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@MarkX: Where is the connection to say "Gross, a foreigner" and wanting attention?? I just think the same way, because most of foreigners in Japan are just loud, have no manners and are just incredible annoying... Of course not all of them, but 99%!

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Posted in: Are Tokyo University students cleverer than other people? See in context

Cleverer? Is this article all about laughing? I go to a german University, which got no ranking, and also no incredible high tuition fees. This year, due to my grades, i was able to get a scholarship which allows me to do an exchange year at a top-notch japanese University. Not Todai, which is being announced to join my Universitys' Exchange programm in the next year, but another one, which already sent a lot of students to our place. And of course there are not dumb, but i would consider them rather normal, just like me! :)

I got top grades, but i wont ever be able to join a University like Todai on a normal basis. They are all way too expensive. I really cant understand people who are willing to pay for those Universities. Its just insane! Even if i could, i definitly wouldn't. Right now i also got top level classes, by only paying about 200$ a year of University Fees. Think about it!

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