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Posted in: Tearful badminton player wants mercy for teammate Momota over casino visit See in context

Talking of the team-mate, I'm a bit surprised a badminton player outside the world top 50 can afford to gamble away five million yen a year.

Kohakuebisu, Tago was a darling of the Badminton association long before Momota. He was at one point ranked 3rd in the world and had beaten the likes of Lee Chong Wei who at the time was world number one. He was seen as a prodigy and the son of the former Japan Women's badminton champion. A case of a child star coddled to the point of being irresponsible and seeing himself as above the law. Unfortunately dragging another talented individual with him.

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Posted in: Japan tops Malaysia for Thomas Cup badminton title See in context

nail biting till the end. both teams fought well. congrats to japan on their historical win. they are now the fourth nation to lift the cup so far!

totally agree with srozells. Momota's performance was amazing, but credit to the doubles pair of Kenichi Hayakawa and Hiroyuki Endo who kept Japan in the game and Ueda who clinched it in the last game. With Tago, Japan now has an amzing badminton team!

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Posted in: Japan beats Hong Kong to book place in rugby World Cup See in context

The gap in Asian 15's between Japan and the rest of Asia is huge and the result should never have been doubted. Concern however is that the gap between Japan and the top nations is equally as huge. Come on Japan!

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Posted in: Japan beats Australia in Women's Asian Cup final See in context

A great achievement! Hard to believe this is the first Asian Cup by Nadeshiko Japan a tremendous achievement to hold the World and Asia Cup concurrently! The team played amazingly throughout and tp see them mature from their first game against Australia in teh group Section to the final again against Australia was amazing! Kawasumi (9) was excellent as were teh whole team!

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Posted in: Japan sets sights on World Cup quarterfinals See in context

Be ambitous and go for it Samurai Blue!

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Posted in: World Cup send-off See in context

Come on Samurai Blue!

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Posted in: Germany beats Japan 3-0 to win Algarve Cup in women's soccer See in context

Was watching the broadcasts throughout the tournament and was impressed by the performances of Japan. When you have teams like Japan, US, Germany playing, its like watching the best teams in the sport. Pity how empty the stadium seemed. Watching the girls play football passing on the ground is far better than watching a boring long ball team a la Tony Pulis and Sam Alladyce...

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Posted in: Murray ends Britain's 77-year wait for men's title at Wimbledon See in context

A big round of applause to Murray whop has shown us all what peserverance means. A talented man who has matched that talent with hard work. A big round fo applause to Djokovic who made the match a great one to watch. Looking forwrd to many more years of great games between these two warriors!

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Posted in: Del Toro's 'Pacific Rim' resurrects the Kaiju film See in context

Great tarilers and wouldlove to watch this in 3D. Really liked the article. Well researched and well written Jake Coyle!

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Posted in: Putin says Snowden at Moscow airport; rejects extradition request from U.S. See in context

It's only by breaking the law that freedom and fairness are attained. Nelson Mandela broke South African law, the Irish freedom fighters broke UK law, anti-Nazis broke German law.

Lucabrasi,, I'm not passing judgement on whether he's right or wrong, ie I'm not calling him a traitor. He did break the law in displaying courageous integrity. But in so doing he needs to stand up for what he did. Nelson Mandela went jail in a regime which people knew were wrong and he was prepared to do so, knowing what he did would be judged right by generations then and now.

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Posted in: Putin says Snowden at Moscow airport; rejects extradition request from U.S. See in context

I for one, believe Snowden should face trial. No matter how many of us thinks he displayed courageous integrity, he broke the law it seems. That said, America if you want him back, get your act together, don't just bully states and countries with your accusatins of "damaging relations".

Fact: The a request was made by the US Government to the HK Government to issue a proviwsional arrst warrant for Snowden. on the 15th June. It identified Snowden by his name, Edward James Snowden. Sorry, immigration records only showed am Edward Joseph Snowden entering HK. Furthermore, your US Court documents refer to him as Edward J Snowden. So who do you want us to arrest? At least you could provide a passport number right?

Fact: A request for the clairification on the charges against Snowden were submitted to US Officials by the HK Government. A fair request not? Surely the authorities need to know what charges he is being arrested on. The US never responded to HK by the time Snowden left.

I'm sorry but the American Government only has itself to blame thus far I think...

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Posted in: Nishikori wants to emulate Matsuoka run at Wimbledon See in context

time to forget that mediocre has-been and set your goals a bit higher

papasmurfinjapan, kind of sounding like grouchy smurf mate. Matsuoka was an inspiration for many japanese kids in the early to mid nineties as being the only japanese player to achieve significance. He may not have been the most successful player, but he's played a role in brining up the next generation. Give the man some credit.

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Posted in: Zaccheroni under scrutiny after Japan exits Confederations Cup See in context

The press are critical and have raised their claws out already! I really wonder, how many of these armchair pundits have played or studied the game beyond their couch...

Zaccheroni is doing a good job if you ask me. Japan are by and large ahead of the rest of Asia. We've just gone through qualifying and have gone into the confederations cup, on the back of a long season and a series of qualifier games. Yes, Honda said we're going there to win, but really did we expect to win? Personally no. Am pleased with some of the displays we had at the tournament, yes. But it highlighted as Zacc said, areas we need to work on.

Can we get a better coach to lead us to the World Cup glory? Not between now and then I think. We now have the rest of the up coming season to try new players and new tactics. This is the time to experiment and solidify. Not the confed cup.

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