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Posted in: Japan's whaling fleet departs for hunt despite international outrage See in context

What is wrong with whale meat and oil ? We live in Kyoto ken and it takes 40 minutes to Obama where you can buy lovely whale meat. For hundreds of years the Japanese people hunted those animals and why not ? Soon their are gone anyway with all that climate change and meanwhile enjoy. You people all cry out and live your life without thinking.

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Posted in: Gun accidentally goes off in Hokkaido police station See in context

Luckily nobody was hurt. For me this was good news. I love Japan although I can be very critical. Japan never was a gun country (yes I do know history and yes I do know why Japanese people had no guns) and this is another reason to like Japan. I lived for years in the Fukui mountains in an old farm house. Most of my neighbours had shotguns for boars etc. Seldom used, really locked away and very carefully handled.

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To all of you Judges, Good People and Social Caring Neighbours. Go and visit nursing homes and try to help. Take out somebody in a wheelchair for some fun. Do it twice a year and learn. For 25 years I lived in Japan and had the time of my life. The last five years I lived in a remote area in Fukui and lots of old people came to my old farmhouse. Why ? Because they were lonely and me and my wife were crazy caring gaijins. By the way; Dementia is not an issue in Japan. Like HIV, or suicides or ...... So many sick people I saw locked away because of shame. Later I learnt what happened in Osaka and Kyoto with this old Problem People. Do not believe me !! Try and find out by yourselfes. Look how some of you will end .........................

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Posted in: Sasebo girl who killed classmate sent to reformatory See in context

Lot´s of people with mental health care experience on this forum. Looking at many comments I do not wonder that there is a problem with deranged people in Japan. A 16 year old girl is sick/dangerous e.g. I do not know and it does not scare me; it makes me sad. But if somebody wirites:

*" This 16 yr old freak knew exactly what she was doing. Put her away 4-ever & ever. " " She deserves the same fate that she brought upon her victim. Human trash. " " There is "No" hope for her period. "

......................... That scares me a lot !!!

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Posted in: Women's World Cup win would rekindle Japan's love for soccer: Miyama See in context

Hello from Germany. I do love Sumo and my bird likes woman football. So there will be a World Cup TV night at our home. My missus thinks that 7-8 girls and some blokes will show up and party. The game will be shown live on free TV and probably a few million Germans will watch at 01:00 (mind you AM). So my Japanese friends, give your girls a big hand and hope for a win. All The Best ......

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Posted in: 93-year-old Chiba man on trial for killing wife at her request See in context

A man kills his wife. A sad story story is attached and everybody cries unjustice/leniency and let him go. A young man kills his girlfriend and a cruel story is attached and everybody cries for the death penalty. Mind you ... I am not comparing crimes here. How quick people decide what a criminal is and what not amazes me. Imagine only one had said in the news (untrue) that this old man plays a lot of pachinko and could not afford the finincial burden for his wife. A bit thinking would help and let the sunshine in for all those propaganda victims in Japan.

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Posted in: Nursing home employee arrested for beating elderly resident See in context

Japan has only a few of old and sick people. Even less people suffer with dementia. Robots would be a good idea thinks nishikat, to help here. What a bad joke !! I work for many years with elderly people; even in Japan. I had an old farm house in Fukui-ken where many old people came and were looking for help. Not everybody can be in this line of work. Some people (sick themselves) are just snap. Japan has a massiv problem with it`s old generatiion. Denying that huge number of old people living with dementia; denying the need for help for immobile old people. Every country here in Europe face this huge task. I do live now in Germany were people get 400.000 Yen a month for a place in an elderly home for people with dementia. It will not solve the problem at all. Workers are horribly underpaid and the society is not interested. We have 3 million people with dementia. Japan ? Yeats had it right : " .. what rough beast is slouching towards Bethlehem to be born ? "

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All brainwash and the usual political statement. Japan has no Pot problem !! Shabu would be a different issue; also alcohol. But who cares ? I do love Japan dearly but I fear for it´s future. Those zombies I see everyday on the train do not look like that they had a lovely spliff beforehand. So sad .......

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15 years I lived in Japan and I still love and miss it. This desaster is NOT domestic anymore. Many people think that with the years to come, the Pacific Ocean will suffer more than TEPCO thinks (if they think). So my question is - why not ask for international help ?

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Posted in: Man arrested for shaking 6-month-old daughter to death See in context

FPSRussia - Thank you very much for your comments. By reading most of the other posts it is clear to me, how right you are. Is is sad to read what kind of gaijins and open "Japanese People" are now have to say.

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Posted in: American denies intent to kill Irish woman in Tokyo hotel See in context

Lots of people here are quick with verdicts. I have never been to Japan, but married to a Japanese sweet woman for the last 12 years. Can somebody help me ? So with 19 he is a minor; how can he be charges as an adult ? Do have 19 years old minors the same rights as adults ? Can they vote, or buy booze e.g. ? Thanks for your help ....

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