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Posted in: NZ Prime Minister Ardern tests positive for COVID-19 See in context

Infections has nothing related with lockdowns or not.

It just depends on your own behavior and your close surrounding people, masked or not, boosted or not.

Arden’s partner was positive, therefore no way to escape, and the vaccine is inefficient against Omicron

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Posted in: Zoos struggling to procure feed for grass-eating animals See in context

Bring back the animals to the nature.

In some parcs, not even zoos, I saw elephants, bears, just surrounded by cement. It was a pity

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Posted in: World's biggest YouTuber PewDiePie moves to Japan See in context

Never heard of it, but I do not have interest in YouTubers

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Posted in: NPA urges police to avoid impression of racial profiling in questioning people See in context

Never been racially profiled.

How many are really racially profiled here ?

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Posted in: Gov't says masks not needed outdoors if distancing maintained See in context

Mask also not needed inside when social distancing.

Never wear it outside,, or always under the chin. distance or not

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Posted in: 10% suffer COVID-19 aftereffects 1 year after discharge from hospital: survey See in context

This means it is rational to think Omicron would not be different. Blindly assuming this is not the case would make it as valid to say it causes more long term effects than the opposite.

First, I was only pointing that the study does not include Omicron.

Second, and as far as Omicron is concerned, as some symptoms are différents such as the loss of taste or smell rather rare, that the virus affects the upper tract and not much the lungs as it was with alpha and delta, I can assume the long terme effects will be different too, decreasing with less severity.

Now, I am quite sure that diligent scientists would assume in the first place that short and long term effects are similar, then, as data are increasing, do not blindly stick with their thinking and assume the opposite is also true.

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Posted in: 10% suffer COVID-19 aftereffects 1 year after discharge from hospital: survey See in context

There is no reason to think it is different, if you have data that support that conclusion you can present it.

No loss of taste or smell with Omicron.

Do you have any data that can show that with Omicron, 10% do suffer long term effect after 1 year. For sure no, because it has only been six months, but I have not heard of any studies related to Omicron effect after a few months.

So it must be different is some way.

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Posted in: 10% suffer COVID-19 aftereffects 1 year after discharge from hospital: survey See in context

This does not encompass Omicron

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Posted in: Mitsui O.S.K. to collect marine plastic waste off Vietnam See in context

If it can help good.

but at the end, the problem is consumption and throwing garbage.

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Posted in: Japan to ease COVID border controls 'in stages' from June: Kishida See in context

Japan initially enforced an effective ban on the entry of nonresident foreign nationals late last year, 

The ban has been since April 2020 when even foreign residents were not allowed to return. Japan has slightly reopened for one month last November before Rei got again the border due to Omicron.

many Japanese people continue to wear masks even when outdoors, 

personally, always mask off when outdoors

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Posted in: Japan's 'womenomics' pioneer says mindsets must change See in context

Good for her and her credits if she can have such an influence. She had a breast cancer 20 years ago, so became certainly even stronger since. All my respect.

Matsui, 57, is one of the few women at the top of Japan's male-dominated business world, as co-director of a firm founded last year that invests in ethically minded young companies.

The Japanese-American was at Goldman Sachs in 1999

She is (technically) American and to my knowledge did not work for J companies. For me, the Japan's male dominated business world does apply to the J corporate companies

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,403 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 19,353 See in context

If you had of gotten the booster, you could have walked straight out of the Japanese airport and gone home. Like I recently did. Glad I got boosted!!

Except for a handful of designated countries, 7 right now, we also get back home straight, without booster, and just have to quarantine. Not a big deal, except paying for the test on day 3, or accepting the 7 day quarantine.

Even boostered, still have to quarantine if coming back from on of those 7 countries

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually assaulting woman on Nagoya street See in context

As usual, perv will get a slap on the wrist and be at work after golden week. The norm in Japan

The norm is that he will be temporary dismissed, and then fired when convinced

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Posted in: Japan to limit 4th COVID vaccine to elderly, those with underlying conditions See in context

First no, influenza cases at the worst had around 400,000 cases per season (of 16 weeks) that means at much 4000 per day, you would be wrong by one order of magnitude.

Official numbers per year below, from the Ministry of Health, between 2016 and 2021.

The max per week was up to 280,000

総数 1,751,970 / 1,614,999 / 1,898,941 / 1,876,083 / 563,488 / 1,071

Honestly, I thought it was much more than that, but your figures are well below the reality.

Second, the drop of influenza is something completely expected from having life changing and unsustainable measures in place to prevent respiratory infectious diseases

It was for sure expected, but why experts and authorities kept recommending vaccination to avoid the double punch with covid and the burden of hospitals

For COVID this is not the case, even with much stronger measures and general vaccination the problem has gone out of control repeatedly. This is the reason why vaccines are much more strongly recommended,

The influenza vaccine has been around for a while and the efficiency proven for people at risk. The covid vaccine is recent and the efficiency against transmission might have worked with alpha, but not anymore with omicron.

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Posted in: Japan to limit 4th COVID vaccine to elderly, those with underlying conditions See in context

See how many cases of influenza were in the last season, now see how many cases of COVID are there every day. That would be enough to answer.

Influenza has just disappeared here for the last two years. Before the arrival of Covid, 40-50000 cases a day were common, like for the Covid today.

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Posted in: Japan to limit 4th COVID vaccine to elderly, those with underlying conditions See in context

Present a reference that contradicts the mountains of data that prove everybody get an important reduction of risk from vaccination, including a reduction of the transmission.

As for influenza, everybody get a reduction of risk if vaccinated but the vaccine is only recommended for elderlies and persons at risk, even in Japan, where beyond the official recommendation, many young people do it.

So tell me why young people and kids have to be vaccinated against covid when their risk is low. About the reduction of transmission, tell me why in a country like Korea, highly vaccinated and where wearing a mask was mandatory outside, the country has seen up to 400000 infections a day with Omicron.

I have done at least 10 different vaccines including two doses of Pfizer, but I don’t buy the story with the covid vaccine

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Posted in: Japan to limit 4th COVID vaccine to elderly, those with underlying conditions See in context

This should have been that from the start. Only vaccinating the elderlies and people at risk.

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Posted in: South Korea to end outdoor mask mandate See in context

High vaccination rate and mandatory mask did not prevent anything. Korea had up to 400000 infections a day . The

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Posted in: Tokyu Railways trains now powered only by renewable energy See in context

Exactly. Japanese have very little education about WW2 history. My Japanese part of the family is unable to discuss about it.

Some want to avoid the WW2 topic even if they have a knowledge has it is synonym of defeat, agression and difficult time.

Indeed, all electrical grids are interconnected and should be considered as one (in fact two, to my knowledge, because of the exceptional fact that they use a frequency of 60Hz in the South and 50Hz in the North of Japan so grids have to remain separated technically).

I know that, but first, Tokyu is only in the Tokyo area and the use of power from the South:West is limited to shortage period.

And to certify the electricity is 100% green, you need to have a separate grid from the national grid where all electricity sources are mixed. So unless to have a unique grid for Tokyu, which is not the case. there is no way to certify all is from renewables

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Posted in: Tokyu Railways trains now powered only by renewable energy See in context

The contract between the utility and train company is certainly based on the use of 100% renewables.

But unless the power grids are completely separated and unique for the railway company, I do not think we can certify the electricity used to power the network is completely green

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Posted in: World's oldest person dies in Japan at 119 See in context

Well done Ms Tanaka !

Hope you enjoyed your life.

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Posted in: Over half of Japan's population has received booster shot: gov't See in context

Singapore's rate stood at 73 percent as of Saturday.

A study at Nagasaki University in southwestern Japan found that among those aged 16 to 64, a third vaccine dose was 69 percent effective in preventing an outbreak of the Omicron strain, compared with 43 percent for those who had only received up to two doses.

Studies at Chiba University Hospital and Kobe University have also yielded results showing a certain degree of effectiveness of third doses.

This article is trying to push for vaccination and convince about the effectiveness of the booster.

Singapore has well over 20% of its population infected after releasing measures because the population was highly vaccinated. But it has been a surge in Omicron infection showing again clearly that the booster is not effective in preventing infections. Singapore was before that one of the lowest infected country.

Japanese data show clearly that the more vaccinated, the more people take precautions. ie elderlies vs younger, and that is why the infection rate is low for boostered people.

As an individual, I do not see much difference between a 43% or 69% effectiveness.

If people were all behaving like before Covid, data would not show any evidence of effectiveness, but only in preventing heavy symptoms development

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Posted in: Child's body found after tour boat sinks; probe of operator launched See in context

Like there are bad transport companies with reckless drivers, it might be the same for some maritime tour operators.

The probe will certainly reveal illegalities. Unfortunately, too late for the passengers

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Posted in: Gov't weighs ¥50,000 cash handouts for low-income families' children See in context

For once, I do agree with virusrex

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Posted in: Japan considers 4th vaccine shots for elderly, chronically ill patients See in context

That is not correct, the main purpose of vaccination, is the prevention of dangerous complications and death. Preventing the infection is very positive but realistically speaking is not possible for a vaccine to aim for this as the main purpose, this applies to all other vaccines for infectious diseases.

I know what you mean but that is the purpose now.

As I said, « initially « , the purpose was to prevent infection. It was said so often in the media and it is clearly written in Japanese in the paper I got from the health center with the two coupons last year.

« It is believed that the vaccination protects from infection at 90 % »

I know Omicron was not existing at that time, even Delta was not considered in the studies, but the initial purpose was prevention, then this has shifted

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Posted in: Japan considers 4th vaccine shots for elderly, chronically ill patients See in context

The main purpose of vaccinations is to prevent the development of severe symptoms, for which third doses have shown to be effective in preventing in young people against the Omicron variant.

The main purpose of vaccination was initially to prevent against infection.

So the third dose is efficient in protecting young people against Omicron ? Is that the meaning ? The article seems to target young people, as a scapegoat.

Limiting the eligibility for the fourth shots stemmed from reports the effectiveness of such shots has been low in younger people and similar trends overseas 


Kyodo should employ professional translators, or proofread articles with native speakers

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Posted in: Japanese firms hit by COVID lockdown in Shanghai See in context

Crazy !

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Posted in: Average condo price in Tokyo area sets new high in fiscal 2021 See in context

Prices in Tokyo are driven up by the real estate and construction companies with all that new spacious and modern condos in some popular and luxury central districts.

I live 2 hours from Tokyo and am also an owner. Prices are really affordable and even if I could afford something in Tokyo, I won't like to live there. Not a city boy.

Now at the end of the day, it is always better to be an owner but it is up to everyone finance and lifestyle (settling or not).

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Posted in: Japanese firms try to encourage paternity leave under new law See in context

My J company promotes telework for work life balance.

In addition of days off, it is easy to do some telework when having a kid

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Posted in: Tokyo police arrest video game YouTuber for marijuana possession See in context

Nobody keeps drugs in a pocket for two and an half years. Excuse for leniency

And for the coke, as it was found in a bag claimed to be the friend’s bag, Nishikawa did certainly not admit it was his bag, so the police can not determine the Coke’s owner at this time.

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