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Posted in: Social media sites have become a phenomenal means of communication for hate groups, conspiracy theorists and deranged individuals and groups. Do you agree with this statement? See in context

One thing I would like comment sections to stop doing, because it feeds into exactly what this poll is about, is to stop displaying how many likes and dislikes a comment has. Sure, allow people to continue liking/disliking, just don't show the total. That simply encourages people to jump on bandwagons and try to upvote the narrative they want to be valid, whether it's true or not, whether it's right or wrong, whether it's harmful or innocuous.

An example of this kind of groupthink is something I've experienced many times. It starts off as a debate/argument between two people. One person, almost always it is the person who is wrong, will then tag 3, 5, or 10+ "friends" to then come jump into the conversation to back them up. It then turns into a bully pulpit where 10+ people are ganging up against a lone individual. 10+ people are still wrong, but they're trying to win through intimidation by sheer numbers.

I see comment sections like this, and public comments on social media, as being the same thing where gangs of people will rush in and like/dislike comments, news opinions, etc., all so that they can then hope to "win" through sheer numbers and intimidation. And that's what it boils down to. It's never about right vs wrong, it's about who "wins". It needs to stop.

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Posted in: Ukraine's president rules out holding elections next spring and calls for unity in fighting Russia See in context

Putin has already cancelled Russia's elections for next year by preemptively declaring himself the winner.

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Posted in: Why doesn’t the U.S. adopt the metric system? See in context

Ignorance and arrogance mixed with laziness is primarily why the US won't switch. Americans won't even wear masks to save their lives, how can someone expect them to bother learning a new system? Many Americans don't even know a second language. Russia is exactly like the US, but opposite at the same time. Many Russians learn a second language, almost always English, to better themselves because they know there's no future at home, much like Americans don't learn a second language because they think their home is the future. Russia and the US are inextricably linked in what seems to be a futile race to the bottom borne out of pure pettiness and contempt. China? A close second, hoping the US and RU eliminate each other before the Chinese economy crashes in the next 5 years, as it will.

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Posted in: Meta, Google balk as Canada spells out new online news law See in context

Since we, the users of social media, are the content creators that make social media companies popular enough that the companies are making Trillions off of us... I think all of us users should go on strike until they pay us. Without us users, the social media companies are nothing.

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Posted in: Meta, Google balk as Canada spells out new online news law See in context

There should be no news aggregation or sharing on social media, period.

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Posted in: U.S. music publishers hit Twitter with copyright suit See in context

Since Musk took over, twitter has gotten so much better.

For whom? Name an example of better. Allowing hoaxes and conspiracy theories does a disservice to the public. There are also no little green men walking around Tokyo right now either.

This is one of the reasons everyone hates NMPA. They're the holes that have scared off schools from using some childrens songs in their classes due to the fear of these music nazis.

Well, that's what socialists get for wanting everything for free without having to pay to use it. I bet you don't get on the JR green cars without paying.

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Posted in: Yokosuka adopts ChatGPT after favorable trial results See in context

Never used ChatGPT but I've been using Microsoft's Bing AI quite a lot lately and it'll do a lot of work for you like creating forms and outlines, even generate corresponding artwork so that if you need to put together a multimedia report on something you can get it done quite faster by just asking the AI to grab the forms/outline and artwork and you just fill in the rest.

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Posted in: Twitter executive responsible for content safety resigns after Elon Musk criticism See in context

Musk is trying to position himself as the next Julian Assange who works with Putin to throw another election in Putin's favor.

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Posted in: Should governments regulate AI? See in context

It should be regulated to do no harm, regardless of the application. And doing no harm includes requiring it to weed out misinformation and propaganda when providing information. There is no "right to lie" in human intelligence, so there should be no "right to lie" in artificial ones either.

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Posted in: China warns 'NATO-like' alliances could lead to conflict in Asia-Pacific See in context

I agree international rules must be respected.

It starts with the US ratifying the unclos.

Actually, the United States has been a signatory of UNCLOS since 1982. What they haven't ratified are amendments to it. Meanwhile, it is China who operates several hundred miles from its nearest soil while seeking to claim total sovereignty over an entire sea. It is China who is in violation of UNCLOS, not the United States.

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Posted in: Why is there so much hate posted on social media sites all over the world? See in context

Because of Alexandr Dugin and his worldwide movement of hate that uses a chaos symbol and seeks to divide and destabilize societies in order to make them easier to pick off by an authoritarian strongman who will then oppress them and bring them into Putin's fold.

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Posted in: Countries around the world are being increasingly hit by record heat, flash floods and droughts. Scientists say these weather variations are becoming more extreme due to global warming, which is being driven chiefly by humanity's use of fossil fuels. Do you agree? See in context

"When the "scientists" warned about the coming ice age, I believed them and was really worried for a while."

You're talking about the Nuclear Winter of the 1970s. That isn't the Climate Change being discussed here. Besides, the winter part would be very short-lived with "age" being inappropriate as the age of fire and oppressive heat that followed would last thousands of years.

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Posted in: Japan protests to Russia over military exercises with China See in context

Some commenters don't know Japanese and Russian history. Russia signed a non-aggression pact with Japan in 1941 after Germany invaded Russia. The non-aggression pact stayed in place throughout the war, with Russia deliberately refusing to assist the Allies in the Pacific, until August 8, 1945. Only then did Russia declare war on Japan at the last minute in order to then sue for Pacific islands.

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Posted in: Train attacker says he targeted Tokyo in hopes of increasing kill count See in context

We can only be thankful that Japan has the strictest gun laws in the world to keep everyone safe. Imagine if he had a semi-auto rifle to attack the trains like Americans do.

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