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Posted in: Man gets 9 years in prison for killing woman with drink laced with stimulants See in context

They met at a "members-only club" ... shorthand for a happening bar.

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Posted in: American father, son get prison terms for helping Ghosn escape See in context

Amazing how quickly the wheels of justice can turn when it suits them. I've seen murder cases take longer and the guilty get less time.

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Posted in: Olympians may break quarantine to compete if pre-event test negative See in context

The Olympians are at greater risk from the Japanese public than the other way around.

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Posted in: Suga apologizes for asking wholesalers to facilitate alcohol ban See in context

Straight up mafioso tactics by the J-govt.

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Posted in: AI Japanese bar Mama-san is ready to listen to your troubles at her virtual bar See in context

I think this sums up perfectly everything that is wrong with Japanese attempts at innovation. What talent there may be is squandered on crap like this.

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Posted in: Toshiba investigators defend report; say Japanese official stonewalled See in context

Easy way to get the truth and bypass all these coverup attempts: ask the Harvard fund what happened.

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Posted in: Legendary sprinter Usain Bolt has twin boys - Thunder and Saint Leo See in context

Should named them Thunder & Lightning Bolt.

His first daughter is already named Lightning!

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Posted in: Legendary sprinter Usain Bolt has twin boys - Thunder and Saint Leo See in context

Greatest Olympian ever. Legend.

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Posted in: First Harrow International School in Japan to open in 2022 See in context

¥2 million a year? Haha, no. More like ¥6 million would be my guess, what with the boarding school setup.

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Posted in: Tokyo nightlife bustles despite state of emergency See in context

Lots of people are out and about. If anything, these measures have served to concentrate more people into less space in less of a time window.

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Posted in: Boy hooks skeletal remains while fishing at pond See in context

There's one young man turned off fishing for life I imagine.

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Posted in: Japan opens mass vaccination centers in Tokyo, Osaka See in context

"Mass" vaccination center? That picture clearly shows otherwise. The local drivers license center can handle 10 times more people than that.

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Posted in: Japan could freeze all Myanmar aid, foreign minister warns See in context

FINALLY, FINALLY they are doing something to save innocent, brave lives who only want democracy.

No, they haven't done anything, it's just talk at the moment, a declaration that they will "kento" it. I'll believe it when I see it, and I certainly will not be holding my breath.

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Posted in: Japan warns Sumitomo after SDF weapon blueprints leaked to China See in context

Sumitomo Heavy pledged to enforce thorough oversight of its subcontractors moving forward.

What a joke. If they hid from their subcontractor the fact that the components were for weapons, it's completely Sumitomo Heavy's fault. Trying to blame the subcontractor, who were simply trying to provide the best cost estimate, is a typical salaryman ploy.

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Posted in: Shinkansen driver leaves controls for toilet while train running at 150kph See in context

"abdominal pain" is Japanese for "urgent diarrhea". It was not something that could be taken care of by peeing in a bottle. The driver dealt with the emergency as best he could.

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Posted in: Global-Dining restaurant operator defies Tokyo government’s early closure request See in context

I'm with you Blacklabel, it's sad that we have to pay so much. I would actually love to get my tax bill down to 1m/month. But we have to give back, an I like your idea of feeding the less fortunate, I might try that myself.

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Posted in: Mother in Arizona accused of killing her 2 kids had been under scrutiny See in context

Still not much about this on the news in japan.

Imagine though, if it was reversed and the Japanese parent was victim though. It would be wall-to-wall coverage with plenty of head-shaking.

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Posted in: Has Shinjuku’s Robot Restaurant closed permanently? See in context

The staff were the rudest, most disagreeable people I have ever met in all my time in Japan

Well, seeing as it's yakuza-run, I'm not surprised.

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Posted in: Man possessing cannabis livestreams his surrender to police See in context

Enjoy your time in jail... what an idiot. Hope the video was worth it.

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Posted in: After revolutionizing music industry, Spotify's Daniel Ek sets sights on Arsenal See in context

Unlike the NBA making a racist owner sell the team a few years back,English football officials don't have the juice to make these foreign businessmen sell their teams.They make too much money and unless there are by-laws that can force them to sell,owners will just ride out the storm of criticism,since the PL is the richest football league in the world.

You think owners should be forced to sell for making (what you feel is too much) money? Haha. The typical English football supporters' sense of entitlement over ownership issues just because they support a club makes me laugh. Unless you have a German-style model, you have no say as a fan, get over it.

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Posted in: Toshiba receives ¥2 tril acquisition offer from global fund See in context

What's (shockingly) not even mentioned in the article is that the current CEO of Toshiba is a former senior executive of CVC. He was initially brought in to shake things up, and if he's going this route I can only guess the resistance he felt to change was too entrenched. Taking it private will allow for the necessary restructuring, but as one of the old-guard lifetime-employment big players in Japan, it will certainly be interesting to watch this clash of cultures play out.

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Posted in: Yellow sandstorm blankets part of western Japan See in context

I have severe chronic constantly reoccurring eye herpes


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Posted in: Muji store operator says it is 'deeply concerned' about forced labor reports in China See in context

At least Muji is courageous enough to say something, knowing full well the indignant wrath of the online mob in China could come down at any time. Japanese apparel companies are some of the worst, in that most don't even bother with pretenses about caring, and will switch factories/countries at the drop of a hat if anyone dares increase their costs. The big Japanese shift to Myanmar is case in point, as is their overall general silence on Myanmar, as Japanese business is, generally speaking, solidly pro-military in Myanmar. But I digress.

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Posted in: Mother arrested over death of 4-year-old daughter See in context

It takes a pretty callous person to strangle a four-year old with their bare hands.

And another to defend someone who has already confessed to said child killing.

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Posted in: China concludes espionage trial of Canadian citizen behind closed doors See in context


Completely agree. Unfortunately, the Canadians are likely too busy trying to avoid offending each other.

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Posted in: Suspect arrested for fatally stabbing man at Tokyo lodging facility See in context

OR....what you could've done was acknowledge his claim and either carpet your home, wear socks or simply try to walk quiter! 

I'm living a hard life in a cheap flophouse at the age of 55, and some young punk comes and complains about me "walking loud", so I'm going to go out and spend the last few yen in my pocket to get my room carpeted?! Please. If it escalated to this level, I'm pretty sure the younger guy wasn't making a polite request.

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Posted in: Japan's 1st unlicensed tuk-tuk taxi case referred to prosecutors See in context

I saw this guy around Yokohama a few times last year, as his pristine shiny Thai tuk-tuk is not inconspicuous on the grey streets of Japan. He was clearly doing a tour guide service, not unlike the rickshaw guys in Asakusa or Kamakura. Whether he had the proper license I don't know.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Heavy said to be freezing development of regional jet See in context

This whole project has been dogged, from the beginning by astounding hubris regarding Japan's so-called technical prowess, both from the J-gov't and from Mitsubishi Heavy, Once they realized they were in beyond their heads, they scrambled to bring in foreign expertise, in the form of rapid hiring and Bombardier, and now they are luckily handed a "divine wind" of sorts in the form of a face-saving excuse to get out without admitting their lack of ability.

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Posted in: Man arrested in Kyoto after failing to return rental car over a year past deadline See in context

Niconico's rates are about half of those Toyota rates for all classes you mentioned, with their lowest rate 2,420yen for 12 hours. That cheap enough yet?

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Posted in: PM candidate Suga: A stern enforcer who does 100 sit-ups daily See in context

Gotta wonder why the Japanese media outlets are falling over themselves with these over-the-top positive portrayals and attempts to humanize him.

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