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Posted in: Japanese families, activists visit Washington to plead for safety of Fukushima's children See in context

It's so frustrating that the Government isn't more concerned about nuclear power and the effects. Noda said he's going to get the idle nuclear reactors in other plants up and running early next year.... Hasn't the Government noticed that its going to be killing off their people, or at least making them more ill in time to come...

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Posted in: Sex on the first date: Good idea or not? See in context

It used to be good like having it on the first date.. but nowadays, for something more meaningful - best to wait..

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Posted in: Aerial scuba diving See in context

Cool! What a day job!! Beats sitting at the desk 9-5, or should I say Japanese hours, 9-12pm!

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Posted in: Eri Utsugi See in context

The designer looks happy and nice approach to the usual way that designers appear.... Not sure about the clothes though, look like they are aiming at high school girls....

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Posted in: Sony e-book reader gets 500,000 books from Google See in context

Why doesn't google just pair up with Amazon..they have tons more books than Sony... hmm.. maybe there is a bit of political drama goin on here...

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Posted in: Kazue Fukiishi looking for man to kick around and drink with See in context

Spo vege?! What a name.. she would have to plug that in for her last sentence of her PR line.. As for a guy, could think of a few that would do well from hard kicks and punches from her..!

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Posted in: Fujiwara, Jinnai divorcing after two years of marriage See in context

Noriko probably didn't have the correct alignment of the Feng Shui in her house which led to marital problems.. As for Jinan, he is cute... have to be aware of those Japanese guys that are cute and used to date porn stars..!! What was Noriko thinking.. great that it lasted for 2 years. Guess she had enough and ready to move on. Question now lies in, who is Jinan and Noriko to date now?.. hmmm

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