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Posted in: Ukraine says Russia is trying to break through its defenses in northeastern Kharkiv region See in context

Beyond a possible buffer zone in the area, moving more Ukrainian troops to the north will weaken other parts of the front line.

The Institute for the Study of War site describes well the ground positions.

I have been looking at it since January. No gain by Ukraine, slowly but continuous advance by Russia.Attrition war. More troops more ammunition for one side. Not sure how long Ukraine can maintain its defense line in the north

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Posted in: Man arrested for smearing bodily fluid on acquaintance's car in Iwate See in context

Saliva spitting?

No, it must be something more white

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Posted in: Barrier at popular vantage point for viewing Mount Fuji going up See in context

But for me, a great picture of Mt Fuji is without Lawson on it

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Posted in: Barrier at popular vantage point for viewing Mount Fuji going up See in context

The net barrier being on the opposite side of the road, it will be completely efficient if it is over the Lawson. Easy to walk on the road and take a picture, especially in the early morning when there isn’t any traffic

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Posted in: 12% of Japan convenience stores don't open 24 hours due to labor shortage See in context

Convenient stores are franchise shops and in rural areas, many do close at night, this is without any connection with the labor shortage. It does just make no sense to leave that stores open and I am sure some were still opened more or less due to the contract with the parent company.

It is always easy to use the excuse of labor shortage while nobody is actually going to the store in the middle of the night

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Posted in: Cool Biz campaign begins across Japan See in context

kohakuebisuToday  10:00 am JST

I think the reality is companies have to be told this, especially traditional companies

Just a guideline from the government that most companies implement all year. In most companies, workers having a tie decide personally. Some like that.

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Posted in: Cool Biz campaign begins across Japan See in context

It is no tie for most offices all year round even in the gouvernement offices. Ties are put for meetings when necessary. Workers wearing ties all day have been a minority for many years

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Posted in: Raccoon numbers surge in Tokyo, causing damage to crops See in context

On the opposite, infrastructure development and cementation do damage those animals environment. But it has been approved by dedicated decision makers and no property damage is claimed to humans by those animals.

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Posted in: Golden Week holidays start amid post-COVID tourism boom, weak yen See in context

More than twenty years here and I never traveled during the Golden Week. There are better periods than that

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Posted in: Japanese city loses residents’ personal data, which was on paper being transported on a windy day See in context

As long as it does not end in the hands of ill

-intentioned foreign spies….

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Posted in: Three 18-year-old men killed after car goes off road into rice field in Tokushima Prefecture See in context

Speed was certainly a cause seeing the extensive damage of the car

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Posted in: Japan records highest-ever monthly visitor numbers in March See in context

I see many tourists everyday on my commuting route, otherwise I do not see any foreign tourists on weekends and when traveling around. The advent to have a car and go to remote local spots

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Posted in: Testimony begins in lawsuit accusing Japanese police of racial profiling See in context

Was stopped once in 25 years, due to some. groping around.

Get old with grey hairs, a suit and all problems will disappear

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Posted in: Man arrested over theft of ¥10 mil gold tea bowl from Tokyo store See in context

Not a smart guy anyway.

And who on earth would buy this bowl after it made the headlines. Pawn shops would be suspicious. The only way to got with it would be to melt the bowl. He certainly did hide it somewhere

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Posted in: Bitcoin miners face survival test in 'halving' See in context

The bitcoin hits record highs, so I do not see any big loss

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Posted in: Record high 181 animal abuse cases reported in 2023, NPA says See in context

I am against any free violence toward animals but at the end of the day, why do we decide to kills animals for food or because they disturb our environment or crops. Those are also abuse.

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Posted in: First foreign-born sumo grand champion Akebono dies at 54 See in context

Sumo wrestlers would not pass any health check in Japan if they weren’t sumo wrestlers. The sport has an heavy toll on wrestlers.

I do not remember if I have seen him in the past, I think he already retired when I went to watch Sumo.

Great guy. It was sad to see him doing K-1.


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Posted in: 3 people whose deaths linked to dietary supplement intake had prior health issues See in context

I was suspecting that those who died had more or less serious health issues, beyond the cholesterol, making them more fragile to this product.

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Posted in: Japanese drivers try to break through in Formula 1 but face linguistic and geographical barriers See in context

“The same for all non native speakers in a foreign country”

How could my above post be removed and considered off topic when your title is about linguistic barrier.

I am neither an English or Japanese native speaker, living for decades in countries where the language barrier has been an issue but perseverance in learning the language has been the key.

This is the same for those drivers. And how can Othani not make himself any interview in English after spending so long time in the US.

Of course, the talent of sports players is the key for them,

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Posted in: Shizuoka governor to resign after gaffe insulting vegetable sellers See in context

Never insult farmers, vegetable and fruit producers. They feed you.

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Posted in: Song lyrics are getting simpler, more repetitive: study See in context

Hurricane from Dylan is such a long song and difficult song to remember.

Recently, Sleaford Mods songs have some complicated lyrics.

Otherwise, yes, more simple than in the past and less political meaning in the lyrics

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Posted in: Foreign residents prohibited from participating in Yu-Gi-Oh Japan Championship See in context

So it is a national championship

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Posted in: 'Oppenheimer' finally premieres in Japan to mixed reactions and high emotions See in context


The International Criminal Court (ICC) has jurisdiction over the definition of “war crime” and does not include the use of nuclear weapons as a war crime.

Below from the ICC web page, a quick summary

ICC and nuclear weapons

Nuclear weapons and the Rome Statute

Use of nuclear weapons is not explicitly covered by the Rome Statute, in contrast to the other forms of weapons of mass destruction - chemical and biological weapons - the use of either of which is explicitly defined as a war crime by Article 8 (b) (xviii) and (xxvii) respectively.

Nevertheless, given the immense and indiscriminate destructive power of nuclear weapons and their wide-ranging catastrophic humanitarian consequences, use of nuclear weapons would constitute a war crime under several other provisions of Article 8 (b),

In some circumstances, use of nuclear weapons could constitute a crime against humanity as defined in Article 7.

Change in legal status of nuclear weapons

With the entry into force on 22 January 2021 of the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW), nuclear weapons are now comprehensively prohibited under international law, in exactly the same manner that chemical and biological weapons are prohibited by the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention and the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention respectively. This change has rendered the Rome Statute’s different treatment of nuclear weapons anomalous

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Posted in: 2 more deaths linked to Kobayashi Pharma dietary supplements See in context

My only supplements are coffee, chocolate, some booze once in a while and sport drinks.

I do not need any dietary supplements and all that over the counter stuffs that do promise benefits have always been suspicious to me.

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Posted in: 2 die, 100 hospitalized after consuming Japan drugmaker's health supplements See in context

If there is not any clear medical issue, cholesterol can be cleared with a healthy diet.

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Posted in: Japan's overworked, underpaid truckers left behind in wage bonanza See in context

I have always heard truck drivers are well paid, as doing long distances, sleeping away from home, etc.

Delivery drivers category is different with certainly more concurrence and tighter wages

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Posted in: Japan’s space agency says it hopes to forge profitable launch business with new H3 rocket See in context

India is also a competitive alternative for satellite launches.

With all the préalable development and research costs for such a business, at the end of the day, I am not sure it can really be profitable.

But Japan will need a perfect and continuous no fail record, to be able to really compete with other companies. Politics might be the key of success

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Posted in: Ohtani's interpreter fired by Dodgers after allegations of illegal gambling, theft from star See in context

It's so funny to me that commenters here, who only speak English, have no idea what it means to learn a language. It can't be done in two months the way they think it can. Even two years isn't enough. English is one of the tougher languages for most foreigners to learn

No, English is not one of the tougher languages. Japanese is one hundred times more difficult. But it depends on your country of origin. I am not a native English speaker, so know I am talking about.

Every language does take years to learn but all professional interpreters have natural skills and can nearly master it quite quickly.

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Posted in: Japan aiming for wealthy Asians to visit rural areas near 2025 Expo See in context

The expectations from tourism are the same for every country.

Hoping tourists will spend as much as possible

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Posted in: Extension of Hokuriku Shinkansen line opens, boosting tourism hopes See in context

the waiting time to buy a ticket was around one hour at each station, during the midde of the day.

JR wants you to buy tickets through the app or internet, easy and quick.

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