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Posted in: Japan to back international efforts to regulate AI-equipped 'killer robots' See in context

I prefer 100 peaceful robots than 1 Trump terminator.

He's pulling US forces out of the Middle East, making more progress with North Korea than anyone ever before, etc...making him basically the most peaceful US President in history. Check your Trump DS before you post completely fake crap on the interwebs, thanks.

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Posted in: Eisai sets price tag of about $16,000 on liver cancer drug See in context

All the nay sayers haven't a clue how incredibly expensive it is to develop and approve a successful drug, especially the new biological cancer treatments. Why don't y'all gather your pocket change and try to make your own treatments out of the goodness of your hearts? Bet you can't.

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Posted in: Gov't panel begins discussions to slash plastic waste See in context

Hha another govt discussion panel that'll achieve...a white paper maybe?

Could always, you know, have all stores charge 20 yen per plastic bag and what not, but that's too easy.

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Posted in: Angelina Jolie wants divorce finalized by end of 2018 See in context

Men are always horrible during divorce.

Wonder why? Because in all divorce cases the biased legal system sides with the woman, no matter the reason for divorce, and strip the man of absolutely everything, from his children to the shirt off his back. That's serious, and no one would take it lightly.

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Posted in: Japan picks $1.2 bil Lockheed radar for Aegis Ashore batteries See in context

Those with such negative comments about defense spending and the US have absolutely zero knowledge of history and geopolitics. The reason regional conflicts such as China invading Taiwan, etc. are kept in check is because of the US military..and the reason you even have a device to post on this website is because the US Navy keeps the seas open for trade. Try to think a bit, will ya?

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Posted in: Japan completes domestic procedures to ratify TPP without U.S. See in context

Funny how everyone is suddenly only pro tpp after us left, whereas before everyone was staunchly against the deal. Opportunistic, much?

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Posted in: Japanese man convicted of spying by Chinese court See in context

Funny thing about China being so hard on espionage, is that literally everything China has - every piece of technology and scientific knowledge - was stolen through traditional or corporate espionage (including sending thousands of Chinese students to Western unis every year, etc). China, the land of steal everything and try to pass it as our own, has no right to get irrate about spying.

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Posted in: JR East to accelerate train security camera installation See in context

First of all, there's no privacy expectation outside your own home so police state complaints are invalid. Second, for us men it's very positive since it will help when all those metoo kunts try to falsely accuse of 'groping'

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Posted in: Grammys expand nominee field after criticism on diversity See in context

Yeah cause awards, like jobs, should be given on the basis of soon color and genitals, not skill and merit. Liberals..

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Posted in: Man suspected of indecently assaulting 7-8 junior high school girls See in context

but hentai manga portraying graphic scences of sexual assault and violence have no impact on the development of young males' sexual attitudes and predelictions

It doesn't, actually. Just like violence in video games isn't proven to cause violent behavior.

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Posted in: Trump trash-talks restaurant that asked his press secretary to leave See in context

I wonder if people would defend the restaurant still if they refused a person because they were black, or gay, or moslem..hmmm

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Posted in: HBO website and comedian John Oliver censored in China See in context

Trump has to spend exhaustive hours trying to delegitimize news that he doesn’t like.

Nope, that's liberal sjws you refer to.

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Posted in: Australia pledges $500 mil to restore Great Barrier Reef See in context

Classic human ingenuity: completely destroy something invaluavle despite all the warning signs because 'cash money, yo', and then act surprised and try to throw said cash money at the problem when it's already far too late. Good on ya, retards.

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Posted in: High court finds cell phone TV owners obliged to pay NHK fees See in context

Nhk stopped visiting recently after I answered the door with my biggest butt plug in hand and said, "you're just in time! Come in, there's plenty to share." Not the very adventurous sorts, eh?

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Posted in: Ellen Barkin hits back at Terry Gilliam over #MeToo comments See in context

The U.S needs much stronger defamation laws, like we have in Aus.

Yes please. Er, I mean #metoo.

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Posted in: Japanese government says internet slang too hard to understand; issues guidelines for netspeak See in context

Hahah now I'll admit, this is a very j-gov oyaji response.

Too bad for them that internet speech is an incredibly rapidly changing and evolving dialect, and even has many subdialects based on platform (be it Reddit or Twitch or w/e).

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Posted in: Toys 'R' Us will likely shut all U.S. stores, risking 33,000 jobs: Wall Street Journal See in context

"And this breaking news just in: Amazon to open self-checkout toy stores in major cities across the US and next month."

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