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Dear All,

On the evening of January 20th, more than 80 000 people demonstrated on the streets of Bucharest and biggest towns of Romania, against the social democrat government and its tentative to change the judiciary.

Because they fill threatened about this legislation, our politicians are desperate and they do not care about anything else. All that matters for them is to change the Penal legislation, so they do not get to jail... (many of them already did and they realize it is their turn soon...).

Saturday we were also on the streets to let them know that when they were not meeting Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his delegation with the appropriate courtesy, they have humiliated all Romanians. People were on the streets because they found the courage to face a helpless shame, dis-pare, lack of hope and fury against these selfish politicians, who have dishonored Romania and its people (it wouldn't be the first time)!

Like any Romanian, I admire the Japanese people, spirit, culture and strength, a great nation which earned our respect ! Please receive apollogy from the Romanians who would anytime welcome you in their country with a friendly and hospitable smile !

If you would know how are the common Romanians like me feel about this, if we could only be able to undo that day, we would all do it without hesitation!

Respectfully yours with greetings from Bucharest Romania

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