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diane fears comments

Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting 16-year-old girl in Utsunomiya See in context

I wonder if the man had job, The girl is only 16 years old and he is 26,the fool is 10 years older than her. Well someone take a hammer and him in head and see if he like or not.As for crime and criminal go on and on.no matter what country we are in.

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Posted in: Wedding hall in Japan will provide an alpaca to witness you exchange your vows See in context

Boy oh boy what in world they thinking. I guess I'll never be married there.

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Posted in: 6 minors arrested for disrupting traffic by putting bricks on road See in context

Ho wait a minute here,what kid is up at 4:30am? In Japan, not in America we parents and grandparents would be calling 911 for sure. And the kids will have our foot up their butt.

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Posted in: Japanese zoo takes on cockroach PR role See in context

Well,well the only thing I have what if you had problems with Roach and they dust that caused you to be put into the hospital.than what?

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Posted in: Japanese space scientists seeking new asteroid name See in context

Here question is this meteor coming to earth? That's when we can name it.

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Posted in: 3,058 treated for heat exhaustion nationwide in week to July 12 See in context

The only way to stay cool is drink a lot water. If you have bottle water buy them by case. You can buy 24 or 48 bottle and put in the freeze. And use them as you go. If you have cooling centers when you go to cool off. Don't take hot showers .use cool water and afterwards fill your bath with cold water it will being your body temperature down and you dry off use corn starch or powder will cool you down as well.this is important drink a lot water. And try to stay cool.

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Posted in: Wait, just what exactly have they done with the new 'Death Note' drama? See in context

Hey are they senting. Here to us American. So we can see it too.I have seem some on you tube I want to see all of the story. Thank you

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Posted in: China to invite foreign militaries to take part in parade marking victory over Japan See in context

I say Japan show up.show China that you are not at war with each other anymore sometime it takes things happen in past to the future .

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Posted in: In 20 years, PlayStation's gray box changes gaming forever See in context

I still have the original PlayStation and I also have the PS2.

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Posted in: Beheading of U.S. aid worker in Syria draws condemnation See in context

I am American. I have been saying to my friends and family that America should stop trying help others nations. who Don't want our help. If Isis want to rule the world or if they want make themselves look good they making a poor job of it. I wonder if we stop paying these folks so must attention. Maybe they gave. up knowing they we ask to much from fools that have hearts or souls.

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Posted in: Man arrested for breaking into woman’s hotel room, spanking her with shoehorn See in context

No with guy like that who keep score .

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Posted in: Junior high school boy, absorbed by smartphone, falls off train platform See in context

You folks and these cell phones and tablets are more in touch with them instead watching what you ate doing. one texting while driving as well as walking across the street. here in America we than had a train to jump the track and people died while the driver was texting a friend's daughter driving her dad's car texting while driving you folks do that are not only putting your own life at risk but others as well.

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Posted in: 92-year-old man arrested for attempting to kill 83-year-old wife See in context

I am very sad about this. Are there any area that you folk can help them since they have no one left live. I have a ideal why can't other family in Japan help them out, can't you came up program for they.

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Posted in: Man says he killed his wife because she wanted to die See in context

The only thing I want why she wanted to was sick ?or was she have no hope to want ti live.

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Posted in: Osaka man wipes away millions in owed taxes by deducting losing horse race tickets See in context

Well here in the USA and each state you have to pay taxes if it is the lottery or the casino and horse race .you will pay taxes. you can't get out of it.

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Posted in: Police to charge suspect with murder of Kobe girl See in context

That is man is pretty sick .I just wondering what was he thinking.

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Posted in: 101 elementary schools in Hamamatsu closed due to bomb threat See in context

What is going with adults that are so many boom threats at schools now days. even here in America,we parents and grandparents are afraid to sent the kids to school to learn and have bring because of a fool who so dum that have pick the kids that is pretty sick.

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Posted in: Japan to seek return of all its citizens held by North Korea See in context

Japan and rest of the nations should stop and say to north korea's leader did your act right because like dictator. we than had to enother of that and we are going put up another dictator who can cause us to had another world war.

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Posted in: 2.35 million take part in nationwide disaster drill See in context

People will not be ready for disasters.no matter what country. Here in American the folks here just wait and see if it comes their way. They will drive right high waters and keep on going, until they get wash away that's when they yelling for help .

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Posted in: China orders 'patriotic' TV series targeting Japan See in context

I am American, I know that you from Japanes and Chinese as well as American pay a big price tab.And we all need to learn to forget.There are some information that was never told to the Japanese or Chinese or anyone else.and both countries need to set down and real talk about what to do for future of both nations,and to make the world better for Japan and China together.

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Posted in: Driver fleeing from police injures 3 pedestrians See in context

Boy! I didn't know that Japan has so many DUI cases and how do folks in Japan drive. I wonder if your streets are like some of the streets here in America. Some of the street are so small that two cars can not pass each other without one going curb so. the car can pass .

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Posted in: M 6.0 quake hits off Aomori; no tsunami alert See in context

Now. Wait a second no what the magnitude is. We will have,damages and deaths. We live on a living planet that will move whenever she want. to move. and folks who live. Earthquakes zones.need to be awear of your areas If people who are

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Posted in: Storm drenches Japan; 1 dead, 52 injured See in context

Well here I go.this American have heard what you folks are going thought it seem to me if you guys in other part. of the planet are not hit by water we are here. in the states. I have something to ask of you I wish that we can do something with that water because right now California.needs real bad.

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Posted in: 3 drown after car caught in flash flood at campsite See in context

Here in America,People do the same thing weathermen and women has told us not drive in high water or flash to floors. Because you can be swept way.no matter if in Japan you best believe it is in america as well.

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Posted in: M6.8 quake hits Japan, triggering small tsunami See in context

Hey folks! you should know that the of Japan is earthquakes headaches vills. and ttsunami.Thank-God you have warning system in place .Here in America there is no warning system in place on west coast or on east coast and I worry that hold lot of people here in the states will die because they believe that America can have the same kind of earthquakes that you folks in Japan.

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Posted in: Washington state issues marijuana shop licenses See in context

I wish that Pennsylvania would do the same thing Harrisburg doesn't know how much money can get by selling grass in stores.

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Posted in: Imagine 10,000 people with dementia going missing and never being found See in context

We have people here in America who has dementia who has walk away from nursing homes and was found dead by railroad tracks as well creeks,the family has let the police ad well as the news madia know.It is a shame when you lose your Memory and no one can help diane fears

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