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Posted in: Japan steps up border control measures after IS threat See in context

For the sake of the Japanese people, the government really needs to stop sticking its nose in fights it has no concern with. It's sad the two gentlemen died, yes, but ISIS are nothing but cold blooded murderers who have tarnished Islam's name. I feel quite sorry for the vast majority of Muslims worldwide who have condemned terrorism (many have) and still get blamed for it. Many have done atrocities in the name of everything you can think of, even Buddhism in Myanmar. But the fact is, terror has no religion, this applies to all.

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Posted in: Japan tries to tap growing Muslim tourist market See in context

@Chris Ward... you're better off speaking to a proper Imam. The one in the article is dubious.

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Posted in: Japan tries to tap growing Muslim tourist market See in context

Did the devout muslims reading this article know that you actually CAN eat non-halal meat if you can't find it...?

You have got that wrong. If you read the whole context, it says, "if one is FORCED"... meaning life OR death situation. Meat is not mandatory and there are vegetable and seafood options available too. But this is only catering to their delicacies like how Western tourists are catered through McDonalds or KFC.

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Posted in: Tokyo neighborhoods' small shops keep crafts alive See in context

Consumers should go to these places more rather than the big flashy mall.

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Posted in: Japan tries to tap growing Muslim tourist market See in context

Guys, Japan is not a unique country that needs to be protected by 'evil' Muslims or foreigners. This is purely a business ploy for TOURISTS because they want their money, nothing else.

Besides, in its strictest sense, many traditional aspects of Japanese culture works in harmony with Muslim ideals when it comes to respect, discipline, respect for parents, elders and authority. Modern Japanese culture won't because it is heavily Westernised.

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Posted in: 2 school girls jump to death from Tokyo apartment building See in context

Japan needs a social revolution. The meaning of life is superficial and degraded to an eventual corporate worker to them. They see no solution other than suicide to their problems, no God or deity to turn to.

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Posted in: A broken man living on dreams pulls Japan into Syria hostage drama See in context

With the sort of hard lives and expectations Japanese go through, I'm surprised others haven't joined him.

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Posted in: 2 men jump to deaths from train platform in Tokyo See in context

Come on guys, if they aren't jumping at trains, they will just jump and kill themselves elsewhere. Its a deep underlying issue no one has addressed.

These people have no hope in life outside of the material present, lack of religion is part of this and also, Japanese social attitudes to punctuality and loyalty should be more flexible. Sometimes, it is okay to be late for work, losing your job isn't all that bad despite what your peers and society perpetuate and make you believe.

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Posted in: 400-year-old garden in Okayama to be replaced with condominium complex See in context

Like the rest of Asia I don't think many Japanese care about how their cities look. Practicality and convenience above all else makes for some real eye-sore cities, stories like this make me think it's not getting better.

I agree, the lack of colour and vibrancy astounds me. Bright lights in Shinjuku don't cut it in the long run either. Japanese cities are build to last around 30 years, the ones in Europe, about centuries. They care too much about practicality than ideas.

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Posted in: 4 Japanese beauty fads Westerners just don’t understand See in context

I'd also add the amount of money Japanese women spend on beauty products, personal grooming etc (nails every three weeks, for example). Has to be the highest in the world, no?!<

South Korea is the highest I think seen as a lot of women get double eye lid surgeries too and they literally baby their skin when they were young...the US comes close to them. Even China is becoming like this. I respect Filipina women are lot especially who many don't go to these stupid lengths to look good.

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Posted in: Abe unveils grand plan to boost economic growth See in context

Japan doesn't need "economic reforms", it needs social reforms. The fact that these old guys who are still stuck in 1970's way of life of expecting everyone to be filial to a corporate boss is the problem. The youth are becoming less interested in that way of life so professions like agriculture and writing should be made much more attractive.

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Posted in: 5 facts about suicide in Japan See in context

Trying to claim the reasons are financial doesn't do justice as to why it happens. Japan is a cold, conformist, distant and materialistic and superficial orientated society where money and face rules everything. Millions of people are in a financially worst situation than Japanese yet suicides are not nearly as much as in Japan for that reason. Other countries do not place such high expectations on the superficial like East Asian countries. In Japan, if you lose your job its a big thing, elsewhere they'll think okay.. I'll find another one.

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Posted in: Does porn affect the brain? Scientists urge more study See in context

So what exactly is the study telling us in simple words?

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Posted in: Akie Abe joins gay parade See in context

Japan has gone backwards.

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Posted in: Tragic video shows joking students on South Korea ferry See in context

I suppose if they had been 'rebellious' and ignored the demands to stay where they were you'd be saying the same thing. The fact is, the 'adults' told them to stay put while they bailed in a panic, and the kids died following the adults' instructions. So, really, who are the children?

Because Korea has a culture of obedience so following authority without question is the norm. It highlights deeper issues about the culture of Korea as a hyper competitive and money orientated society.

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy jumps to death in front of train at Funabashi Station See in context

A result of Japan's culture of extreme conformity and stress. Japan's birth rate is low as it is and its getting worse when you have the next generation jumping in front of trains.

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Posted in: Okayama student arrested for attempted murder after stabbing teacher See in context

I think its the East Asian education culture of being too rigid, lack of teacher-student rapport, the kids being nothing but mindless drones, pressures etc. I mean if Japan is so developed as a country, how come they still stick to 20th century style of schooling? If Japan was a 2nd or 3rd world country, such ways may be understandable but Japan's problem sometimes lie in the way they do things.

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Posted in: Anti-Japan rally in Seoul See in context

Japan and Korea have a lot in common. High suicide rates, too much focus on technology, too much materialism etc

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Posted in: Japan should take measures to encourage more women to work, in order to overcome the economic challenges posed by the aging of its population. See in context

Japan's birthrate is low as it is and trying to fill the jobs with women is short term thinking at best. What Japan needs to do is bring down the cost of living which will encourage population growth and if that means the country going poorer then so be it. Its better the country loses money in the short term than in the next 10 years half the workforce is comprised of grey haired 50 years old robots.

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Posted in: Security experts raise flags over WhatsApp See in context

If you want to become famous one day in something that will anger Western governments. Don't reveal anything on the internet they can link to you.

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Posted in: Women splash cash on Valentine chocolates for friends, themselves See in context

Japan is too westernised for no reason other than to keep up with the West even if it means tramping on their own culture.

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Posted in: Obama to visit Japan, S Korea, Malaysia, Philippines in April See in context

There's nothing USA has that Japan can hold onto now.

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Posted in: Women splash cash on Valentine chocolates for friends, themselves See in context

Well done Japan, you have officially become pastry whipped!

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. to share online fingerprint database See in context

There is no scientific research that says that finger prints are unique.

Finger prints are more or less unique, its just a matter of whether it can be linked to the right person or not.

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Posted in: Headline of S Korean magazine angers Japanese readers See in context

Koreans do have a tendency to be emotionally overreactive.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. to share online fingerprint database See in context

Japan sucking up to the US once more then...

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Posted in: Japan dominates the list of most visited Google Street View locations in Asia See in context

As Gokai here said, apart from Taiwan, some parts of South Korea and most of Japan. Where else on google maps is Asia fully covered in?

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Posted in: CEO predictions for the next 100 years of air travel See in context

Air travel should be stopped completely for tourism! Seriously, my grand dad who used to go back pack traveling in the 1930's said it was much better than the commercial tourist rubbish you see today. Very little pollution, very little tourists, more wildlife and culture and you go abroad to learn about cultures not sit and laze around on the beach and hotels like most do today. Thats no proper experience to travel.

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Posted in: Convenience stores becoming more and more a part of our lives See in context

The mom and pop type stores are the best

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Posted in: Japanese 'religion of the home' alive and well, says scholar See in context

It may be about time the Japanese try to complement Confucius ideals with a monotheistic outlook in order to curb their materialism.

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