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Good for you, I would like to get my wife and I the 4th booster as well. “What is Japan doing to get infection numbers down?” From what I’ve seen not much, lots of mask wearing, closed borders, and a lot of JP Government heads stuck in the sand. Not moving forward but not going backwards we’re stuck.

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I think this is the most proactive and responsible thing that I’ve seen the Japanese government do in the past two years.

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And if you believe those numbers are accurate and reflect the real current situation, well I have a bridge to sell you if you’re interested.

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I think what is disturbing in the story is at the very bottom with the amount of people who passed away today which includes Tokyo for what I think is the first time.

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 236, of which 32 were in Tokyo).

The number of patients in Tokyo with severe symptoms is only down by one.

But 32 people in Tokyo passed away from the virus. So does this mean that 31 of the people who passed away today did not have severe symptoms?

The press should be asking the Tokyo Metropolitan Government? Where did these deaths occur and what were the circumstances?

The more information they decide to disclose in the more confusing it seems to get.

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The situation that we are in right now is such a colossal failure of the Japanese government to do its job from the PM or (PM's) down to all prefectural governors. There was plenty of time and data to prevent or mitigate this current situation.

The only silver lining to this is how the Japanese people have done such a fantastic job doing what they know they need to do when their government won't do it for them or get the job done. The Japanese government, too little too late. The Japanese people, well done!

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I suppose I could speculate on the assumptions, of why the numbers are both low but high depending on your point of view. What I don’t understand is why does the JP government has not start boosting everyone who wants one right now! Like immediately!

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Free tests:

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I normally do not leave comments here, I just observe from time to time. But 7 cases… This number is both miss leading and totally irresponsible.

It is obvious from what is going on in the rest of the world that the JP government only cares about optics, and not concerned with the truth or peoples health.

It is a good thing Japanese people are smart enough to know better and continue to be diligent against this virus.

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Wait a second, The JP government is “considering” / thinking about booster shots next year? How about getting everybody vaccinated right now!

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Had to spend ¥10,000 both ways on a car service to get my first shot in the arm at the office today (no trains or subways for me). Worth every Yen! I wish my wife could get one as well. The only way out of this is to vaccinate ourselves out of this, i’m just so shocked it’s taking this long!

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I was wondering why the test results numbers were no longer being shown with the daily positive numbers as well. I may be mistaken but I think the way that the TMG link that reports the daily number of tests, results, and age groups has changed.

When I look at the link now to the TMG report does have all of the above with the exception of the number of daily tests (it used to be in there). The link to the TMG report now does not state how many tests were conducted. But JT did update the story as they said they would.

Anyway, here is yesterday's post from JT they have all the total there:

"The Tokyo metropolitan government on Thursday reported 1,027 new coronavirus cases, the result of 12,533 tests conducted on April 26."

And the JT link:

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