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Posted in: Japanese students climb to 3rd in OECD ranking of reading ability See in context

 to solve real-life problems

computer-based test

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Posted in: UK unveils tough new rules designed to cut immigrant numbers See in context

meanwhile.... illegal immigrants......

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Posted in: Man arrested for spitting on woman on Osaka street See in context

Well, I really can't fathom what is wrong with this ghastly chap. Why would anyone want to do these things? S it from porn addiction, has he gone bonkers or is he being controlled by demonic forces.

porn addiction???? demonic forces????? probably just one of those low quality people you often mention, old chap. (^_-)

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Posted in: Undeclared income of Japan's wealthy hits record high See in context

the ones who were caught anyway.....

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Posted in: North Korea says it put military spy satellite into orbit on third try See in context

Goes to show you what impoverishing your people and devoting resources to a small privileged class dedicated to accomplishing your goals can accomplish.

NK doesn't hold a monopoly on that!

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Posted in: Hokkaido police officer arrested for assaulting woman while drunk See in context

The woman, who was not seriously injured, immediately called the police.

literally, LOLed....

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Posted in: 3rd release of treated water from Fukushima nuclear plant ends safely, TEPCO says See in context

they'll be issuing these announcements for the next..... how many decades? then they can start the decommissioning....

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Posted in: Japan eyes banning cannabinoid HHCH after gummies render many ill See in context

if I was at a festival (or anywhere else) and a stranger approached me saying 'here, eat this'.... I think I'd proooobably decline the offer....

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Posted in: F1 hits jackpot in Las Vegas on its $500 million gamble after many stumbles on the Strip See in context

doesn't seem very planet-friendly, one way and another.

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Posted in: Cargo ship operated by Japanese firm seized in Red Sea by Iran-backed Houthi group See in context

jeffb Today  06:48 am JST

wondered the same.....

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Posted in: Japan faces 'friendshoring' dilemma in Asia amid China risks See in context

rules-based, "free and open"

rules-based AND free and open.... quite a juggling act required

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Posted in: Hilton Japan apologizes for 'disrespectful' ad disparaging traditional Japanese inns See in context

as a sort of corollary tale..... some years back I was seated outside a café in Paris, and a maybe univsersity-age couple came along, gave the place rhe once-over, then stood in front of but aw few metres away from, the door. waiters zoomed in and out, and took no notice of them. after a while I took pity and went over to the couple and explained (much surprise at Japanese coming out of my mouth) that no-one would show them where to sit, and that they should just sit wherever they wanted.

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Posted in: Car overturns in collision, killing 2-year-old boy in Chiba Prefecture See in context

rainydayToday  06:30 pm JST

Had to put my foot down on that one though.

tricky situation, the FIL and all, so.... good for you! (and your son)

don't have a car, or kids, but am astounded by the number of unbuckled, even unseated, kids in cars....

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Posted in: Heat projected to kill nearly five times more people by 2050 See in context

in my experience 'they' mostly can't accurately predict what the weather's going to be tomorrow.

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Posted in: Takarazuka group head to quit over actress' death but denies bullying See in context

SOP (and not only in Japan)..... run away, to take responsibility.

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Posted in: Man claiming to be 'a woman inside' arrested for entering female bath at resort See in context

I have worked with a couple of trans females. I support their lifestyle, but no amount of hormone therapy can hide the fact they still look like geezers in dresses.

except for those who don't, and then you don't know .......

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Posted in: Man claiming to be 'a woman inside' arrested for entering female bath at resort See in context

 The trans females I know are beautiful and take great care to give their external appearance to fit their internal one.

how do you know they are "trans" then?

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Posted in: Japan's beloved Hachiko dog statue showcased in pop-up bedroom See in context

CaptDingleheimerToday  10:53 am JST

That's pretty cool. Creative and simple. Not like when they wrap the Arc de Triomphe in bunch of toilet paper.

a touch reductive I feel..... whether or not you like the Christo / Jeanne Claude projects, they are considerably creative and complex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiFANXmrltw

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Posted in: Credit card transaction disruptions reported nationwide in Japan See in context

how many millions of cc transactions take place every day, year in year out, without problem.... sees to me to be more the point.

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Posted in: SDF exercise suspended after member shows middle finger to reporters See in context

why suspend the exercise I wonder..... disrupt everyone and everything rather than just hoick him out of the vehicle and into clink?

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Posted in: Unmanned shops are increasing as a means to help solve serious labor shortages. What do you think of the trend? See in context

so now I have to pay for the goods and do the checkout stuff myself? no thanx.

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Posted in: Murder suspect to undergo psychiatric tests until February See in context

The psychiatric evaluation will last until February 2024.

I always wonder how they know exactly evaluation will take.... doesn't strike me as an exact science situation situation.

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Posted in: Tokyo holds first missile evacuation drill in years See in context

that should keep them safe. and nary a zebra n sight!

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Posted in: Kishida struggling to show leadership See in context

....yet, according to yesterday's article, "Kishida says he is determined to lead world toward cooperation, not division".

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Posted in: Kishida struggling to show leadership See in context

Peter Neil Today  06:34 am JST

excellent summation Peter, and the perfect analogy. ( a phenomenon I noticed when driving a minicab in London 50 years ago, and which had a powerful impact on me )

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Posted in: Gov't OKs Osaka expo construction budget of up to ¥235 bil See in context

The cost will be split among the three parties....

the public, the public, and the business community....

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Posted in: Starbucks posts record fourth quarter revenue after opening hundreds of new stores See in context

danToday  10:09 am JST


that's an understatement, I'd say....

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Posted in: Call for foreign entrepreneurs: Promote your business at GaijinPot Expo 2023 See in context

Application Deadline: The application deadline is Nov. 13.

*Applicants will be contacted by Nov. 15 with the selection results.

Only foreigners living in Japan are eligible to apply.

Applicants must have a business in Japan.

Applications from businesses related to organized crime groups will be declined.

At the Expo, selected applicants can promote their products/services, or interview job–seekers and gather contacts if they are looking to hire.

Selected applicants will have a table with their name’s company in a shared booth with fellow entrepreneurs.

Businesses not selected as exhibitors will have their business promoted in the Expo company directory.

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Posted in: Japan mulls economic package of around ¥17 tril See in context

that'll be nice.... i can use nana-man.

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Posted in: Biggest Chinese Antarctic fleet sets off to build research station See in context

NotThe OneToday  04:04 pm JST

Zaphod beat me to it like your were watching me type on the screen in real time.

17 minutes ahead of you actually....

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