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Posted in: Plummer to replace Spacey in new film: Sony source See in context

Spacey should have come out as gay years ago instead of hiding it ...none of this may have happened

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Posted in: One of the difficulties of translating Trump’s tweets is honestly that he uses such childish and informal grammar that the translator is almost at risk of not sounding entirely credible. [You’d lose face]. He also has a tendency to use a lot of buzzwords and even slang that could be tricky to translate coherently into Japanese. See in context

Surely people by now have realised what he is like and always has been . Did nobody ever watch the Apprentice ? Why are they so surprised ? Because they underestimated the American public and ignoring them and insulting Trump is not going to make him go away . The man's an idiot . But hey the tweets are hilarious ...just laugh at him ...someone is going to make a lot of money with the book

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Posted in: Japan eyes imposing departure tax ahead of 2020 Olympics See in context

Its a good idea . The Olympics costs the country so much money and the multinationals make a fortune ...why not the host country be able to recover some of the cost of hosting it . I hope very much that Japan gets to provide some of the food and not the big players like McDonalds . But maybe it should be a tafiff on the Olympic tickets rather than everyone ...many of whom will be there for other reasons ?

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Posted in: Japanese tourists in flu masks frighten British supermarket shoppers See in context

Its highy unlikely that Britsh people would be 'alarmed ' at a group of japaneses tourists with face masks and if they were it would have been because of its location . The British like the Japanese and know they are not terrorists or violent in any way. In London I see it all the time and wish the rest of the people in London would respect the health and safety of others like the Japanese .

Instead they cough and sneeze over everyone on crowded public transport ( in particular the chineses appear never to have heard of a tissue ) and go to work as usual spreading their germs. Ok it may not stop anyone getting a virus but it does prevent others from becoming ill via airborne germs

So thank you very much Japanese people ...in fact I am going to start wearing them myself !

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