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Posted in: Flooded out of their homes See in context

Tragic loss of life due to this typhoon.

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Posted in: What’s the best part of Tokyo to live in, and why? Survey gives the top six picks See in context

My choice is Yoyogi!

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka pokes fun at Japan comedians' 'bleach' comments See in context

Naomi Osaka is an outstanding human being. She always exhibits poise and dignity.

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Posted in: Foreign tourists in Kyoto reminded of etiquette via smartphones See in context

When visiting any country I am on my best behavior and obey instructions. My advice to visitors is be on your best behavior and obey instructions.

Japan's aggressive tourism campaign is the source of this problem. Stop advertising to visit Kyoto.

If the Kyoto city government will put up signs most people will comply. The ones that do not comply...shikata ga nai.

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Posted in: Anxious and wary, voters buckle up for impeachment ride See in context

Crucifixion of Trump by degenerate Pelosi/Schiff Gang reminds me of the novel Billy Budd, Sailor.

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Posted in: Japan refers U.S. military pilot to prosecutors over Osprey crash See in context

@expat When were you elected to represent the people of Japan?

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Posted in: Japan, New Zealand to jointly aim for expanded TPP See in context

Jacinda Ardern awkwardly mixes up China and Japan

Jetlag? LOL!

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Posted in: Xi told Abe he 'can't believe' Trump amid trade friction: source See in context

The communist bully Xi has lost his composure.

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Posted in: Iran denies U.S. destroyed an Iranian drone near Persian Gulf See in context

So stunning and brave Iran is...NOT!

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