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Posted in: WHO director in Asia accused of racism, abuse indefinitely put on leave See in context

This dude isn't the only one to say this. The director at the beginning was accused but the WHO loed and ran cover for him even though he had actively allowed villages of infected people to die because it benefited a local warlord. They also buried the first SARS outbreak in 2002 per CBC investigation that is still posted online saying they couldn't tell the CCP how to run their own country. The documents are still on the WHO website sitting a refusal by the doctor working with the bats to provide samples from the beginning of the outbreak. This was intentional. The release was in February stating that all counties were having a hard time growing samples but no mention of the WHO having issues via twitter only a lone PDF posted on their site.

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Posted in: Power-saving reward points worth ¥2,000 to be given to households See in context

Point systems for power savings has always been a scam. Especially when the grid is about to be overloaded or the cost of fuel has gone up. Are you asking poor people to from sweltering heat? Every kilowatt-hour saved just means suffering for those that are only trying to stay cool and keep their food from spoiling. Solar will only help them if you provide them the equipment and support. In California they are already screwing over all the homeowners who are selling power back to the grid. They aren't even the only ones allowing the providers to do whatever they want.

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Posted in: Personal 'hishaku' ladles keep traditions alive See in context

Outside those ladles aren't going to be a problem. Seems like a gimmick.

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Posted in: Want to live in an abandoned house in Japan? Here’s why it’s not really ‘free’ See in context

Man I have seen worse homes in the hood. They need to really make an effort to keep these homes up by changing the laws around homes that are abandoned.

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Posted in: French father goes on hunger strike for children 'abducted' by Japanese wife See in context

This dude needs to get the embassies involved and have the twitter mob descend on their offices until something happens.

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Posted in: If you’re reading pirated manga, one artist would prefer you just not read their work at all See in context

In 2008 Todai University released a paper stating that piracy did not cost loss of income but in fact caused income from people spreading the word about shows and manga that wouldn't have been created otherwise. Shinichi Watanabe got drug for calling fans thieves and he apologized at Oni-Con 2007 because of this same attitude and literally the next year he was proven wrong. The industry sent him to the US to do panels about piracy and he made a mistake in thinking there would be no blow-back. People from all over the world were at the panels and they all explained why it was a bad idea to attack fans. There is anime that has fallen into obscurity because it wasn't widely shared and curated properly. There were fans in countries that had no high speed internet access, no money and no way of ever experiencing it that spread the word and caused others to spend money in the industry.

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Posted in: New Ford models can get over-the-internet software updates See in context

This would have happened in the 90s had developers been prevented from adding PC features to cars then would have had alot better support than we do now.

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Acrylic panels don't prevent virus laden dust from the HVAC system from being spread throughout the building. There's not a commercial building anywhere meant for broadcasting that has filtration at the nanoparticle level. If they wanted to wear masks they would need those see through bubble suits if they wanted to keep from psychologically being scarred by seeing unmasked people having a conversation. The international theatrical union I work for isn't letting talent anywhere near them without testing but you can still pass the test and be infected because PCR testing is not reliable.

You would think that with the amount of celebrities that were infected prior to the lockdown that they would have realized how much of a risk there is doing anything live. A ton of shooting for live events was canceled. They could continue to do everything remotely but I am assuming they don't want the whole room to consist of LCD panels like some of the shows or like the horrible WWE events where they tried to continue with no audience.

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Posted in: TV news anchors wearing masks on camera ignites discussion See in context

@Ah_so - I am sure you probably read and verified zero scientific literature about SARS since the outbreak started. Maybe you just like being ignorant of published documents or you feel religiously safe behind an item that literally does nothing in the grand scheme of things. There is zero pass-fail testing to support even partial safety and no percentages have been published to support the arguments being made. There is no moral high ground to be had by wearing a mask as it won't prevent aerosols from exiting. If you can test the outside are particles then congratulations you just infected someone.

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Posted in: TV news anchors wearing masks on camera ignites discussion See in context

Per tested peer reviewed scientific testing.

Surgical Masks cannot filter particles below 500nm (nanometers) and N95 masks cannot filter below 300nm nanometers. The average SARS-COV2 related virus particle is 40-70nm with a maximum size of 120nm. None of the recommendations have been based on scientific testing with live particles and there is more than 16 years of SARS research and info about masks and nanoparticles. There is an article that literally states they tried N95 masks in the field with laser sensors, human test subjects and mannequins and they identified that masks didn't stop nanoparticles and wet masks really didn't stop nanoparticles. They were surprised that in a live environment the air pressure itself was causing the particles to be pushed through the masks. Testing with Flu virions has confirmed this and particles could be confirmed on both sides of the masks. What does this mean? This means people with backgrounds in physics should be explaining this to doctors and not the other way around. All it takes is between 1 and 3 virions (virus particles) to infect a healthy person. We have also studied flu virus particles on airplanes and found that people could be infected before they boarded the plane and once they were on the plane by anyone tracking particles back from the bathroom. All the people in AMOY GARDENS that were downwind of the apartment section where patient zero lived were infected via aerosols.

You can be infected by SARS-COV2 virions via the eyes and the skin. Anywhere there are ACE2 particles which in most of the body and the organs. So if you touch the virus you can be infected even if you do not touch or inhale the virus. Don't believe it? Look up 'CIDRAP AMOY GARDENS 2003'. The first person to warn is was an eye doctor in China. Italian opthamologists wrote a paper about it. Why are they ignoring this fact this many months in is ridiculous.

There are no currently available masks on the market for the public that can filter nanoparticles. If you don't believe me then go look at the picture of the lady scientist that works with SARS viruses and ask yourself what she is wearing. Hint. It's not a mask.

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Posted in: 'Algorithms of oppression': Big tech urged to combat discrimination See in context

I mean people do look for porn. It's not like human sexuality disappeared with advancements in search technology. They failed to mention how old you have to be before you can search for some terms. Won't show up on my 6 year olds profile these days unless there is a glitch.

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Posted in: Sony's new $500 PlayStation 5 will launch Nov 12 See in context

Don't compare consoles to desktop PC's. It's just a dumb argument as they serve 2 different purposes.

I am not lugging my water cooled dual graphics card desktop PC anywhere.

One graphics card is $700-1800 dollars and you can't play games without the rest of the PC.

I can take a console with me on a trip, to conventions, or anywhere I want to game.

On my desk at work I had a console that I would use when there was nothing going on.

I had a console and a TV in my car so I could play in the parking lot.

I am not building my water cooled desktop PC into my Honda. I wouldn't play it enough.

I buy both consoles because I am not limited in what I can purchase with my own money.

The PS5 sold out on sites last night. People are still watching sites right now trying to get a pre-order.

The XBOX pre-order isn't for another few days. People will still be pre-ordering.

So don't bother trying to act like PC superiority makes sense when it's all about convenience.

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Posted in: Crossbow killings put focus on unregulated sales of 'hobby weapons' See in context

In the US there are people that hunt with crossbows as well as the compound bows. I am pretty sure anything can be made into a weapon if someone wants it badly enough. Regulation just makes the items that people can regularly get out in the open into underground items. You are only hearing about instances of people that got caught. I have not heard of crossbows being an issue in the US or anywhere else for that matter. I am sure there is a bigger problem with serial killers and organized crime than there is with unregulated weapons. When someone takes away one weapon they will just modify their tactics and use something else. I mean you had people fighting with sharpened rulers for a while there.

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Posted in: 35 years after Live Aid, Bob Geldof assesses personal toll See in context

He was ill equipped to handle a revolution so it got broadsided by a career he didn't really care about. People shouldn't be giving millions to countries that have governments that are just eating the money and running off. What he started is the marketing machine that shows you pictures of things that can't be fixed by money alone but sells you the idea that if you do donate that you will ascend into heaven via goodwill and happiness. The fact that Africa is still doing the same thing it was doing in the 80s and 90s shows that the Live Aid's were just window dressing for the elite that needed tax write-offs. U2 used it to get more album sales. Michael Jackson did all kinds of aid stuff for multiple countries that probably did more than Live Aid did by itself. He should have handed the reigns off to someone else and kept doing what he wanted to do for himself.

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Posted in: Big four Japanese brewers post first-half sales drop See in context

They should do what everyone else is doing and make up for it selling hand santizer. They have the equipment to do it and nobody is talking about how much money its made in other countries.

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Posted in: Sendai training foreigners to be leaders in time of disasters See in context

It would be better for them to pair up the leaders so that the there is one foreigner and one Japanese native there for every location. There are disaster training groups that have been around the world to assist with disasters and they already have software specifically for these types of issues. A couple of my friends were in Japan, Puerto Rico, The Philippines, and spots in the US like LA. If they partnered with those groups and trained up locals to work with foreigners at the same time they would have more people to break down the work load when there is a disaster. Use the tech that is already there because there are already vending machines in some areas that are setup to be anchor points for data and water in some places. It's easy to get around the lack of electricity. People have portable batteries that can last several days more than a couple weeks. There are solar setups that can be used as well as portable generators that you can drop in any flowing water to get power. They should be training the basics but still using modern tech as well. If some kids in Africa can do it then there is no reason that adults in Japan shouldn't be able to work things out. It's pretty sad that there are English classes in Japan but people are still lost because nobody is being thrown into situations where they have to use the language in order to pass their courses.

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Posted in: Ghosn says he is helping everyone who stood by him See in context

I left this case alone to come back to find a blockbuster movie. If they couldn't provide proof to Interpol and the FBI/CIA had nothing on Ghosn then that's how he was able to escape. He was being held with no evidence and they just wanted to take over the company. It's not the first time this has happened.

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Posted in: Half of telecommuters in Japan work longer hours than before pandemic: Rengo See in context

I've worked remotely from home since before 2008 when we did DSL and Dial-up support and you have to learn to manage your own work-life balance. You can't let your bosses do it for you. The problem is people in JP don't stand up for themselves and they get railroaded into working long hours. They may need to get some counseling.

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Posted in: Comedian says pandemic will prod pretty girls into sex industry See in context

For the guy who said he had six sisters. How many of them have social media accounts and date men via Tinder or any other online service? There are at on of these girls out here posting there as well for services. I have sisters too and they do whatever they want. My nieces post pics to instagram looking for dudes. I don't get offended for them when they are putting themselves out there. Ya'll are always trying to take the agency away from females and turn them into babies that can't make their own decisions. Girls that lost their sugar daddies due to the virus were out there posting all kinds of pics that they weren't before the outbreak, that doesn't make them victims by a longshot. There are posts by women saying they broke up with their boyfriend and they are looking for a replacement because they have been locked up at home for a while. When posts say 'can you help me out' and nobody from any of these places flags them just like Twitch doesn't ban streamers making money off kids for life when they do something like Alinity did.

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Posted in: Comedian says pandemic will prod pretty girls into sex industry See in context

They shouldn't be mad at at him considering alot of those girls are already on Instagram showing their goodies for OnlyFans accounts. Nothing he said was false and they are already out there right now making money. Maybe they need to get with 2020 and realize that it's been going on for a while with Twitch and Twitter as well.

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Posted in: Parents, teachers scramble to cope after Abe urges school shutdown See in context

The WHO changed their estimate and the thread level is now high.

Hindsight is 2020. Either the WHO is wrong or Abe is ahead of the game.

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Posted in: Abe's abrupt call to close schools triggers confusion See in context

People lose all common sense when faced with facts.

A virus such as this has not been seen before and currently has no cure. They don't even know where it came from. They posit it came from bats the virologist wasn't even sure but knowing where it came from at this point is not going to help the average person.

There is more than one flu going around on top of a measles outbreak in Kanto.

One of the flu's affects small children and the elderly and an result in death if not treated immediately. This is a separate virus than the Covid-19 one and has been going around since 2018. A ton of people have gotten it and have had fevers that lasted multiple days, dizzyness, weakness, shortness of breath. A ton of people have gotten it from their kids and at work. Especially from call centers and retail work where people don't have a choice but to communicate in boxed in environments. We had a call center that housed 5000 employees and the entire call center was infected with Swine flu. This the perfect environment for Covid-19.

The test needed to identify Covid-19 is not an off the shelf affair and the Chinese and Japanese government has stated that people that don't have flu symptoms can still be carriers. Wasting regular tests is not going to help anyone. Who do you think manufacturers the test in the first place? Where do they ship from? Why are the masks out of stock. Use your basic context clues.

If a government official says something to the effect of don't hang around large groups of people, ie at work or at school then there is a reason and saying that its going to end society at large is retarded. The longer people can stay away from each other the more likely the flu will have run its course since there has been no announcement on how long it takes to stop being contagious. I'd rather someone tell us that up front than to find out months later when alot of vulnerable people are dead.

Think about the population size of China and compare it to Japan and the US. You know the official numbers of people that have died are not being reported accurately because some people died months ago before anyone was even aware in the media that it had spread. But you can see the results by looking at the number of people that have died on the cruise ship. Do you really think that your office ventilation system is vastly better? The AC system in a building that doesn't bring in fresh air or recirculate air through a bacterial inhibitor (UV-C) system or physical bio-filters is nothing but a lint trap for the flu. And there are currently no regulations in the building industry to prevent the spread of viruses.

Watch this video by the WHO and think about what would happen if another plague level event happened because some dumb people want to go to work or they want to send their children back into the same environment. A complete disregard for peoples lives because an employer is more import than the workers.

Japan's elderly population could take a direct hit if people want to ignore any of this even if the death count is considered small now. Say goodbye to your the grandparents that managed to survive not get pneumonia. Compound sicknesses usually are never taken into consideration till after a patient has contracted something else like strep, upper respiratory infections, etc.

Someone said that they didn't want their kids at home because they would be bored. Better they are bored than dead or almost dead in the hospital. They also were worried for the parents. Maybe its time for them to learn how to take care of their kids rather than having school baby sit them all day.

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Posted in: Japan defends cautious approach on coronavirus testing as 7th death reported See in context

Trying to get tested is a waste at this point because they already know via China that there is no way to tell if someone has it even if they test negative. They can still have symptoms later. On top of the fact there is another flu that is also going around with close enough symptoms that was killing people in the US well before the Coronvirus was identified. It was only killing the elderly and the young. My daughter had a 101 degree fever for several days and was just allowed to go back to school and she tested negative for the flu last week. Parents that use school to dump their kids off so they can work are going to end up spreading the disease here. There are employers that were trying to scare employees into coming to work if they didn't have their doctors sign off even though people have been super sick several times over the last year.

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Posted in: Japanese companies confront reality of racial harassment See in context

I was born hafu/mixed in the 70s in the US. I am half black and half white. I have experienced racism from both sides of my family. I have been discriminated against at school, at work, by neighbors by complete strangers in person and on the internet. My white family in Kentucky didn't even bother to tell us that my my grandmother (mom's) died and waited a couple months after they sold my mothers home. At school I had people tell me I was pretty smart for a black boy. At work I had management block me from moving up in the company and I was HR & Training management for a much larger company with thousands of employees under me before I came there. They still questioned my ideas even when they were working at other companies. Nothing about the abuse that people go through in Japan surprises me because there are people that still claim that reverse racism is not a thing Japan has always had a habit of glorifying European (Caucasian) and Western countries on TV, and in print either in the news or manga. Unless its sports or movie related you don't see Black or Mixed people.

The only difference between the East and West is that the US had slavery and wars for reasons that people were racists. Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and Vietnamese have all fought against the United States. If the animosity had never been there to begin with I doubt it would be as bad as it is now. It's all about the brainwashing though on all sides either by the government or by people that were tricked into fighting and then that survived those wars taking the bad blood home.

The only way to remove racism from decision at work is to make every persons decision questionable the higher you go in the company there should be internal reviews on management by the employees. If it wasn't for skip level meetings I would never have moved up in the larger company because it held people accountable for listening to their employees. HR could not sweep issues under the rug when external HR lines were used to report incidents. This same thing should be applied to bullying in schools in Japan as well since people tend to look the other way more there than in the US. If something like that had existed for me as a kid in the 80s I would have had a completely different time at school.

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Posted in: JR East to test anti-groping app on rush-hour trains See in context

Maria is obviously not aware of the conviction rate in Japan where people have been kidnapped and made to confess without a lawyer. Gohsn was held for how long and he had money. If they want to catch these people install cameras in the train and tell everyone that they are being recorded so there won't be anyone trying to play games with the system. People ignore the daily violence against main even more than the violence against women and this has been psychologically and legally proven. The entire process needs to be fair so that people aren't used as scapegoats because its too easy to point fingers and have the police thinking that the accuser is mentally stable and believable 100% of the time. The train company can literally pay people to watch cameras to identify groping. They can also increase people security on the train because like hell I would want anyone driving the train and trying to manage watching for gropers at the same time.

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Posted in: Ex-nurse helping revive struggling fishing business in Hokkaido See in context

Whoever wrote this was obviously not doing her a favor in this story because they didn't include any pictures like Mainichi and Kyodo News. It doesn't showcase the success.

I was thinking 'she married her cousin?' and he sounds like he was being pretty dumb about being a fisherman and not trying to learn about anything else so he got into a hole because he doesn't have enough of an education to know he was being screwed. She was 37 and he was 31. She basically bailed him out using her sales experience and then she created new jobs for people that were in the same boat. Now she's got some old dudes after her for bypassing the bureaucracy. I could see someone writing an entire manga about this.

Title: I Was A Single Parent Working in Nursing and Somehow Married My Cousin. Now I Run A Fish Company In Another Prefecture.

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Posted in: Abe says new unit will defend Japan from space tech threats See in context

Look the ISDF is my idea alright. The microsats should be in place momentarily. We can use reflected space radiation to disable any of the internet sites we don't agree with. 2chan and 4chan will monitor the Chinese and the Soviets. They don't have anything better to do anyway so might as well put them to work. :)

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Posted in: Woman arrested for helping ex-husband commit suicide See in context

If she does get something for helping him it'll be because the police forced her to admit it. They gotta keep up that conviction rate.

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Posted in: Seven-Eleven to end contract with franchisee who cut opening hours See in context

In the U.S. 7-11 stores are 24hrs. If they just use multiple workers.

Most convenience stores are not known for paying workers a living wages.

The only time they close is for maintenance or remodelling.

90's 7-11 in the US was going bankrupt because of miss-management and their competitor Stop--N-Go was pretty much destroying them on service which is why they are insistent on the hours because that is what killed the brand before.

If he doesn't want to have the contract he should change the store to his own brand and work with his own vendors so that he can make his own hours. You literally learn that as you go through the franchise process.

If 7-11 has a system to provide workers that they can call to sub for the times he will be out then he should have done that.

Imagine if he had to compete with all of the stores that we have in the states. They are literally everywhere.

Circle-K, Timewise, Chevron, Big Chief, Little Chief, Stop-N-Go, Stripes, Shell, Texaco , 24/7 Store, Raceway

If he was closed people will go somewhere else. If he's the only shop around then he would be making a mistake. I would have been looking for some relatives to hold down the fort while I went on vacation.

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Posted in: Kyoto Animation arson attack puts media at crossroads in divulging victims' names See in context

I think they are keeping the names out of the news not out of respect but more because there is important info to be gleaned from who died. The investigation is not over according to local news in the city where the incident occured. When news of victims is reported in the US it's because they could have friends and family elsewhere that were not notified of the event. People could be using the dead persons name for nefarious purposes as longs as nobody knows they died. There historical record in the public view brings closure to the event. If they hid everything then what would happen if the dude got off and got away because nobody knew it happened but the locals?

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