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Posted in: Japanese Embassy withdraws approval for Vienna art exhibition See in context

Censorship. Pathetic.

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Posted in: Man walking on station platform dies after bag strap gets caught on express train See in context

Police said Kaneda was neither using earphones nor walking while using a smartphone at the time of the accident.

Good, nipping potential victim-blaming in the bud before it starts.

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Posted in: Authorities say Nigerian died of starvation after immigration hunger strike See in context

This man made the mistake of thinking the Japanese authorities and public cared whether he lived or died.

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Posted in: Truck may have taken wrong road before crashing with train in Yokohama See in context

Headline should read "Keikyu to normalize train service after confirming the cause and making sure it doesn't happen again".

Yes, Keikyu needs to take full responsibility for all truck drivers who misjudge turns, and guarantee that none shall ever misjudge a turn ever again, and the headline should reflect that.

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Posted in: Russian climber killed by falling rock at Mt Fuji See in context

The rock hit in her the chest, according to NHK. Ergo, the helmet would not have helped.

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Posted in: 16-year-old student on minibike assaulted See in context

But there are very, VERY few gutless punks ready to pick on, rob or kill child, female or elderly people in Japan. On the contrary, it's extremely safe for these groups of people in comparison to almost every other country on this planet.

Really? You'd need to pretty naive to believe that. I assume you're taking official statistics as your source (correct me if I'm wrong). Other than murder, all of the other crimes mentioned have a low chance of being reported in Japan. Otherwise, your capacity for unomi stretches the bounds of credulity.

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Posted in: Man held for pushing commuter off Osaka subway platform See in context

He's denying the charge (of attempted murder), not the push.

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Posted in: French home of ex-Nissan chief Ghosn searched in Versailles marriage probe: prosecutors See in context

He is suspected of hiring the entire Palace of Versailles outside Paris in October 2016 to celebrate his marriage, a benefit estimated as being worth 50,000 euros ($56,000), in exchange for a philanthropy deal between the state-owned property and Renault.

What's the problem? That's how business is done.

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Posted in: Gov't rejects ¥20 mil savings estimate for those living to 95 See in context

Thanks for posting that link Cleo.

Interesting that they only budget 13,000yen or so per month for housing costs, but I guess that indicates that most people over 60 own a home outright. If you don't, that will skew things quite a bit. Otherwise though, it seems like a reasonable image of what you might need in retirement. Not sure what Aso has his panties in a bunch over.

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Posted in: Gov't rejects ¥20 mil savings estimate for those living to 95 See in context

A retired couple need at least ¥3 million per year. A married couple's pension is a little more than half of that around ¥1.8 million.

Where do these figures come from? Even assuming these were correct, this would indicate a 100,000 shortfall per month,.

Meanwhile, the report states there would be 50,000yen shortfall per month. What are the assumptions to get to that figure?

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Posted in: Ex-top farm ministry official says Kawasaki attack prompted his murder of son See in context

The fact that he was possibly a worthless human being does not imply that his father has somehow an excuse or a reason to kill him. Period.

Combined with the potential for violence, yes it does constitute a reason. Period.

Imagine his guilt if his son actually went out and killed some kids.

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Posted in: Ex-top farm ministry official says Kawasaki attack prompted his murder of son See in context

Well, somebody has to say it. His father knew him best and the risks. The cops can't/won't do anything. This guy could have saved multiple lives. The cost? His own freedom (which he has not shirked from) and his sons life, who by all accounts was a worthless human being contributing nothing and who was violent towards his family and threatening the community.  It's against the law and he'll pay the price, but good riddance, I say.

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Posted in: After bodysuit blow, Japan's Zozo embarks on hiring spree to shore up online mall See in context

I ordered a business suit sized using the Zozosuit. The thing arrived some 3-4 months(!) later completely mis-sized... it was oversized, baggy, and was so far from the "custom fit" they were pitching that I was convinced it must have been some other (much fatter) guy's suit delivered to me by mistake. But no, it was my suit. They refused to refund me because it was a "custom made product", but offered free alterations instead, which I had to measure out myself. This then took another 2 months to deliver, but unfortunately was still misfitting. Likely because I'm not a tailor, and couldn't measure all the circumferences properly. All in all a complete waste of time and 30,000yen. Thanks for nothing Zozotown.

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Posted in: Man slashed in apartment building car parking lot in Niigata See in context

Ever hear of this cool thing called door locks?

Yes, it's the victim's fault.

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Posted in: Uniqlo owner Fast Retailing cuts full-year outlook See in context

They're merely announcing a downwards revision of their predicted profit.

They're not announcing that they'll be losing money. They're far from reaching that level.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for robbing store says she needed money for Christmas Eve date See in context

Hope the date was worth it Misana-chan! It might be your last for a while.

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Posted in: Japanese mobile pay service PayPay offers new, easy-to-use cashless payment system See in context

Two big problems:

The "convenience" they are selling us is not free. They skim a bit off of each purchase, and they harvest all of our data. The more data points, the more valuable it is (for them).

Too many competing services makes it a hassle for any one individual to commit to any one service, as it's likely that it won't be available at many of the retailers you frequent. There comes a point where signing up for and juggling multiple cashless apps moots the convenience factor.

I'll just keep using cash (accepted everywhere!) and my Suica card.

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Posted in: Marie Kondo's Netflix show has cluttered Americans abuzz See in context

I'm personally on board, but also hoping that this doesn't become mainstream, especially in the US. I need them to keep consuming to keep my stock investments humming!

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Posted in: Japan plans to build 'multidimensional' defense force See in context

So, what threat is Japan attempting to defend itself from ?

Surely you jest? Unless you live in a little bubble insulated from any and all geopolitical news.

What the potential threat is plain for anyone to see, the question is how to prepare. Building up the military is certainly one of the options on the table.

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Posted in: Ghosn says he does not want to make false confession: sources See in context


You're actually defending the system that locked you up for over a day for jaywalking? It's a scary place where you can be picked up for randomly crossing the road and locked up with no charges until you "confess".

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Posted in: Man pleads not guilty over death of husband, wife in road rage accident See in context

Interesting that he didn't plead guilty as is usually the case in Japan. I guess the cops weren't able to "extract" a confession from him. He's going down fighting to the end. I hope he gets what's coming.

On another note, an awful lot of working-age people seem to be free on Mondays.

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Posted in: Princess Ayako to receive ¥107 mil after marriage to commoner See in context

A million bucks won't go far in maintaining your dignity. She can buy a 2LDK apartment in central Tokyo and then she's out of cash. But I'm guessing she won't be arubaito'ing at Lawsons to make ends meet.

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Posted in: Trump congratulates Abe on 'HUGE' re-election in Japan See in context

estimated net worth of 4.5 billion dollars.

I'm no fan of Abe, but this is simply not true. FAKE NEWS!

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Posted in: Man arrested for kidnapping and sexually molesting 8-year-old girl in Akita See in context

If the government won't do it, someone (a private citizen) should aggregate news articles such as this one and make a database of their own. Just register the domain in Estonia or something and you're set. Protecting the human rights of the offenders ... please.

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Posted in: Sato most common surname in Japan; Suzuki 2nd, survey shows See in context

The insurance company surveyed 6.55 million customers. Results showed that 1,940,000 individuals possess the surname Sato, 1.82 million Suzuki, 1.43 million Takahashi, 1.33 million Tanaka, and in 5th place, Watanabe at 1.19 million.

The sum of the five names listed is 7.71 million, while they only surveyed 6.55 million people in total. Something doesn't give.

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man arrested at ward office in Yokohama See in context

Back when I worked in a Japanese city hall, we often had people come in and yell expletives at the top of their lungs in that pseudo-yakuza manner, usually on some trivial issue such as cleaning up leaves in autumn. Never had a knife incident, but for some reason many people feel it's their right to just walk in to a public office and start yelling.

What amazed me at the time was that they were just dealt with until they stopped yelling, which usually took at least 30minutes. Security never attempted to kick them out, they just watched to prevent escalation into physical violence. But the disruption to official duties (which I believe is a criminal offence in and of itself) was quite severe.

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Posted in: Hacked cryptocurrency exchange refunds Y46.6 bil to customers See in context

Amazing these guys were able to pull almost half a BILLION dollars out of their own pocket to cover this.

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Posted in: 46-year-old man, 16-year-old girl found dead in apparent suicide at love hotel See in context

I don’t think the Japanese see suicide as honourable.

Well you clearly don't know much about Japan or the Japanese. Historically, it was the way to properly atone for a litany of offenses, both perceived and real, and remnants of that mentality most definitely remain today.

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Posted in: Alabama student dies in accidental school shooting See in context

More guns is the answer. You can argue it all you want, but it's part of what makes America America.

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Posted in: Japan clamps down on apparent job seekers applying for refugee status See in context

Japanese culture of collective responsibility dictates that, as a result, all refugees applicants will be impacted. As punishment, they should limit those accepted to 0.001% of applicants.

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