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Posted in: Japanese businesses urge active policy debate in run-up to election See in context

"I would like each political party to firmly present major differences (in their policies) and make clear how to finance and shoulder the burden" of implementing such policies, said Kengo Sakurada, chairman of the Japan Association of Corporate Executives.

Masakazu Tokura, chairman of the Japan Business Federation, Japan's most influential business lobby also known as Keidanren, expressed the group's unequivocal support for the LDP.

"We highly value Mr Kishida's vision of a 'new Japanese capitalism'" focusing on growth and distribution, he said. "I look forward to the continuation of stable politics led by the LDP."

Debate or not, Keidanren strongly supports the LDP.

So, what's the need for a debate. For the LDP to pick up and implement good ideas form other parties.

The problem in Japan is that businesses do not keep neutral and finance the different political parties

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Posted in: Kishida says only LDP capable of protecting Japan from security threats See in context

Which threat ?

This is in your mind. You know nobody will attack you.

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Posted in: Australian state of NSW to end quarantine for vaccinated int'l travelers See in context

With all that lockdowns and quarantine, Australia has managed to have over 2200 cases a day in average for the past 7 days.

This is well over Japan and the country is not densely populated.

Yes, a poor performance.

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Posted in: COVID-19 cases plummeting in Japan; doctors puzzled why See in context

If doctors do not know, how could we know...

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Posted in: Average gasoline price in Japan rises to 7-year high See in context

Hope that high prices will help to stop the useless car idling so common here.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 72 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 731 See in context

If you are fully vaccinated and have no symptoms why would you go out and get tested? Are will still having these discussions?

Vaccinated or not, there is no reason to get tested without any symptons. Testing asymptomatic people has always been a non sense since the start of covid.

The point is that if you show light / mild symptoms and go to the hospitals, doctors might consider that vaccinated will not develop severe symptoms, then denying testing.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 72 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 731 See in context

I wonder if those vaccinated are still tested. I suppose they are not, and doctors only recommend testing when showing strong symptoms. Hence, it is also a reason for the rapid .decreasing

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Posted in: Kishida says Japan will start 3rd COVID vaccine shots in December See in context

Still waiting for my first shot...

Must have the same immunity, even a better one than those who got the shot last spring.

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Posted in: Most NZ health care workers, teachers to be legally required to get vaccinated See in context

99% of people who "don't want the vaccine" are thick and/or conspiracy theorists

Indeed, some are very smart, you know

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Posted in: Man arrested over theft of 35 kgs of rice from supermarket See in context

How smart are you when you are back straight to the store for a second achievement ?

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Posted in: Sydney lockdown ends for vaccinated after 106 days See in context

Oh, I forgot they were still under a lockdown there,

while we have been enjoying our life here in Japan !

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 60 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 553 See in context

lots of people are with no symptoms, thousand have no symptoms and are spreading it in Tokyo

Just relax. That’s not the case

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Posted in: Report touts benefits of second jobs for workers, firms See in context

Not specific to Japan, but if you work for a major company, you are not allowed to do any side job. The company does not want you to divert your energy and skills for others. But workers in major companies have generally could wages and benefits and there is no reason to loose time for any other jobs. Unless some wants to enjoy a part or a one day job during the weekend, but I have not heard of. Better to enjoy the weekends.

As for me, trying to get out from the J corporations, but in my field here, I can not escape it. Not ready to teach or work in another field. I have done it in the past, and at that time, was always thinking being back to my initial field for which I spent years studying

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Posted in: Japan secures 120 mil extra Pfizer vaccine doses for next year See in context

Scary is that vaccine is secure before any approval for boosters. All countries follow blindly the same path and have already unofficially acted a booster every six months will be necessary.

With that additional contract, Japan expects to receive over 300 millions doses, about three boosters

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Posted in: M5.9 quake halts trains in Tokyo area; 32 injured See in context

Was lost because I forgot to check Kishida’s message on Twitter.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 143 coronavirus cases See in context

What happened to the strong vaccine hesitancy predicted by our anti-vaxxers?

Opinion surveys results in Japan were showing a strong hesitancy, it was not the anti-vax predictors as you want to believe.

80 million fully vaxxed...the rest waiting

Waiting too. Have an appointment at the end of the month, but do not know yet. Have been perfectly fine without bothering of wearing constantly a mask. Just take normal precaution and do not go to busy places anyway, covid or not.

Israel is now imposing the booster shot to get the vaccine pass. I am afraid other countries will follow and impose their agenda without serious scientific base.

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Posted in: S Korean, Japanese students share summer house, deepen understanding See in context

Most young people do not have any animosity. It is fueled by propaganda and journalism. Met many Koreans coming here and happy to be in Japan. I would like to know how it is really in South Korea but I am quite sure that like in every countries, the more educated, the less animosity between young people.

As for soccer, my Japanese coworkers are also happy when Korea does loose. Pride first.

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Posted in: Kishida, wife maintain closeness despite long distance See in context

It sums up. From the article, I can guess they actually have a very distant relationship, and have not done much together except some social duties.

The article just tries to give a positive image

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Posted in: Man stabbed, robbed of ¥2 mil outside Naha apartment See in context

Not random. Planed.

Organized crime behind that ?

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Posted in: More than 1,000 Japanese firms, people named in 'Pandora Papers' See in context

Problem is that this is not illegal, but the rich well advised by lawyers and tax advisors are using loopholes.

It is a moral issue. Many overseas politicians claiming against corruption have also been doing the same.

Let’s wait and see.

All companies registered in the Virgin or Cayman Islands are dubious

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Electric chairman quits; closed culture behind test cheating See in context

Corporate culture in Japan.

Decided at the top, executed at the bottom. Decades of practices can not be changed by a bowing employee.

The Japanese electronics maker said it will strive to create a corporate culture in which "employees feel that they can consult with their superiors

They can consult, I am sure, but not change things. unless ready to loose their position and career

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Posted in: Rock and roar: Iwate region's riff warns of bear attacks See in context

When I go skiing, I wanna be quiet in the mountains. Unfortunately, a lot of loudly music out from speakers setup in the lifts. I always wondered if someone realized that not only humans but also the wildlife is impacted by this noise. Why loudly music in the middle of nowhere.

Anyway, I am sure locals in Iwate have already been told many times what to do in case of bear

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Posted in: Suga touts achievements, rues short tenure in final press conference See in context

As of today, 78% of eligible recipients (aged 12+) have received one shot, 65% of eligible 

We are gonna have soon the promised and expected herd immunity. No need for vaccination anymore.

Oops, Singapore and Israel did not get it.

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Posted in: Japan is losing its credibility among international students as a study destination, which could impact the country’s ability to attract talented individuals. See in context

It isn't just students, workers are also banned from entering. Effectively everyone is banned from entering unless they are Japanese or have a Japanese spouse

Not exactly true.

If you are a PR, whatever or not married to a Japanese. And some people, after hardship, have been able to come back to join their foreign spouse here. It is difficult anyway and they have to be patient.

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Posted in: A stable pension system is meaningless if people cannot receive enough pensions to live on. See in context

RecklessToday 12:19 pm JST

Yes, great system... When I got married I inherited my wife's non-payment into the pension scheme for her 4 years at college.

How is that.

Never had to pay for my wife but it was more than 15 years ago. She was not in the scheme and never paid before meeting me. It was not compulsory at that time to join the scheme for part time employees or students.

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Posted in: Japan to experiment with proof of vaccination at big sporting events See in context

The J league boss was proud a few months back on tv that they set up cameras to observe the saliva droplets spread in the space , and that no infection has been reported at J league games.

So, no need to implement anything.

We all know that outdoors contamination are nearly nil.

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Posted in: Gov't to shorten quarantine period for vaccinated travelers See in context

People who have been fully vaccinated will be able to go outside as long as they test negative for the virus after 10 days following their arrival

Ok , got it. 10 days but still to do a test to prove negative. Well. a big hassle in fact.

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Posted in: Gov't to shorten quarantine period for vaccinated travelers See in context

Is the PCR still mandatory?

4 days better than nothing but it is more a PR than anything. We understand that Japan wants people to avoid traveling and keep that hurdles.

Went overseas this summer, then back here.

Sama as @louisferdinandc

Had to complete my quarantine at home after 3 consecutive negative tests and a infection risk of zero.

And in addition, as Cocoa app could not be downloaded on my phone, had to spent 15000 yens for renting a phone just for this useless app.

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Posted in: Suga suggests optimism for lifting state of emergency See in context

t's been widely reported that Tokyo's number are falling because the non-vaccinated have finally got the message and stayed at home during the recent public holidays.

Well, I don’t think so. Why should they stay home ?

The one who rushed for a vaccine were the most scared and were the one who for one and an half year stayed mostly home. And suddenly come out.

I am not vaccinated yet and never stayed home

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Posted in: 3 Japan PM hopefuls call for maintaining nuclear fuel recycle program See in context

Japan needs an energy mix including nuclear.

I have seen too many woods and forests destroyed here for the solar energy development. And it’s keep going on.

Japan does not have the choice, unless it has half of its actual population

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