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I understand but no spectators means some athletes and delegations will not come and moreover, that there is still a risk of catching the virus which will also refrain athletes from coming.

It is rather you do the games normally or not. No decision will be taken before May or June. Before it is just speculation

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Japanese passengers getting off the ship have been called by the Health Ministry and asked to be careful for 2 weeks, paying attention to their health and checking their temperatures. Not all will do it for sure, but knowing the locals, I am quite sure most will follow. The majority of those of the ship were retired and can easily keep quiet for two weeks

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Olympics without any spectators?

Impossible, it will rather be cancelled than having no spectators

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I spent over 300,000 yen buying up N-95 masks in the past few days and they cost 1000-1500 yen each now.

Either you are a rich man or have or your family a critical health issue

I only spent 500 yens on masks, which is just a reserve in case of necessity.

The chance to get the virus is still very very low at that time, and is rather a question of bad luck As for the mask in the train as the article refers well I am not convinced the train is really a place with high risk as many do wear a mask.

Bars , restaurants are much more risky, nobody wear a mask and after a few drinks, nobody pay attention to his behavior, etc...

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Procedures were certainly not perfect but put a quarantine on the ship was the right thing. Would have Japan let all people out without everyone checked, it would just have spread the disease and would have been a nightmare.

40-50 were already infected from the first batch of 250, something like that. Infection was already spreading well before the quarantine.

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99% of Japanese restaurants in France are not held by Japanese.

Targeting this restaurant might have one if the below reason :

Racism targeting Asians


Just some graffitis made by some stupid young people “ just for them to have some kind of fun. or what they believe is fun “ , who do this kind of free vandalism , unfortunately very common in France

I will go for the second reason


Being myself a French provincial, I do not see any reason for a provincial to do that in Paris

Can you elaborate?

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Sick leave here means providing first a doctor certificate which costs around 5000 yens.

Then a special demand has to be done and the wage( not at 100% ?) will , I think, be paid by the public welfare system if missing work for more than 3 days.

In any case, a pain in a arse, unless really needed for long health issues

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A quarantine officer was infected when working on the cruise. Ultimately, all cases are In Japan. Patients are now in hospitals here.

At least Japan does the job. Cambodia announced all passengers on the cruise the country accepted were disease free, but the following day, an American woman was tested positive in Malaysia. Other passengers could certainly be infected and spread the disease. All countries are not and can not be on the same wave, therefore virus will spread

i think every country makes drug trial on critically ill patients. HIV drugs have proven effective in Thailand. But my question is. Is the drug really effective or the patient would have recovered anyway?

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Irrational decision at that time for a few dozens infected in the country.

Workplace and commuting trains, i.e. closed spaces are far more dangerous.

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Today, in addition, it was some infectious in Hokkaida, Tokyo, Nagoya, Kanagawa, Okinawa.

It has been around 10 local cases in 2 days

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A new case in Wakayama today, with apparently no direct relation with the case yesterday of the doctor

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The J-news did not report the case in Chiba is a taxi driver.

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Information about Coronavirus has been everywhere a top news since Wuhan got under quarantine in January.

Unless people went to Antarctica, to the moon, or isolate themselves from the society without any communication system or information access, whatever it is newspaper, TV, internet access, they should know anyway about the Coronavirus. An hotel can just ask customers to respect hygiene and help customers to protect from a virus within the premise

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Consider that the last 3 major virus outbreaks, of "new" viruses that is, all originated in China

Which are the 3 ?

H1N1 was not coming from China.

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In my opinion, the increase of infections is not the result of quarantine and contagion rise, but simply the result of more testing done by Japan. If all people were negative at first, then positive, quarantine would be the reason but that’s not the case,

Thanks Japan to test everyone and make the job.

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David Van CleefToday 11:30 am JST

Count is actually 26 in Japan. WHO categorizes shipboard diagnosis (Hong Kong, Japan) in its own category and not assigned to a country's totals.

I'm surprised that there's been no information on yesterday's 26th case in Japan in the media yet, after 5 days with no new case. All we know (from the WHO statistics) is that its a person that had China travel history

The 26th case is a Japanese evacuee straight back from Wuhan.

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Hope you can read Japanese !

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What is that number since no news is being reported since 10? What are their chances or status, recovered, near death? Those on the ship can continue to stay there. This number was originally 7 about 1 week ago and has jumped dramatically.


If you count of the ones on the cruise hip and back from Wuhan, which accounts for a total of 80 (70+10), there are 16 cases left , among them 3 are locally infected patients. The first infected locally, the bus driver from Naha, is getting better and it was announced he should leave the hospital soon.

It has been on the J- news and the Ministry of Health website keeps a good update.

Singapore had many local infections and is of a worry.

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For months before the start of the system, the medias and co made a fuss about the social impact of such a mass of foreigners coming here, the politicians preparing the citizens to this change, some tv broadcast reporting about possible community shifts, and how all these newcomers would adapt to the culture, etc, etc...And foreign medias mentioning that Japan opens his door to immigration , should I say a skilled immigration. ........

To get only 1627 positive visa applicants

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Impossible to stop the virus anymore. Just try to reduce the impacts.

Singapore has 33 cases now with a few local infections not related with any known cases, which is of a worry and suggests a spread among communities.

As for Japan, it does like the majority of countries, checking temperatures at the port of entries, airport included, and when deemed necessary the virus check. It is technically impossible to check everyone.

The US said everyone coming from China will be banned on in quarantine for US residents. Is that possible technically? What about travelers from Singapore , Thailand or Japan who now are some potential virus spreaders. I was optimistic till a few days ago but getting pessimistic about the ongoing of the virus. In a matter of weeks, all Asian countries could face a travel ban.

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Come on. Why would they postpone or cancel the games now ? No reasons for it at that time. 6 months to come, no pandemic yet, it would be a pure irresponsible “panic” decision. IOC or JOC would be criticized and looked down by the whole world. If a decision to cancel as to be taken, it would only be about two months before.  I am sure there are behind the scene discussions about countermeasures.

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Plenty of doctors on the main Tv channels and news have already explained well how the virus spread.

The Health Ministry has also a full page dedicated to it.

And doctors do point out that masks are really efficient for a sick person.

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In the above post, I was meaning a one week period.

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I have masks for only a one period and keep them. Just in case the virus really spreads and it becomes a necessity.

It it really spreads, it will even be more difficult to find. I guess a lot of persons made stocks.

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At least Japan does check and won’t let anyone going out, quarantine for 14 days. Even if some of the infected passengers went certainly off the ship during the previous stops and potentially spread the virus. Logistically. it is not easy but I can only praise the efforts done. They also checked all Japanese citizens coming back from Wuhan, and that has not been the case of many countries.

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Since last Friday, no announcement of new cases within Japan, except for 3 guys can from Wuhan. Hope it is a good sign.

But I have just read that 2 new cases in Thailand are people coming back from Japan

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with all that anti China stuff and bans, China might conceal more information and even lower more than now the true figures about coronavirus. transparency will even be worst

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Dr. TheopolisToday 05:33 pm JST

I stockpiled about 250+ masks when I first heard about this new virus. I take both high dose Vitamin C, 10,000mg and 10mg melatonin daily. Both offer some antiviral and anti- inflammatory protection as well as protection against septic shock if you do happen to come down with pneumonia.

But, statistically speaking, in Japan your odds of contracting corona virus is infinitesimal small. But as they say, better safe than sorry.

So, if the odd is infinitesimal small, why changing your habits and take all that vitamins, etc. Are you a person at risk ?

Buying so many masks is actually a very selfish behavior. And claiming it. This hysteria does mean all is sold out and people like me can not get any if necessary

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@ Actually, I think actually Japan should have chosen a JSDF base, I am not a supporter of the J govt but it acts as a responsible one, a democratic one in that case.

Perhaps you should be in the DIET, not a bad idea and taken a page out of the US.

Responsible, better late than never, not quite comforting to those of us trying our best to take as much precautions possible given the quick rise in new case exposures, where it is an emergency severe pandemic

Quick rise in new case exposures ?

Officialy here 17 cases in 8 days in Japan, for a population of 128 million. that is not what I would qualify as a pandemic. Only China is critical at that time.

I have not changed any habit, expect washing more my hands. Many are overeacting all over the world. If anything is done, it will be a world pandemic, and that is what government have realised and they are now taking. It was a fuss in 2009 with the H1N1 flu, but now it is just a normal virus nobody among common people do care. This coronavirus could be the same, or worst, we do not know yet so no need to overreact. At least, I do not

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@Do the hustleToday

didou - .

Completely incorrect! Japan was not the first country to remove its citizens. Furthermore, they still have not set up adequate quarantine and screening stations to control this virus. The fact that twenty odd people have already contracted this virus and a few of them caught it in Japan proves they are not doing enough. Australia was one of the first countries to pull its citizens out of Huwan at no expense to them and set up an offshore quarantine station.However, there is only one confirmed case on mainland Australia.

Completely wrong. first evacuees from Japan arrived here on the 29th in the early morning.As of yesterday, aussies were still in wuhan waiting for their government evacuation and as far as I know none has arrived yet on Christmas Island. Australia has not 1 case but already 9 cases on its territory. The news is always changing so it is better to follow what is going on.

As of this morning, 1 February 2020, 9 cases of 2019-nCoV have been confirmed in Australia: 2 in Queensland, 3 in Victoria, and 4 in New South Wales.

The bus driver infected here within Japan was infected around the 12-14th. At that time, coronavirus was not an international topic yet and all countries were doing anything whatever Australia or Japan. Situtation drastically changed when Wuhan was put on quarantine on the 23rd. Countries did start to move and check from that point. Tourists arriving from Hubei before that date are potentially infected, and that is what happen here for the first human transmission.

The fact that twenty odd people have already contracted this virus and a few of them caught it in Japan proves they are not doing enough

So this makes non sense as everything known now is the result of infection before the 23rd. The third woman infected here, a case announced yesterday, had a cold since the 20th and was in close contact with the bus driver. It could be much more cases for sure. All cases are people coming back from Wuhan. No spreading yet within Japan or any other countries except China. Here, 17 cases in total for 128 million people. Do the math.

I keep personnaly well inform and stay on alert.

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