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@grafton: There is a lot of reason for that: 1) you claim that the right wing conservatives are the japanese people - that is said on its own 2) the right wing tried (and nearly succeeded) to pressure theatres from showing the movie - which is against anything freedom of speach stands for - even sadder 3) no right winger can even have seen the movie, but still they don't want it to be shown - which is stupid 4) they even assume that their countryman can't make the right conclusion (whatever that is in their opinion) on their own - which is arrogant to the square 5) the movie itself can't influence the image of Japan for the negative - it has been shown internationally already 6) in fact NOT showing the movie drags down the image and puts Japan on a level with China, regarding their capability to take criticism 7) People not realizing any of the above, makes make anybody look rather dumb

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That cars burn more fuel for restarting is bullocks. The smoke you see coming out of a car that starts is from a cold engine, when it doesn't fully burn its fuel and puffs out more dirt. In particular modern cars with their catalytic converter due that before the engine warms. If you just shut it down for a few minutes, it won't get cold so you won't see that. Further the '3' liter cars, the EU aimed for, did mainly that and reduced their fuel usage incredibly with tweaks of this size since the early 90s.

But that is not the worst here. Leaving your car running without even sitting in it ? What is the point ? Unless your windows are frozen with thick ice, I don't see the point.

You don't want to turn off your engine because off the air conditioning ? That runs from battery easily 10, 15 minutes. And if you sit for 10,15 minutes in your car, your are doing something quite wrong.

Really, instead of the cool biz stupidity just enforcing THIS would have a noticable impact. In fact, just forbid TVs in the front media panel and a lot of drivers won't leave their car idling because they have no reason anymore to sit for an hour watching their favorite TV shows.

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