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Posted in: Male rapper arrested for threatening woman on social media See in context

This is national news?!

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Posted in: Mayweather easily beats MMA fighter Asakura in Japan exhibition See in context

Loved the guy who dissed Mayweather by throwing the flowers on the floor! Best action of the night.

Sounds like something my 13 year old cousin would say. "yeah, that was soo awesome!"

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Posted in: Ex-KAT-TUN singer Tanaka goes on trial for drug possession See in context

This poor schmo probably really believed he was a big star, but then one day he woke up, looked at his bank account, looked around at his washed up career, his lack of future prospects, and then decided to get high instead of thinking about it any further.

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Posted in: U.S. and Canadian warships sail through Taiwan Strait See in context

Would the US tolerate a Chinese warship (not commercial vessel) near California or New York?- Highly unlikely.

Actually, Chinese navy vessels have visited Cuba many times.

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Posted in: Miyazaki’s 'Spirited Away' continues to delight fans, inspire animators 20 years after U.S. premiere See in context

How does a modern household in Japan even watch these movies nowadays? You can't seem to stream it anywhere. Do you actually have to go out and buy hardware that will play a physical disc?

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Posted in: Pretax profits at Japanese firms hit record high in April-June See in context

Wow, a lot of socialists on this board. If there are enough people who don't put up with crap salaries, then the tide will rise. The problem is the apathetic "shoganai" attitude of the worker. If you're underpaid, do something about it. Change jobs. Then market conditions will then dictate that they will need to raise salaries. This exact dynamic has already happened in the video game industry in Japan. But if you have enough workers that stay, then nothing changes.

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Posted in: Robot that stocks drinks is newest thing at FamilyMart in Japan See in context

Japan has a problem finding scalable niches. This ain't one.

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Posted in: 60-year-old man arrested after scuffle in Sapporo supermarket See in context

Thank God Japan is a kind place outside of Tokyo, where everyone's fighting for an inch of space

And how are things in Sapporo then?

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Posted in: Gravure model NFT series wants to attract online investors, real-world visitors for hot springs See in context

A fool and his money are soon parted.

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Posted in: U.S. seeks resolution for naval officer jailed in Japan over fatal car crash See in context

For the people on this board baying for blood like an outraged internet mob from China, here's hoping you never get into any accidents here in Japan. While it's tragic that this accident happened, compounding it with injustice is not the answer.

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Posted in: Venus Williams, Osaka exit Cincinnati in first round See in context

Elite tennis is no place for the mentally weak.

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Posted in: Japanese firms' earnings momentum unlikely to bring hoped-for wage hikes See in context

well, the article is not completely true. I work for one of the companies mentioned here, and we have a portion of our bonus directly tied to the profit level of the company. Given these record profits, all of our bonuses will be going up quite a bit.

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Posted in: Gifu man arrested for entering another person’s home, hanging women’s underwear to dry See in context

Perhaps this was just one part of an elaborate Saul Goodman type plot to defame.

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Posted in: Japanese cafe opens limited-time 'Stranger Things' themed cafe See in context

You lost me at "Japanese cafe".

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Posted in: Disclosure of employees' birthrate sparks blowback at Japanese firm See in context

Wow, no mention that average salaries at Itochu are around 14-15m yen? Meanwhile average salaries in Japan are under 5m yen. You don't think that could be a factor at all, Itochu?

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Posted in: Casino hub Macau launches third round of COVID testing as infections rise See in context

China proving yet again it's an illogical nation not to be trusted.

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Posted in: Pop-up cafes in Japan giving voice to young stutterers See in context

Japan loves to trumpet its own efforts to help super niche marginalized groups, as a feel-good measure, to paper over the fact they don't do a great job of tacking the needs of non-niche marginalized groups. But hey, if you have a stutter, you can order a coffee.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Nihonbashi bridge to see light again with expressway removal See in context

Local residents had long protested that the expressway spoils the view...

There are local residents? That area is chock full of nothing but office buildings.

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Posted in: Famima Laundry: Japanese convenience store adds laundromat to store in Tokyo See in context

The type of woman a typical thief might want to steal underwear from, and the type of woman who frequents laundromats, usually do not overlap.

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Posted in: Japanese airline Zipair ditches 'Z' logo to avoid pro-Russia misunderstanding See in context

Even before the Russia thing, that has got to be the most unimaginative tail logo ever. Somebody literally just typed a Z in Times New Roman. Have some pride in your business people!

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Posted in: Skipper Yoshida fires World Cup warning after Japan 'fell apart' See in context

Yoshida loves talking big but quite often fails under pressure. He should left to grease up his hair on the bench. Tomiyasu would be much better in the middle of defence.

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Posted in: New law enacted to help people pressured into porn See in context

Plenty of Japanese girls willingly do porn because the money is so good and they have no skills.

Money is not actually altogether that great, but certainly, too many looking to make some easy money utilizing the one asset they have, their body.

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Posted in: Man arrested over abduction of minor he met online See in context

Need context... there's a world of difference between taking a willing 17 yr old to your apartment vs. taking an unwilling 12 yr old to your apartment.

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Posted in: Newborn girl found abandoned in Chiba parking lot See in context

That's not how it works! Once it is out, it's murder.

What's murder?

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Posted in: Man suspected of sexually assaulting teenage girl after giving her sleeping pills See in context

Another minor groomed online to meet with a sexual predator. 

Groomed... really? Does swiping right count as grooming now? Drugging someone is most definitely a crime, but let's not insult the capabilities of teenagers now eh?

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Posted in: Yokohama’s Seaside Cinema 2022 screening 'Evangelion,' 'Spider-Man' and more this Golden Week See in context

when Golden Week actually arrives we sometimes feel overwhelmed at the seemingly infinite time off we’ve been given.

Uh... no. We're not all Japanese salarymen here.

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Posted in: 22-year-old woman arrested for stealing ¥9 mil from 51-year-old man See in context

Wow, shocked at how many people seem to think 9m yen is a lot of money. It is, of course, too much to keep in cash at home, but most 51 year olds have vastly more than 9m in savings.

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Posted in: Firefighter arrested for stealing underwear from woman's home See in context

Hope that underwear was worth the social and family embarrassment, not to mention career loss. Boggles my mind how people risk everything for such low stakes gains.

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Posted in: Tokyo's historic Nakagin Capsule Tower to be demolished See in context

Was this picture originally meant to be an amusing shot of a Japanese guy catching a gaijin urinating in public, that just happens to have the building in the background?

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Posted in: Japan's golden oldie 'King Kazu' joins new team at 54 See in context

This guy is just bringing the Japanese salaryman mindset to sports. Like your typical salaryman, he probably can't even fathom a life outside his job.

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