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Posted in: Wakayama's famous stationmaster cat Tama dies at 16 See in context

I feel sorry for Tama's owners who probably loved the cat. When I visited Wakayama, Tama was at the veterinarian's office that morning and Ni Tama was on duty. My daughter says that means "New Tama." Ni Tama was a calm, light-colored, pretty, long-haired cat who gazed at all her admirers while the train employee let us take pictures. At the time Ni Tama was 4 years old, so maybe she is 6 now. The Tama Dynasty lives on!

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Posted in: Jeb Bush says pope should steer clear of climate issue See in context

Pope Francis has the right to comment as does anyone else. I'm glad he spoke out. I guess Jeb Bush is going to follow the party line.

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Posted in: Modern etiquette: Umbrellas, backpacks and selfie sticks See in context

This article had zero value


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Posted in: ANA receives SKYTRAX's highest 5-star rating for 3rd consecutive year See in context

Well worth the extra cost to fly from LAX to Narita/Haneda. Virtually always on schedule. A five-minute delay is apologized for, whereas if an American carrier makes you sit on the plane, on the ground, for TWO hours (Thanks, United), one receives "Thank you for your patience" and an explanation that the delay was due to "paperwork."

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Posted in: Parents of schoolboy liable for Y15 million after wayward soccer ball leads to man’s death See in context

I can't even see this kind of lawsuit happening in the USA, the land of litigation. It was an accident.

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Posted in: A Japanese woman’s experience giving birth in U.S. See in context

I don't know anyone who stays in the hospital more than 24 hrs after giving birth, unless there were complications or caesarean birth was called for. I wish I could have stayed 2 days simply to rest. But insurance costs are out of control. Can't argue with that.

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Posted in: The evolution of 100-yen shops and how they've changed people's lives See in context

Peter Payne, the Daiso near my home does indeed have a bin of expired food; however, it is clearly labeled as such. I see this more as the management wanting to get money out of everything they can. I get the impression that Japanese stores in America such as Mitsuwa, Kinokuniya, Marakai, and Daiso do not believe in the concept of sale merchandise. We laugh when Marakai announces a 5% off sale. Wow, that's really going to make us want to shop there! Not.

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Posted in: Why is Japan such an unpopular tourist destination? See in context

I have visited Japan ten times since March 2010. The most expensive part of the trip is the airfare. Flying economy from LAX to Narita/Haneda has risen from approx 928 USD to approx 1300 USD. And it is a LONG flight at 11 hours. When in Japan, my daughter and I stay at Super Hotel and that saves us a lot. Fill up on the free breakfast and we're ready to go.

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