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Posted in: Police caution more than 10,000 in Tokyo for breaking new bicycle rules See in context

Look some of you have it right and others are way off base. 1 it is unsafe to ride with the flow of traffic. 2 rideing or walking with head phones in dangerous. But to have cops fighting tickets for eather is stupid (and this is a condition that can't be fixed). If a cycalist is going against the flow thay can see the car that vears out of its lane or if someone opens a car door suddenly the impact is lessned. And the sudden turn is away from the bicycle. You guys have to give up this doggmatic way of thinking and pay attention to what had been learned through out the world on bicycle saffty

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Posted in: Aussie PM criticizes antiwhaling activists after Japan decides to free them See in context

when will japan learn to take these people back to japan and throw them in jail. its the only way to stop these terrorists from doing this. and if paul watson is so big on stopping the whaling why didnt he board the whaling ship......oh thats right the crazy leader sends the pawns to do the dirty work and risk there lives to do a stunt like this

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