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Posted in: Ukraine PM says his country needs missiles, but expects new U.S. aid to come through See in context

I think is enough! The Ukraina president has many request, but has no intections of dialogue with Russia! this Ukraina war cost to many Countries a lot of money! I think is time they deal with Russia by theme self, no matter what happen

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Posted in: Japan, Ukraine to hold reconstruction conference next year in Tokyo See in context

I don't want to pay japanese tax for help Ukraina or military drill,Ukraina president was a commedian, so Can't trust a man who made jokes always!

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Posted in: S Korea, U.S. and Japan hold first-ever trilateral aerial exercise in face of N Korean threats See in context

Is getting worst day by day!instead of finding the way to peace,they are making things worst! Is to much caos around the world, I thing that the third world world hs already started

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Posted in: Man convicted over viral video of sauce bottle licking at sushi chain See in context

I'll bring my small bottle of soy sauce! no one touch it

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Posted in: Heavy rain pounds western Japan, halting some bullet train services See in context

climatic weather changed all around the world humans faults

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Posted in: Kishida heads to NATO summit to warn of East Asia risks See in context

Good move! already a world political conflict has started, if everyone mind their own buisness is better! China, North Kores are not friendly with South Korea, Japan and Taiwan and is getting worst! so....to late for Political solutions talking

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Posted in: Mother, boyfriend who filmed themselves abusing her 3-year-old son before his death go on trial See in context

Japanese law is light on this cases, maybe 8-15 years only in prison! Japan should have death sentence in this cases! a life for a life! poor kid!

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Posted in: Japan to host meeting to urge firms to join Ukraine recovery efforts See in context

I am tired of Ukraina Leader and this war! and Japanese government using our money from our taxes for Ukraina! if Japan had a war Ukraina,it would never help, I'm sure of that! is time to let Ukraina fight her on fight alone!

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Posted in: Blinken holds second day of talks in Beijing See in context

China is very powerful nation! US always demand, now is time to find a way for stop all of this, and find solutions to problems even with Russia not only Ukraina!

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Posted in: Japan to set up reconstruction liaison system with Ukraine See in context

Lloks like it will get worst this war will never end!

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Posted in: Chinese aircraft monitored naval drill by U.S., France, Canada, Japan: report See in context

Stop this war! people don't want a third word! to much spending on military drill ! make peace! Chinese are trying to study the intention of those countries who are doing those military drill , in order to be prepare if the situation escalate!

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Posted in: Mother arrested for leaving 2-month-old daughter in car to play pachinko See in context

Love gambking more than her own baby daughter? crazy

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Posted in: Woman arrested after trying to flush newborn infant down toilet See in context

please approve a death penalty for this kind of Human beign!

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Posted in: Couple arrested for leaving partially burned newborn baby found on Shizuoka coastline See in context

three things 1. they should banned the abortions! who trow away or leave a baby to die should have the maximum sentence, and for who kill a baby or a human a death penalty!

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Posted in: Sanctions on Russia over Ukraine must be maintained, Japan says See in context

Japan should stop now!is making a worst decision!complicate relations of peace!

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Posted in: U.S. defense chief calls China's refusal to meet unfortunate See in context

What do you want to discuss?how cause of Usa prsident, helping Ukraine with arms and involving other countries against Russia? when China told you to not interfere between Ukraine and Russia! and now we are at a world caos between Nations! also interfere between taiwan and China! China had enough of Usa !

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Posted in: Kishida orders ¥3.5 trillion to be set aside for child care See in context

In my opinion I don't want to pay taxes amymore in order to care another person child! is not my buisness! instead of pay for child support , Kishida should support elder people who get small pension moneys! stop making kids if you can't support it!

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Posted in: Robert De Niro, 79, becomes father for 7th time See in context

Seven is Heaven! the new born will call Bob " daddy or granpa?"

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea hold first finance leaders' meeting in 7 years See in context

The politician talks is just a cotradictions by hipocrits! money goes and the benefict is going to who!? let me guess! there you have it! G7! I wish to discover each end every members of a politicals partys in the world! just to chek how much they are paying taxes, or anythings else! and we will find many secrets!

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Posted in: One suspect arrested over jewelry store robbery in Tokyo’s Omotesando district See in context

No more like in the 90' less crime now is no more safe like before Tokyo

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Posted in: Yakuza members arrested for going to baseball game See in context

From Yakuza nothing good! prostitution,drugs,scamm, gambling bussines etc etc ! is time to clean up japan from this people! untill no one is around anymore

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Posted in: Man beats woman with bat outside convenience store in Nagano Pref See in context

I'm stressed out now! all what I need is to find a guy like this one to release all out! one big fight and broked bones!by the way is not allowed in Japan to walk with a baseball bat pn the street, you must have with you also the ball and glove!

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Posted in: 75-year-old Japanese man opens free cafe in Ukraine's Kharkiv See in context

This is an Angel! there are two kind of human beign, one who care about money, buying expensive things to showing off and very greedyand thing always that ghey are Superiors cause of their money balance! and another human beign who do not care to become rich or love money and live humble and simple life! this man live with the Love of GOD inside him! bless him for that! this is call genuine unconditional Love! great man!

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Posted in: China pushes largest-ever expansion of nuclear arsenal See in context

Everyone start to get ready for something! Military drills etc! North Korea playing with fireworks, China also build more fireworks!Trust me if God wants all could end in a blink of a eye!!! God create God destroy! wif everyone fire their one nuclear weapon the world will break in half!

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Posted in: Russian antisubmarine destroyer to conduct drills in Sea of Japan See in context

Look like the third world war is about to start! many Nations they are conducting military drills! from the start if Japan minded their own bussines all this it wouldn't happen!

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Posted in: Suspected gunpowder found at home of Kishida blast suspect: media See in context

there can be many reasons! Sometimes are many hiding things behind a politicians, many secrets that they don't want us to know, like that fact that Shinzo Abe aupiorted the Korean Church, no one knew that untill the day of the attack at Shinzo Abe! we just pay taxes and who is in charge of the country controlls all our money, withour ask us first, this can be also a reason!! it could be good to check all those politicians hiding secrets one by one!! how many taxes they pay,if they took more money than what was necessary,or have any connections with any bad sources!cause our money are manipulated without our consent!! they should allowed us to vote if we agree or not about some decisions made by Kishida! aslo the police in this country are not effective!there is not a securty check or any kind sofisticate tools that could prevent any act of terrorism! could it be many reasons the fact that are mamy attempts in this country! Bad things Happens to bad people, good things to good people! and the Wakayama police should let us know the reason why the bomber trow the bomb at Kishida !

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Posted in: Kishida urges better security after pipe bomb incident See in context

perhaps the cause of Prime Minister Kishida's attack stemmed from the fact of raising taxes or from the fact that the government uses our tax money to help families who have children, and those who do not have children have to pay taxes for the children of other families! Or it derives from the fact that instead of helping families who have children, it would be better for them to help retired people who receive little money from the state! or that taxes increase and the cost of everything has increased in order to increase military forces, which is useless and leads to war!! perhaps this is why there was an assassination attempt on Prime Minister Kishida! so now i want to increase security so even more money from our taxes!

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Posted in: Kishida unhurt after explosive device thrown at him in Wakayama See in context

better watch out ! Japan has become a unsafe country! maybe that man was a Abe fun! you never know

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Posted in: Mother gets 6 1/2 years in prison over death of 3-month-old daughter See in context

I can't believe how soft is a penalty over a baby life! in other country's could be 30 years or life sentence!

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Posted in: Japan's opposition parties unite to take on Kishida over tax hike plan See in context

Is insane! Is it wrong, instead of spending money on something useful for the country and for peace, they try to spend the money on war machines? We already have many problems in this world, we need to make peace and not war! instead of using our money, why don't they use their own money for these things? It's easy to decide and use other people's money, because they have no risk, but we do!

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