy breaks into Australian zoo, feeds animals to croc See in context

Children under age 10 are not criminally liable under the law in the Northern Territory.

He should be fed to "Terry" for dessert.

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Posted in: Apple warns music royalty hike could kill iTunes See in context

Why do they want higher royalty fees? GREED

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Posted in: 'Oyaji band' from popular soap opera to release album See in context

I'm about 99% sure of the answer, but has anyone heard them? Are they any good?

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Posted in: Residents gripe about billionaire neighbor in Hawaii See in context

What's the problem? Why is the Japanese consulate being called in? Is this guy above the law or something?

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Posted in: Okunoshima: From poison gas island to paradise See in context

Maybe off-topic but ... is releasing rabits into an environment that does not have them ... is that really a good idea?

Probably not. The Japanese government is full of bad ideas though.

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Posted in: Hawaiian Airlines urges travelers to U.S. to be aware of new immigration measures See in context

So there's a new law that all foreign visitors have to have a pass to get in?

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Posted in: Bar Flower: My Decadently Destructive Days And Nights As A Tokyo Hostess See in context

Jacobson likens hostessing to teaching English: “Both jobs basically require one to act as both a cultural exhibition and an entertainer.”

If this broad got under ¥200,000 per month instead of per night I might have some sympathy for her.

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Posted in: Ex-police officer arrested for shoplifting in Chiba See in context

How ironic. 40 years of heisting peoples tax money and he gets arrested for a lousy ¥2400

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Posted in: Getting revenge on the boss See in context

I say good on Noriko and Kunio. Risking one's health for a stupid job is ridiculous. Ryoko sounds like a vindictive fat chick who was jealous because someone else was getting attention and she wasn't. Because of that her boss got demoted. The boss should flatten her tires.

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Posted in: Murdered Okayama woman had complained to police about being stalked See in context

Inept, utterly useless j-cops strike again. No word from the police about why they didn't do anything? Guess they were too busy making sure people were riding properly registered bicycles instead.

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Posted in: U.S. eases visa rules for HIV-positive visitors See in context

President George W Bush signed legislation in July which removed HIV from a list of diseases “of public health significance”

Uh, why?

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Posted in: Duchovny's visit to Japan up in the air See in context

Jesus, for someone with a sex addiction this is the perfect place. I wonder if the fact that he's famous would get him into all those 「外人お断り」places

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Posted in: Akina Minami appears in Gundam costume See in context

After saying "I love Gundam" the "I'm not interested in women at all" is a given

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Posted in: A smart approach to sales training See in context

Want to earn more and go home early?

A lot of spam I get starts out that way

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Posted in: Giving the community a helping hand See in context

The playground ... will become a safer and more enjoyable place after HOT teams lay down Astroturf, install a volleyball court, and plant some flowers at the entrance

Volunteers do this? What do people pay the government taxes for?

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Posted in: Japan's hit Tamagotchi virtual pet toy goes color See in context

The article makes it sound as if Japan has 40 million girls aged 7-9

But it does ... or did you not mean mentally?

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Posted in: Manners more attractive than boobs, says Mika Kano See in context

Kano says manners make a woman a more attractive person than physical features.

Guess that means there are no attractive women in Japan anymore. Just arrogant bratty ones. Oh, and these two (er, four?) plastic wonders.

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Posted in: Crown prince recalls his college days See in context

Crown prince recalls his college days

And we all really care

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