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Dewaashita comments

Posted in: 7 dead cats found on train line in Yokohama See in context


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Posted in: Raspberry and chili? The secrets of the macaroon master See in context

I believe the author of the article would like to replace the word "'macaroon" with "macaron", please. Just an FYI, the terms have been known to be confused. Both are confections, but not the same. Our local bakers make lovely ones here. I believe they may be also more affordable at your local bakery, as well.

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Posted in: Japanese farmer is French chefs' secret See in context

Does he have a website from which we could order, perhaps?

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Posted in: 64-year-old man in blond wig nabbed for robbing cake store See in context

Okay, I give, where are the puns?

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Posted in: Thai PM hospitalised with food poisoning See in context

My sympathies! Feel better soon.

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Posted in: Artelligent Christmas See in context


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Posted in: How sweet it is See in context

I bet that was a great deal of work.

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Posted in: Shiga temple bans visits by gangsters See in context

Cutting off anyone...

An individual that deliberatly cuts off a person's legs, knowing full well that at least someday that they might need them, is called a sadist, correct?

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Posted in: Bieber paternity case withdrawn; DNA test still on See in context

"... if the child is in fact Bieber's that Ms. Yeater will be arrested for statutory rape as it is illegal for a 19-year-old adult to have sex with a 16-year-old-minor."

SW, I wondered about that too.

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Posted in: Japan's ear-cleaning salons offer childhood fantasy See in context

Sounded relatively peaceful until I hit "Then she begins scraping wax from his ears with a sharp bamboo stick."

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Posted in: Here are some dieting methods you might not have thought of yet See in context

**If rediculous is pretty, then this is pretty rediculous.

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Posted in: Duck play See in context

So cute!

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Posted in: Goddess of Mercy See in context

Showing respect and/or devotion should not have a dress code.

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Posted in: Mikie Hara shows her Mystique look See in context

Looks like someone put in a great deal of work.

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Posted in: When choosing an airline to fly with, what factors influence your decision? See in context

I will be as upfront about this as possible.

Number one is desirable destinations available. The second would be price. These two points being said, there has been, in approximately the last 7 years or so, a stronger leaning towards the most comfortable accumulation of award points that can be transferred. Points have been modestly accumulated in the form of products and services from partner organizations. Gallons of gas to flowers, hotels, wines and varied services. I like the feeling that I am building something.

I was worried I would buy excessive services or products, but according to my budget just the opposite has happened. I found I saved a little more. I felt more comfortable in my purchases and felt a sense of accomplishment. I purchased a bouquet of roses for the next six months for my beloved, and I unabashedly love it.

I was raised around planes and airports and don't feel the urge to be catered to. I know enough to know how brutally difficult airline/airport jobs are. Not just can be, but are.

Perhaps my tolerance for "the unsuitable" is high. But I prefer the long term over the short term. Flights (good, bad or otherwise) are short compared to long term benefits of partner organizations. Flights are a gamble anyway. Good crew, bad flight. Bad crew, good flight organization. It's all a gamble anyway. You pay your money, you take your chances.

I checked out a company with heavily promoted great service. There were very few partner organizations. I have not as yet flown with them.

I like to know my money is doing something. I like something that builds something for me.

I was worried it would make me spend more. Instead it helped me feel more comfortable with my choices and where I would have been reluctant to really reluctant, like flowers. I feel a little more daring. If I had wanted points, I could buy them and not risk as much on several levels.

I've found it makes me a little more romantic, maybe.

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Posted in: Kaori Manabe recommences blogging See in context

I like the word "recommences".

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Posted in: A Geek in Japan See in context

"Wanna know more about the real Japan?"

Sqwak, sounds like you put quite a bit of thought into this.

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Posted in: Protection See in context

How sad.

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Posted in: What should a good crisis management plan for a company involve? See in context

Something I would like to see is a good evacuation plan for all involved in the case of natural and/or man-made emergency. I would like it rehearsed and rehearsed until everyone knows it in their sleep.

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Posted in: Anti-nuke See in context

What are those, Dixie cups?

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Posted in: Praying man See in context

forinagai, agreed!

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Posted in: Japan should change its outdated, U.S.-imposed medical marijuana laws See in context

Folks are sometimes scared to say anything for fear they will look like junkies.

Azoth, just checked out the Penn and Teller's "The War on Drugs". Saw something about a "War on drugs, part two and three". One of the funniest parts, I thought, was "this is your brain, these are your rights, this is your government."

I think we could all use the laughs.

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Posted in: Japan should change its outdated, U.S.-imposed medical marijuana laws See in context

I am curious, they mentioned the usage in Shinto ceremonies. I knew a little of sake used in the 7-5-3 ceremony but was unaware of this. Would anyone know what ceremony? Or it's purpose/usage or philosophies? Is it used as a traditional foundation for treating cancer?

I noticed "Tamagawa Onsen’s special hokutolite bedrock, with naturally occurring radium, is thought to be particularly effective against cancer." The article on the onsen just a few articles from this one.

Thought I'd ask.

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Posted in: Japan should change its outdated, U.S.-imposed medical marijuana laws See in context

"Suffering is often done in silence, and sharing the details can be considered anything from indiscrete to weak. Illness is a private, personal issue here, and that’s not soon to change."

In the US, too many cancer sufferers are afraid to say they have cancer. I knew a survivor who called it the "C-word". People treated her like she was contagious because of it.

Things have changed a little.

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Posted in: Heavy help See in context

I would love to see the machine in action.

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Posted in: Wishing well boom attracts legions of ladies—and commercial opportunism See in context

Let's see, sucking off of a power spot.

“this arises from a sense of powerlessness, an inability to control one’s future. Although this is partly their responsibility, it also comes from a lack of professional opportunity for women, and the strong wish to find a ‘love’ to support their sense of worth.”

Is that justification?

It is not a good idea to blend popular psychology (too changeable) with religion and ambition. Many dark souls have been the beneficiaries with the blend of those three--or pick two (three stooges alert...).

Sounds like parasitism on all sides.

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Posted in: Bio drinkable yogurt See in context

They have anything like this for kids?

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Posted in: Life goes on See in context


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Posted in: Always on time See in context

Looks nice.

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Posted in: Kiss Me Meter See in context

"Though it’s designed to be worn as a cell phone accessory, this slightly embarrassing gadget is probably best relegated to the inner recesses of a ladies’ handbag."

Somebody obviously has a sense of humor.

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