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I know a couple of guys who had good jobs for decades. They saved plenty and each bought homes. One got sick from working up over in Fukushima and landed in the hospital for months. He underwent lung surgery. When I met him, he had gone through his savings and was working for a temp company that was paying him by the day. His house was on the market and the city office was on him to make payments (health insurance, I think, among other things). He rented an apartment with his brother who also had a good job but was laid off and scrambling to find another job.

I know of another guy who worked in the tech industry and his health insurance payments were 70,000 yen/month. He was laid off and was working as a temp office clerk for 1,000/hr/37.5 hr work week. He had to take a few days off every now and then to visit his doctor. He managed a weak laugh when I told him that his paycheck was going to paying his bills.

Another guy had a problem with his knees and other health issues. He was working from his hospital bed for awhile but I guess the company decided to let him go as he was in the hospital for several months. He had savings and was all right being unemployed for awhile but he's had to apply for welfare since he can't walk for long and has to use two canes. They make him jump through hoops for assistance (housing and living allowance).

These guys are in their 50's.

So, what I'm trying to say is that you can have a good job and save but if you survive an illness or disease, it comes at a cost. The way it's set up is that you must deplete your savings and sell off your vehicle if you have one and blah, blah, blah. I understand that, on one hand, the government doesn't want to fund an extravagant lifestyle but why can't they do their people right instead of helping themselves with big fat paychecks?

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@englisc aspyrgend I chatted with a German about their healthcare and social welfare so I think Germany takes care of their people. The German guy told me that Sweden is even better! I asked him how so and I've forgotten but I think maybe Sweden pays out more and has more coverage.

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"...3-1/2 mat tatami room in Yokohama's Kotobuki district, which is furnished with a TV, microwave, portable toilet, and nursing care bed..." Portable toilet?!? Would that be a porta potty in his room or down the hall and shared by everyone? What does he do for baths? Sento?

Wish I had some business sense and knowledge of law here, I mean, there's a demand for a company that provides low-cost accommodation for single older adults and childless elderly couples. Those low-cost facilities are really cutting corners in order to make a profit. Perhaps that's the only way to stay in business... I don't know but I wish there's a way to provide for people like Kimura who want to live in a decent place.

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Perhaps he can use an automated phone system. "Hello, you have reached Amazon. Amazon Coffee Shop opened in 1972. Decades later an American decided to call his company Amazon. I don't know the guy so don't ask me what's going on with your dealings with his company. Have a great day! If you still want to talk to me and it's about coming here or our menu then press 123456789."

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I wonder what Hashimoto's common-law wife saw in him that made her think he would make a good father... She gave birth to his children. She didn't stop at one. She produced another one. So she has three children and an unemployed man who doesn't care about his children. Who the heck goes out and leaves two toddlers alone? Someone without a care in the world...

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A few years ago one summer, I was on my bicycle heading to a store a couple of miles away when I noticed the cops in their cruiser stopped a block ahead of me. A young cop stepped out and as I was passing stopped me and asked to check the serial number on my bike and wanted to know my name. He was apologetic and explained there were a lot of theft going on. I'm ornery sometimes. O.K., mostly ornery ;p But, he caught me on a good day so I complied. Later, I chatted with my neighbor about that and told him if I might've pulled an O.J. style of getaway if I was my usual self. Like slooooooowly bicycling past and saying, "What? Huh?" My neighbor laughed and said one morning he was late and bicycling like mad to get to work when the police tried to make him stop. He told them he running late and didn't have time but they could follow him and check it at his job; which they did. He got to work and hurried in to clock in then went back out to deal with them. So, if I pulled an O.J., they would've followed me. I cycle slooooooowwwww so they would've been on my tail plus probably called for backup ;p

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Yes, it's sad we are losing newspapers because it's always sad that good writing, good investigative work, is needed. Nowadays, people can't be bothered to research. Googling isn't research. Don't believe everything you read.

I love bookstores, especially the ones where it's like a library. You find a book you like, sit down and read. The bookstores with blaring noisy music where I don't feel like browsing, I won't miss.

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Is asking the same as urging? I mean the police and city office staff were "urging" the public to stay home, right? Urging... no jail time or fine... so asking the nightlife workers is the same? Will Koike's government take care of the nightlife worker (quarantine in a designated accommodation, meals, medicine)?

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There used to be a lot of stray cats in my neighborhood. I think someone complained to the city office because they aren't around anymore. Well, we've got a rat problem. I overheard my landlord and the neighbors talking about the rats here, there and everywhere. Wish those rats would go to people who don't like cats and/or the one(s) who complained.

@DaDude I guess I misremembered. It was probably around 20,000 yen to spay or neuter. One costs more than the other. I do recall that it was only a couple of thousand yen off for stray cats. The vets can't or won't give much of a discount. I can understand that... They need to make a living after all.

I suppose the couple and son in Sapporo couldn't pay the fees so their cats kept on breeding...

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I think it costs around 30,000 yen to spay or neuter a cat. A woman who feeds stray cats told me the vets around here (Chiba) might give a discount of a couple of thousand yen off.

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I wish the reporter asked “Misato Nakai” how much she made. Does she make a million yen a month? How much after taxes? How much for rent? Utilities? Food? Student loan repayment? Entertainment? Savings? How long has she been working as a provider of “delivery health” sexual services?

Some years ago, I caught a program on people who use manga kissa as their abode. One girl was a hostess who made a million yen a month. She didn't want to live in an apartment. She liked living at the manga kissa because there were people around plus the free drinks! (Seriously... she seriously said this...) She spent every bit of her million yen every month. What's the point of saving? (Oh dear...) She took cabs even when she could easily walk or take the train. Her major splurge was entertainment. She loved frequenting the host clubs. (The rest of the people who were interviewed were not well off. They made just enough to cover "rent", food and transportation. But they were hopeful of landing a good job and renting an apartment.)

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She graduated from middle school then started working at a fast food restaurant? Did she want to go to high school? She's done very well. I wonder why she wasn't able to go to high school. I knew a girl who was born in Peru and was raised there till around age 6 then sent to Japan. Like Naomi, she finished middle school then started working. She told me that she decided not to go to high school and she liked her life in Peru much better but education was much better in Japan.

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Posted in: If you receive 100,000 yen from the Japanese government, what are you planning to spend it on? See in context

I wish I could say I don't need it. I hope it comes soon, very soon. It'll cover rent and utilities.

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Stay Home - なにそれ、英語読めない

ステイホーム - ウ~ンだけどちょっと家にいても退屈だ

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I agree with your points.

People need to be educated on how to analyze the news. They may think like you and I and everyone else here posting do; they or someone they know has the symptoms but they are unable to get tested so they either struggle through and recover.

There should be a spotlight on people who behave despicably towards those who have COVID-19. Help them open their eyes that their behavior is shameful. What do you want them to do? Commit suicide? We are a community. Shunning and stigmatizing those who have tested positive is not neighborly. COVID-19 doesn't choose who to infect. It could be you. It could be your spouse. It could be your child.

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I think the reality will hit home if the press interviewed people suffering from the coronoavirus. I mean, people who are in the critical care unit or those who were turned away but need to be in the hospital and on ventilator. There needs to be media coverage that speaks to them. Not just this okay, here are the numbers of people infected and here's the number of deaths.

It's not hitting home for the average Japanese that social distancing is necessary because, hey, no worries, got my mask and washing my hands like crazy. Or... I'm not gonna get it cuz well, I'm not gonna get it.

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Common sense and facts are sadly lacking here. The man tested negative several times but idiots will think as they do; He was onboard that ship and I don't care that he's tested negative therefore I feel uneasy and I wish he would move away. This nation is filled with people who think like that that's why the lockdown isn't a lockdown. Masks will protect me. Japan is different from other countries. Aaaaaaargh.

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Posted in: Barbers, 'izakaya,' dept stores, DIY shops to be off Tokyo's closure request list See in context

Well, I suppose the government thinks it's better for people to drink at the izakaya rather than at home so there won't be any slapping or drunken rants going on. I don't know the rationale for having them open, just guessing based on a couple of articles I read here and elsewhere. It seems like common sense that bars should most definitely be on the non-essential list.

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Lockdown? What lockdown? Business as usual for most. Those people are thinking their masks will protect them and if not, oh well. Work has to go on as usual or else it's no paycheck. Bills have to be paid. Oh and forget about using PTO. A girl I know used up her PTO earlier this year due to the flu. She went to work even though she felt unwell. That's not unusual. That's the norm for any Japanese.

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Posted in: Former emperor, empress to move out of palace on Thursday See in context

Do they have to report their change of address to the city office? :p

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting 84-year-old father by yanking out his tooth See in context

Is Hideaki Murakashi living with his parents or are his parents living in his house? I am not giving HM an excuse for beating up his dad for not scrubbing the bathroom. I'm just curious about the son ordering his dad to do chores and expecting his parents to give him money. Is he doing so because he is "taking care" of them (providing them with a roof over their heads) or because he is an only child (is he?) or the only son (ditto)?

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Posted in: 'Single women only,' say rules for anime voice actress auditions for new 'Love Live!' series See in context

Ha, ha... reminds me of a time when a young guy in HR was pretty excited and looking forward to interviewing a woman because he thought her voice was sexy. When I asked him how the interview went, he told me she was in her 70s.

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Maybe those convenience stores will be run out of town and replaced by mom & pop stores operated by おじいちゃん おばあちゃん who will have definite set hours and days.

The big grocery stores in my neighborhood are open on the 1st! I think the many convenience stores in my area can close for a day or two, no problem.

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@sensei258 The puppet masters, media and general public weren't about to fault Naruhito. Lessons from biology class goes out the window.

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"...Sugawara's secretary had offered 20,000 yen..."

Isn't it considered bad luck and rude to give even numbers of things?

I'm also wondering how much his first and last paycheck as trade minister is...

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Why was the law created in the first place? Why are the powers that be so very much afraid of a woman on the throne? Japan might be a better country if Aiko sama became empress. :)

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They could've done that here because there is high-speed internet access in Japan. I guess they chose Pattaya because after a hard day of scamming, they can saunter outside to enjoy the warm sun, beach and cheap drinks. Scam, enjoy life, scam... Wonder whether they will be greeted by reporters upon their return.

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Huh... so, people are frightened by the sight of a naked woman running around because whatever possessed her to shed her clothes and run could be catching? Lord have mercy, the demon could jump from her to me!

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What's so scary about a naked woman running through Shibuya station? Is this the same kind of fright that some people get when seeing tattoos? Tattoos equal yakuza. Naked woman equals what?

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@fraris Location, location, location! I bet Tatsuko sold her takoyaki for 1,000 yen or more. Lots of tourists near Osaka castle who opened their wallets to snack on takoyaki. Go get your truck and open your stand there. =)

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