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Posted in: Japanese company asks fans to refrain from sending Valentine’s chocolate to game characters See in context

Can't you see they are just getting themselves some free publicity.

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Posted in: Power outage at Universal Studios Japan strands 35 roller coaster riders See in context

Anyone notice the roadways on the picture show driving on the right?

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Posted in: Japanese billionaire Maezawa seeks girlfriend for SpaceX voyage See in context

I'll go!

Oh bugger, just realised I'm a guy.

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Posted in: Emperor, empress to make state visit to UK See in context

I wonder what choices they have in their lives. I am an an anti-monarchist but do feel some sympathy for those trapped by their situation.

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Posted in: 120 interviews later, photographer releases book about Japanese ‘hafu’ identity See in context

We all came out of Africa and all have different abilities, but not because of the artificial construct "race" but because of our genetic individuality, which is largely down to chance.

People born of parents with diverse parentage are less likely to have genetic defects because faulty DNA is unlikely to be on both strands.

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Posted in: Pressure on girls for perfect body 'worse than ever', says Orbach See in context

There is tremendous pressure on girls from all media sectors, and most of it is destructive. Personally I admire "non-perfect" girls who have a physical as well as mental personality - i.e. non-perfect.

It's said that the sign of beauty is facial and body symmetry. That's classical beauty.

We should enjoy and rejoice in the beauty of variation of the human form.

I have a daughter and 5 grandaughters who follow this philosophy, and are true to themselves, not to the commercial "image god".

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Posted in: Nuclear cleanup workers being recruited from society's lowest rungs See in context

Japan is a country with an ageing population and they should be using that resource wisely.

As a 60-year old myself, I can take risks that I wouldn't allow my younger staff - with their lives ahead and children to bear and raise, to take. It's active people of my age who should be doing this work.

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Posted in: Japan continues to play nationalist card against Russia See in context


Russia's European gas turn-off was due to underpayment and theft. The political element was that these countries originally were given subsidised rates which were withdrawn, now they have to pay the market price.

Like the rest of the world, Russia's objective in selling commodities is to raise revenue. They are no more (or less) likely to use this as a political tool than any other supplier.

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Posted in: Too much katakana contributing to Japan's malaise See in context

I can't believe the criticism of "katakana English". Every language basterdizes borrowed words, and English is probably the worst offender. Try using the English pronunciation of our borrowed words to their original owners and watch the blank expressions... Also, it's entirely up to the speaker/writer whether they use the native word or an "import".

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