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Posted in: Japan adopts plan to push clean energy, nuclear to cut carbon emissions See in context

all and sundry flashing their 'climate credentials' prior to the Glasgow bash... I expect all nations will will pledge and vow like crazy..... and.... nothing will change....

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Posted in: Confusion reigns over Queen Elizabeth II's health after hospital stay See in context

I for one, am not in the least confused....

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Posted in: New Zealand to make banks report climate impact See in context

New Zealnd seems to enjoy being "the first country in the world to....."

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Posted in: Hair from culled Hokkaido deer made into jeans See in context

I've heard of 'hair shirts' but.....

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually molesting junior high school girl in library See in context

book worm!

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Posted in: Unvaccinated tennis players unlikely to get Australian Open visa: state premier See in context

unlikely to get visas  ........

> Dan Andrews said he expected no exceptions ..........

hedging his bets much? is there the same 'flexibility' when it comes to Oz citizens vis-à-vis Covid rules and regs?

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Posted in: FIFA, Qatar team up with WHO for World Cup health promotion See in context

Events like the World Cup and the Olympic Games are perfect partners for promoting health and solidarity,” WHO director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said.

wonderful! soon there'll be no more disease, and no more wars.... colour me heartwarmed!

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Posted in: FIFA, Qatar team up with WHO for World Cup health promotion See in context

the Industrial-Military-Complex usurped by the Medical-Sports-Meeja-Complex....

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Posted in: Man steals police car after being left alone in back seat See in context

if it's got a red light rotating, it's not exactly unmarked.....

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Posted in: Kishida says Fukushima wastewater release can't be delayed See in context

well, he put in a showing there the other day, so he should know... LOL

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Posted in: LDP most popular; nearly 40% of voters undecided ahead of election See in context

I presume these surveys are multiple-choice.... so this isn't about what people think, more like "choose your preferred banality from these options".... blah blah blah

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Posted in: Variety of frozen food vending machines proving a hit amid pandemic See in context

"It's nice to be able to take your time to decide what to get without having in-person interactions,"

an attitude not confined to the 'Covid Era', nor Japan.... my view. a 'friend' recently wanted to message via FB rather than via email, because "it's so much easier".... just hit that button and the world is your oyster. or 500 grams of salmon. not forgetting 'friend'....

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Posted in: Kishida visits areas hit by 2011 disaster for 1st time as PM See in context

I'd like to change that headline:

yet another reported case of emotionally exploitative photo-ops aimed at preying on the sentiments of the Japanese public....

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Posted in: Kerry says climate talks may miss target See in context

so he's not expecting COP 26 to be any more successful than the previous 25.... and Kyoto.... and Paris? quelle surprise!

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Posted in: Kerry says climate talks may miss target See in context

lead by example might be a good idea!

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Posted in: Gov't to boost hospital capacity to treat more COVID patients See in context

the anshin factor, just before the election.... it'll probably work.

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Posted in: Kishida dissolves lower house for Oct 31 national election See in context

dissolved? must be cuz they're in deep water....

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Posted in: COVID-19 cases plummeting in Japan; doctors puzzled why See in context

on the other hand: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/oct/13/back-from-the-brink-how-japan-became-a-surprise-covid-success-story

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Posted in: Netflix defends Chappelle, suspends staff in transgender row See in context

BigYenToday  07:16 am JST

yes.... exactly!

in all meeja reports on people being: transphobic, racist, sexist, ableist, and etc and etc, the words or behaviour in question are never stated.... impossible to make up one's own mind (not that what we might think about anything changes anything)... anyway, impossible to know what's really going on amidst the swamp of 'global gossip' that passes for news.

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Posted in: McCartney says Lennon responsible for Beatle breakup See in context


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Posted in: Report touts benefits of second jobs for workers, firms See in context

a second job.... and work till 70 or 75? then a "post-retirement career".... J-Inc have got it all sewn up....

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Posted in: University exec arrested over diversion of funds to dummy firm See in context

BlackFlagCitizenToday  09:38 am JST

Abe sure likes to hang out with some sketchy people.

edit: *Abe sure likes to hang out with some other sketchy people. *(^_-)

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Posted in: Twin panda cubs at Tokyo zoo named Xiao Xiao, Lei Lei See in context

what a lovely warm and natural environment for these precious creatures..... 可愛いなー。

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Posted in: Kishida vows to lead with 'trust and empathy' to fix Japan See in context

first the pledge, the other day.... now the vow. will promise be next?

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Posted in: Kishida vows to lead with 'trust and empathy' to fix Japan See in context

pleased to hear he has a concrete plan....

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Posted in: 20 emus escape from farm in southwestern Japan See in context

hope a panicked populace doesn't catch them and subject them to a kangaroo court....

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Posted in: Anti-virus measures stop legal return of thousands to New Zealand See in context

COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins

“We want to assure Kiwis overseas that we are doing everything we can to facilitate their safe return," he said.

everything we can, but not everything we should...

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Posted in: Gov't to sell ¥1 tril tranche of Japan Post shares See in context

thank you Jeff, Jonathan, James, and Rainday.... that'll do nicely....!

and to the person who gave me a thumbsdown for asking a question.... hope you have a better day tomorrow.

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Posted in: Gov't to sell ¥1 tril tranche of Japan Post shares See in context

how does this work "privatized 14 years ago".... yet the J-Gov owned 60%.... can anyone explain? in simple terms please....

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Posted in: Surfers sidelined as California races to clean up oil spill See in context

shades of 'Sleeping Beauty' 1973, by Ross Macdonald....

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