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Posted in: Number of Ukrainian evacuees to Japan reaches 1,000 See in context

YubaruToday  07:26 am JST

The government provides daily living allowances of up to 2,400 yen to the evacuees who do not have any relatives or acquaintances to turn to. It also helps them to be accepted by municipalities and companies.

Is this what the government here thinks is a daily living wage?

yes, it's not a huge amount Yubaru, but my guess is that many many Japanese are living on a pension of about that (¥72,000 or so a month) after having paid for nenkin for donkeys' years.... probably plenty of arbeiters too....

(not being judgemental in any way shape or form, just stating facts, I'll leave the value-judgements to others)

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Posted in: U.S., S Korea open to expanded military drills to deter North See in context

still sabre-rattling after all these XyearsX centuries.

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Posted in: Japan's inflation hits 7-year high See in context

excluding fresh food..... excluding energy..... so if I exclude those from my life, my meagre pension will allow me to live very comfortably. well that's a relief!

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Posted in: Senior Finance Ministry official arrested for alleged assault on train See in context


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Posted in: Japan to allow 20,000 daily international arrivals from June See in context

if there's a simple way, and a complicated way...... (⌒▽⌒)

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Posted in: N Korea's low death count questioned amid COVID-19 outbreak See in context

Stupid narcissistic parades and bombs in place of food and medicine.


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Posted in: Japan to double Ukraine aid to $600 million See in context

another loan? not mentioned this time....

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Posted in: Japan OKs plan to release Fukushima nuclear plant wastewater See in context

what a surprise! considering they've been talking about this "option" for years, and the reality being that there are no other options..... nothing but political 'theatre'

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Posted in: Netflix trims staff to weather slowing growth See in context

Netflix on Tuesday said it laid off about two percent of its staff in a belt-tightening move

well, those dumped staff will be doing the most belt-tightening I guess.

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Posted in: Japan urges China to 'play responsible role' on Ukraine crisis See in context

Japan has joined Western allies on tough sanctions against Russia 

"tough" apart from the bits that affect said countries. more posturing. at least China's not being hypocritical about it.

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Posted in: Kishida, Biden to affirm alignment over Taiwan See in context

Michael MachidaToday  08:29 am JST

How many affirmations do we need?

exactly! there's a lot of it about recently, all the political-talking-heads putting on a show of "look at us, agreeing to agree". I'm sure China's quaking in its shoes.... (^_-)

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Posted in: Japan to trial small group tours from 4 countries See in context

will people from those countries, especially Oz and the U.S., be interested in 'if it's Tuesday this must be Kyōto' type tours I wonder....

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Posted in: Ukrainian singer Karol in Japan, says her country will rebuild See in context

“You will see a glorious country in the center of Europe.”

well that'll be nice, because, according to wikipedia on Demographics of Ukraine, which I looked at because I was wondering how large a population, and how many people therefore, mainly men, were available as a fighting force, the country was described thus: "Ukraine suffers a high mortality rate from environmental pollution, poor diets, widespread smoking, extensive alcoholism and deteriorating medical care".

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Posted in: Woman arrested over murder of newborn son See in context

EastmanToday  10:28 am JST

its sad to see that someone considers newborn baby as "obstacle" in "successful life" of sex worker..

can't seem to see that inormation in the article.....

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Posted in: Man arrested for leaving umbrellas on train tracks in Wakayama See in context

not so much of an 'intellectual disability' as to be unaware that his actions could cause disaster, minor or major, it seems, since he consciously wanted to do something about his state of irritation, by doing what he did.... and apparently has done so a number of times.

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Posted in: New Zealand to help pay for cleaner cars to reduce emissions See in context

wonder what "lower-income families" means in numbers. in any case, those not in that category, who presumably pay more in taxes, will also therefore be paying for this program. also... what about those not in the "lower-income families" group who own gas-guzzlers?

this is not a statement against this plan, but there really isn't a lot of detail or clarity here. hope NZ taxpayers are being furnished with more comprehensive explanation as to the use of their contributions.

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Posted in: Japanese city passes down tale of rescue of enemy Russian sailors See in context

to the negative commenters.... I'm pretty sure Japan doesn't hold a monopoly on either atrocities, or hypocrisy.... and one small town is not the Japanese government...

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Posted in: Japan says Sakhalin energy projects do not contradict Russia sanctions See in context

not to worry, Harrods is sanctioning Russians in Britain by refusing to sell them items priced above £300. that'll show 'em! (^_-)

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. to agree to semiconductor cooperation See in context

future news... again

Japan and the United States will agree to commit to improved research and production of semiconductors at a leaders' summit set for May 23, a Japanese government source said Saturday.

if it's already decided, and announced, what's the point of the political-puppets meeting? private jets and VIP treatment in exchange for them promoting political agendas? supporting the status quo? merchandising the mythology?

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Posted in: Zoos struggling to procure feed for grass-eating animals See in context

 hay imports

now I've heard everything! or should that be: herd everything? carbon footprint much?

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Posted in: EU council chief visits Hiroshima; condemns Russian nuclear threat See in context

A senior EU official said Michel decided to go to Hiroshima because the city is a symbol for areas affected by nuclear weapons and also where Kishida is elected from.

not to mention, it's good headline material.... sort of a proxy 'victim card'....

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Posted in: Japan, Ukraine top diplomats agree to keep strong sanctions on Russia See in context

there has been a spate of similar meetings of global talking heads of late it seems, that's to say, meetings to confirm that we agree to continue to agree, on "sanctions" on Russia (as long as they don't interfere with our lifestyle and economics too much).... and.... the importance of the Indo-Pacific region, along the lines of: "the security of Europe and the Indo-Pacific region are inseparable, and [ ... ] any attempts to unilaterally alter the status quo by force are unacceptable anywhere in the world". meanwhile... all the problems of the world continue, as always.....

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Posted in: Do you think political correctness will be the death of comedy? See in context

Peter Neil May 10  09:03 am JST

Hell, we can’t even say anything humorous here.


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Posted in: U.N. holds emergency meeting on Taliban crackdown on women See in context

....and the Taliban care how much about what all these people think?

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Posted in: Nissan reports first full-year net profit in three years See in context


the book mentioned in that article: David Halberstam’s “The Reckoning”  is fascinating.... and not by any means only with regard to cars.... it is not least, an incisive history and analysis of Japan/Japaneseness....

it was published in '86, I read it perhaps 10 years after that.... have been thinking, recently, to re-read actually.... a fairly massive tome, but worth it I reckon.

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Posted in: G7 foreign ministers discuss Ukraine war, impact See in context

About 3,500 police officers were deployed at the event site to provide security.

good grief !!!!

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Posted in: Japan, EU agree to step up sanctions against Russia, focus on Indo-Pacific See in context

I think this 'news' is on a loop, recycled every two days for the last month....

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Posted in: Webb telescope's first full color, scientific images coming in July See in context

next they'll tackle feeding the starving

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Posted in: Japan to slowly phase out Russian oil imports but keep interests in projects See in context

Kishida did not give a specific timeline for the steps, only saying Japan will reduce or halt imports "in light of the reality."

same line as Europe then, in this morning's article: "the Group of Seven developed democracies pledged Sunday to phasing out or banning the import of Russian oil"....

everyone's hedging their bets, trying to save face.... unsurprisingly. at least Kishida-san is mentioning the elephant in the room, namely "the reality" that everyone's dependent on the oil and whatever, and that they don't actually give a stuff about Ukraine.....

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Posted in: Western multinationals congratulate Hong Kong's new leader See in context

European Union's foreign policy chief Josep Borrell countered that the selection process was a "violation of democratic principles and political pluralism".

whereas Europe is lillywhite? people do love to point the finger....

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