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As a Japanese sportsman, IMO, they would only show their greeting and say thanks for spectators, field, competitors, people who involved in this Olympic and helped them, ancestor, gods and also themselves.

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Come ooooon! This year I have never come there so far!!!! I need ONSEN!!!!

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In spite of that even their family can not know the fact of bully, how teacher knows that? You know, stupidly, Japanese believe the endurance is beautiful.

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The girls who wear make-up look almost same.

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Some child want everything, and this time he wants a toy that U.S. gave once. Next, he is going to require bigger one. Finally he is going to require everything what include Europe. Adults have to educate children, right?

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They have wiped out factories and stores by themselves. And now, it's really peculiar that Chinese government requests JPN to pay much money to fix. Does JPN need to fix the knife of a burglar?

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Posted in: Panetta urges calm, but says U.S. takes no sides in Japan-China dispute See in context

To protect, we also need to equip same items? :(

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