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Posted in: Abe and cabinet resign, clearing way for successor See in context

What is a 'self made politician'?

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Posted in: Go To travel subsidy program to cover half of costs from October See in context

Goes against one of the fundamental rules of infection control

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Posted in: Brexit back in crisis as EU warns UK not to tinker with pact See in context

Yet another show of UK arrogance from the buffoons who hoodwinked the British public into this whole Brexit thing. Look at the slump of the British pound since the vote took place and the decline of British shares around the Globe to see whether this is a good thing for Britain, its already cost anyone with investments in the UK an unrecoverable amount. As another poster commented, these guys have made their bed and now will lie in it. (I'm a British expat watching the slow but steady decline of my homeland with horror)

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Posted in: COVID-19 vaccine latest flashpoint in White House campaign See in context

Trump insisted he hasn't said a vaccine could be ready before November, although he said so repeatedly and as recently as Friday.

The president then proceeded to say what he had just denied ever saying.

Just about sums it up really

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics will go ahead with or without COVID, says IOC's Coates See in context

Unbelievable show of arrogance. How do they know what will be happening next year.

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Posted in: Scandal-tarnished Nissan shows off production innovation See in context

Sorry too late Nissan. The damage is done

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Posted in: See-through toilets See in context

Walls of glass in a toilet, difficult to keep clean and will show everything inside when not in use. Looking a toilets and sinks not the nicest thing in a park. There must be other (security?) motives for this unless it is just a design stunt to draw attention or sponsored by the glass supplier. The technology is not particularly new

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Posted in: SDF to set up electronic warfare capability unit next spring See in context

Nice announcement in the anniversary of the end of the Pacific War

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Posted in: Japanese war orphans tell of pain, shame and recovery See in context

God bless each and every one of them

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Posted in: 22-year-old mother arrested for tossing newborn baby into sea See in context

Good God, whatever next

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Posted in: Mother of 'Terrace House' star who killed herself to press charges against cyberbullies See in context

Good for her. Hope this starts a trend in people being more cautious what they say on line

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Posted in: Last-ditch virus aid talks collapse in U.S.; no new help for jobless See in context

Ridiculous to be bickering at a time like this. They should all act like adults and get the job in hand done. Not the time to be scoring party political points

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Posted in: Pandemic derails Abe's strategy to revive regional Japan with tourism See in context

It is sadly inevitable that there will be many business failures this sudden pandemic is a game changer.

I visit Japan twice a year for a total of a month and just can't get there at the moment. I stay in hotels, eat out, visit sites and shop. So there is just one tourist income that us cut off. It's heart breaking.

However I continue to browse hotel prices on line and to be honest haven't seen any reduction in price whatsoever.

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Posted in: Britain unveils plans to tackle 'obesity time bomb' See in context

Drinking alcohol is also out of control in the UK. Having moved away 25 years ago I am 'ow shocked how much drinking and binge drinking goes on

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Posted in: Mother arrested after death of 3-month-old daughter left alone for 16 hours See in context

Another one, RIP little one

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 260 new coronavirus cases See in context

spinning plates. I think that n1k1's question was rhetorical

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 260 new coronavirus cases See in context

n1k1. Sympathy for you an awful situation to be in. I love visiting Japan and can't wait to be there again once it's safe, but being there during a pandemic would be a whole other story. Be strong, stay safe

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Posted in: Twin towers to be built around Tokyo's Shinjuku Station See in context

The station is one of the busiest in Japan, used by about 3.8 million people per day.

I thought it was the busiest station in the World, which ones are equally busy?

The station connects to several department stores and underground shopping malls, making passage around it complex and hard to navigate.

Can't imagine that building a tower either side is going to make it any easier to navigate the low levels around the station

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Posted in: Go To travel campaign thrown into disarray after minister's remarks See in context

What a confusingly written article. The first four paragraphs in particular. The article is as confusing as the scheme itself.

Local government leaders had voiced concern about the initiative, as they feared that the campaign could bring the virus to their regions from the metropolis.

This is why the scheme should just be cancelled. First rule of virus control - avoid unnecessary travel. Scheme pays people to do the total opposite. Wait until the virus is gone

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Posted in: Experts meet on how to prevent Go To campaign from spreading coronavirus See in context

Don't Go To. Avoiding unnecessary travel is one of the first steps.......

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Posted in: Nissan rolls out new electric crossover to boost image See in context

Commanteer I always enjoy your well informed comments. You beat me to it on this one, whilst it is a shame for the workers, I would never send a single yen Nissan's way

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Posted in: American Airlines sending 25,000 furlough notices See in context

The recovery

What recovery? Have they not seen today's numbers. When is this recovery supposed to be happening

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Posted in: Images of submerged homes, cars, and rescue calls flood social media See in context

An article about images and what they are showing with no images???

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Posted in: Nissan executives face angry shareholders See in context

The article forgot to mention the loss of confidence caused by the resignation of Ghosn's successor.....

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 60 coronavirus cases; highest since state of emergency lifted See in context

Easing restrictions doesn't mean its over it just means there is room for you in the ICU......

President Trump never wears a mask but follows other cautionary approaches and hasn’t been infected until now! That’s a clear evidence that you can be safe even without a mask as long as nobody coughs or sneezes on your face

I never read such a load of Tosh. He's probably the most protected person on the planet so this means nothing. If he's so smart about the virus why are so many of his people dying

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Posted in: Office cluster pushes Tokyo coronavirus cases to 6-week high of 55 See in context

Canadians have been very good about wearing masks and staying home

Ashley Shiba.

Not from where I sit (in Canada's capital), the road outside my house never ceased being busy especially at weekends and I see few people passing wearing masks. The general sentiment amongst many Canadians seems to be ok what is it I'm allowed to do, I'll do a bit more as I'll probably get away with it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not critical of your points in general but just pointing out that Canadians generally have not handled this very well. But if course, being Canadians, they wont' be able to refrain from congratulating themselves on how well they've done.

Moderator: Readers, Canada is not relevant to this discussion.

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Posted in: Office cluster pushes Tokyo coronavirus cases to 6-week high of 55 See in context

"Clusters in the workplace have become a big problem lately"

Really, what a surprise (not)

"The latest case tells us that offices can become clusters too, so we'd like everyone to think again about what a new normal for the workplace should look like."

Ooh really? That is even more surprising (not)

Really the level of logic expressed by these statements is profoundly astonishing

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Posted in: Suntory CEO says 20% of restaurants may fail as coronavirus slams Japan's dining scene See in context

Yes there will be some very sad losses. Yes there will be an adjustment of people's habits for a while. But there will be a treatment and vaccine found at some point then things will quickly return to some sort of normal. The important thing is to find the cure and vaccine. I feel extremely sorry for anyone whose business is being wrecked by something totally out if their control, a real tragedy.

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Posted in: Shigeru Yokota, father of N Korea abductee, dies at 87 See in context

RIP sir, you are an inspiration to us all

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy dies after being hit by tractor driven by father See in context

Paul Thompson. Spot on with your comments

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