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dexterthiam comments

Posted in: Tight leash See in context

@hariharancse, it is necessary, they're just beside the road!!

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Posted in: Nara man arrested after hitting two-month-old son, causing brain hemorrhage See in context

MAD MAN!! thats what happen when immature people gets married.

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Posted in: River ride See in context

wow.. i want to experience this!!

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Posted in: Infant's body discovered in ceiling of building in Gunma See in context

Can't believe there's such weird case.. baby in ceiling.. OMG..

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Posted in: Bears See in context

lovely! i wonder what makes their fur turn brownish?

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Posted in: Obama asks Americans not to expect too much from gov't; appears on Jay Leno show See in context

Agree with ca1ic0cat, Obama asks Americans not to expect too much from gov't, in other words: Obama asks Americans not to expect too much from him, who represents the government, in other words: Obama tells the Americans that they chose the wrong president. But anyway in such current mess, its no one can easily and really think of a way to solve the financial crisis. He should have convinced the Americans and give confidence to them instead of saying so. Americans' confidence in its own economy is very important in the current situation.

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Posted in: Jun Hasegawa capitalizes on 'haafu' look See in context

so pretty!!!

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Posted in: Dragonball premiere See in context

whatever the story is.. by looking at the posters or trailers, it is a comedy for me..lol.. its just not Dragonball.

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Posted in: Half and haafu See in context

Isn't haafu a better breed, in terms of genetic?

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Posted in: Mie high school student commits suicide, leaving names of seven classmates in note See in context

Parents should have already spoken to their children. I believe these sort of students will show some kinda weird behavior due to the bullying. parents should have noticed it and talked to them about that. i Think the parents were just too busy bout their own stuff that left their children out. so the kids chose this alternative to solve his problem.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stabbing husband to death in Tochigi See in context

My opinion in this case is that they had been lack of communication throughout their relationship. This Japanese woman may belong to the kind that doesn't know how to express her feeling or who doesn't know how to reject ( i think its considered typical). So as this feeling accumulates, and one day released, it is this tragedy that happens.

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Posted in: Yen's weakness welcome relief for Japan exporters See in context

Why is the Yen weakens suddenly? Does it mean that the carry trade is beginning to happen again? if so, does it mean that there is some other country's interest rate is,probably slightly higher or has risen to cause carry trade to happen?

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Posted in: AKB48 girls dress up as Chun-Li to promote new 'Streetfighter' movie See in context

Can someone tell me where in Shibuya can I watch this movie tomorrow? Thank you.

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Posted in: Man arrested for hitting 15-year-old girl with metal bat in Yamaguchi See in context

I think they meant "not seriously injured" instead of "not injured"

Moderator: The text has since been corrected to reflect that.

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Posted in: Australia See in context

I've seen Hugh Jackman before in Australia. I am 176cm, but he is alot taller than me.. i guess he is about 186, cause my first impression of him is: OMG, I didn't know Hugh Jackman is that damn tall!!

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Posted in: Japan stocks fall despite weaker yen See in context

sometimes i just think that Stock market shouldn't exist despite of its benefits. Now it is not the Japanese's force to control the market due to the "sell Japan mode".

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Posted in: Amazon yanks Japanese rape simulation computer game See in context

sick game.. the government should ban it!!.. seriously pollutes gamers' mind.

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