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Posted in: Woman arrested after body of newborn boy flushed down toilet See in context

Sad story. Abortion might have been the best in this case but considering it costs between 10-20 0000 yen here and you need permission from the father, maybe this was just not a viable option for her.

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Posted in: Former women's empowerment minister Noda to run for LDP leadership See in context

Why would a woman, want to be part of woman hating party

Possibly to, I dunno... Make it less woman hating?

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Posted in: State of the sento — Tokyo’s public baths are disappearing, but statistics show a sliver of hope See in context

Love them! Sentos must be protected at all costs!

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Posted in: New champion for title of longest-running manga ever, creator explains how he’s lasted this long See in context

This is man is absolutely amazing and worth all respect.

But putting his feat aside, the fact that Japanese society as a whole depicts it as a good and admirable thing not to have taken a single vacation for 50 years is really unhealthy and damaging.

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Posted in: Japan mulls maintaining current order of imperial succession See in context

If you care about maintaing the imperial family it seems obvious to me you have to open up for maternal linage, in the same way that if you care about the Japanese people not dying out, you have to make it easier for Japanese women to have children. It's about self preservation at this point, really.

But even when I try to think of it from the opposite viewpoint I still don't really get it.

I'm assuming purity is the thing, you want your emperor's to be as directly descended from the original as possible right (which,/ by the way, wasn't that a woman such as in the goddess Amaterasu?) Then why would you water down the blood again and again by diverting from the direct descenting linage by going through other relatives rather than having a female empress one in a while and thus keep the line pure?

I mean it wouldn't be the first time, Japan has had female rulers in the past so...?

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Posted in: Trying out Japan’s 'godly' French Toast ice cream bars See in context

Tried it but not my cup of tea. Tasted like eating frozen sweet butter. But yes, if you like butter you will enjoy it.

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Posted in: Doctor warns holding Games could lead to 'Olympic virus' strain See in context

If it happens, let's name it after the IOC.

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Posted in: Record low number of pregnancies reported in Japan in 2020 See in context

How to solve this problem is in no way a mystery.

It's just basically impossible since no one is willing to make the necessary sacrifices, despite not doing so means dooming the country.

There are pretty much 2 options. (Could be 3 if you count on technology, that robots could fill in the gaps, but since I think it unlikely I will leave it for now)

Make use of immigration like almost all other developed countries. Almost all western democracies have falling birthrates. We solve it with immigration.

Immigration has it's obvious downsides but there simply is not much choice. Of course this is never going to happen here though so let's move on to...

Make it easier for Japanese to have babies.

*make all medical costs and tests related to childbirth free, or at least make it part of the health insurance. Shockingly, as of now it's not.

All in all stop viewing "women's problems" as women's problems, because they're not, they are the country's problems.

*Make a variety of pain relief options the norm for giving birth, not the exception.

*Make at least one year paternity leave mandatory, split 50/50 between both parents.

*Eliminate the destructive work culture, force companies to let people take vacation, enforce laws against overtime and weekend work.

*Stop consider the mother to be solely responsible for child, home and a working marriage.

*Shared custody as norm in case of divorce.

*Make adoption easier, also from other countries. Eliminate old fashion rules about who inherits family names.

*Stop assuming people should get married, make it socially acceptable to have children on your own, provide financial support for it.

*Make infertility treatment free regardless of age.

*encourage interactions between sexes from a young age. 

*make child care free and easily available regardless of where you live.

*make all tuition free including university.

Severely limit the cost of private schools.

Sure I missed a couple, but hopefully that should do it... All these changes should have been done yesterday but at least now would be better than tomorrow.

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Posted in: Court rules restrictions on transgender official's use of women's toilet legal See in context

Reading these comments are so depressing, like traveling back 20 years in time. It should't even need to be said but: Trans women are women. Trans men are men.

But even though there are setbacks for sure, the world is moving forward without your dinosaur views, and there is comfort in that.

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Posted in: Seoul court rejects wartime sex slaves' suit against Japan See in context

Omg just pay them the money Japan. Court decision or no do the decent thing.

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