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@Strangerland: Sorry, too thick to work out how to quote here ...

I guess by "worse places" I'm thinking "war", or perhaps more applicable any UK or US jail or prison, with the constant threat and / or realisation of physical & sexual violence, forced drug addiction, etc. Let's not even mention ME prisons.

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Posted in: Ghosn's wife says he is suffering 'harsh' treatment in detention center See in context

@Northernlife: No cigarettes anymore (ca. 4 years now), and "toilet paper" has to be requested (and they never give you enough!).

Otherwise, I agree ,-)

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I've been to-and-froing about commenting on any of these threads, but here we are ...

While I totally support his wife supporting him, he isn't being treated any more "harshly" than any other detainee in a J Detention Centre, regardless of nationality (casual systemic racism aside). I'm not advocating the treatment he / all are receiving, I'm just saying I don't believe he's being singled out for a harsher-than-regular regime.

TBH, I wouldn't even call it "harsh" ... more like "austere" ... and isolated.

I won't mention that he apparently has a larger cell and a bed .. oh, wait ... I just did ,-)

I "am" surprised that he's being interrogated by police while in DC. IME, the police normally wrap that up while you're detained in a police station holding cell (where it's usual to remain for 23 days). I thought DC was more about awaiting trial after indictment? Ironically, they may even be displaying a bit of leniency by keeping him in DC rather than a regular police cell (those places "are" harsh). Just as an aside, I spent 11 months in a DC due to the appeal process in Japan (Supreme Court appeals especially take a long time).

IMHO, the prosecutors will never get a confession from Carlos. He's simply not the type of person to cave in to verbal / mental abuse, or any implied threat of physical abuse (I did undergo "physical abuse" once, but TBH I was being very disrespectful at the time, so ... reap what you sow).

I do believe that J-Justice has bitten off more than it's used to chewing, and that they've now gone too far to back down. I believe that Carlos will be imprisoned. For the record, I really hope he isn't, as I think his alleged crimes pale in comparison to many other high-profile corporate cases in recent years.

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BBC now reporting that he's been sentenced to 10 months in prison ... which would normally mean 5 months actual time locked up, but I'm unsure if that also applies to non-residents.

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@Rainyday: excellent post! ,-)

My (former) J-Father-in-law used to do something similar ... not the stealing, but the skinning. Strange thing is, he would could eat a whole bowl of grapes at our place, spit every skin into the palm of his hand (yes, after chewing ... ) but we never, ever found the skins ... I always wondered what he did with them ...

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What a gloomy tale ...

In principle, I agree with SiJ's last sentence, but I still think it's a really tough call.

I'm honestly not sure anyone (other than "Justice") would be served by locking her up ...

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What an embarrassing photograph in 2018

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