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The yakitori street vendor was not to be lynched gives chicken skewers with sticks?

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Posted in: Mystery solved in death of legendary Japanese dog Hachiko See in context

If the rumor is true, it's a nice story but becoming a national hero, not a bit exaggerated?

In my country too, a dog was left to die on the grave of his master, he had no statue or film to his glory, but we love dogs, respect their natural ways of living very differently from what is happening in Japan.

We have no hotels, clubs, cafes for dogs, we do not organize nor marriage between dogs, and they're doing very well. Many animals suffer in Tokyo, enclosed in boxes in small apartments, they do not have enough space for humans but many people buy dogs for passing interest or to do as others, by people isolated who are in lack of affection too and they treat them like children by dressing them etc.

Many people do not know how to raise animals, how to give them the minimum requirements, these animals are like toys. To have a dog in Tokyo, I think they need at least a garden or take time at least twice a day to go in park.

All these people who foolishly take pictures of this statue, is it to get noticed? this place best is wellknown for being a place of rendezvous and encounter.

To the left of the statue, 100 meters, below the bridge, there are old homeless people dying in the indiferrence total, they also expect perhaps their families at shibuya station? they may also wait until they die ..

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"From my own experience on this forum, I have a good idea what will get my post deleted and what will get me suspended for 48 hrs. Quoting the comments to the Asian companion would get me at least suspended for 48 hrs"

Hontoni,really? so it's ok for you to repeat the racist remarks against the Jewish person but not the Asian person? Do you mean Japan Today do discrimination?

"You're correct,I don't know nothing about France and her laws,"

so what is your interest , ambition to speak about what you don't know and btw to do misinformation, you are wasting your time right?

"I know quite a lot in fact,Learn about what happened to Dieudonne in France and you'll probably agree with my comments."

Is it all the fact you know about France? What happened to Dieudonne? I know Dieudonne since his career began (2 decades ago?)with his friend who is of Jewish origin.

How can I agree with you? since then Semitic is a religion? before looking for my agrement ,try to not mix everything, (even if in France all kind of racisms are punished)and to know the topic,learn about it. Just a question ,do you speak french?

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Posted in: Dior suspends Galliano for alleged anti-Semitism See in context

To sabiwabi, "Under French law, making anti-Semitic remarks can be punishable by up to six months in prison I wonder if they also have a law for making anti-Islamic remarks."

You mean anti-Arabic? btw for Semitic,Arabic,or everybody, all racist remarks are punished by the same law in France. Why make a distinction? It's just should be writen "racist remarks" in the article for your understanding.

To sabiwabi, "No, only one RELIGION gets this special protection."

Are you sure ? For my part ,I'm sure you don't know nothing about France and laws there.

"It seems he also made racist comments to her Asian companion, which I cannot write here."

Why not, another distinction?

To Frenchy92, " It is often very excessive and hypocrite. We do not need laws to tell people how they should think. We have education for that. Accepting a law there is the recognition that education system is a failure."

In Japan,it' a total opposite situation, Japaneses are "well educated" in general, since kindergarden the system teach them how to think. According to GOJ,there is no need for a discrimination law in Japan, but "national racism" is almost everywhere in Japan and made without impunity ,even in the media everyday.

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