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Posted in: Nuts! Korean flight delayed by first class spat See in context

Extremely unprofessional. Some kind of power-tripper.

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Posted in: Suspect in 3 West Virginia shootings found dead See in context

@SenseNotSoCommon - Your handle is fitting for your case. I might substitute the word "intelligence" though.

@Strangerland - It's very likely that a firearm both you the freedom you enjoy today. Of course guns are made to kill, what are you stupid? Do you think people don't realize that? However, they are also used for plenty of other sporting purposes. Ever hear of the Olympics? Sorry you live in fear of an inanimate object. I don't.

Why don't you read the crime reports - plenty of people being killed with other than guns, especially in Japan. More people are killed every year in auto accidents in the U.S. than by firearms. In fact, more people are murdered with blunt objects or blades than by firearms in the U.S. We should BAN all of these items immediately since they can be used for ill.

@smithinjapan - Don't feel sorry for me. I've lived in Japan - I know how safe it is. It's great. Thanks, I'll keep America though in spite of our shortcomings and issues. I enjoy my freedom that you can't. Perhaps you don't want to or don't care about it. I do. Hope Japan never turns into a police state.

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Posted in: Man fires shots into ex-wife's apartment in Yokohama See in context

@Strangerland & Sensato - Yet the suicide rate in Japan is higher in the U.S., all without guns! What you ignore is that firearm-related deaths in the U.S. include suicide AND justifiable homicide in most reported stats.

You also conveniently ignore the dramatic social differences and influences between the U.S. and Japan that contribute to both gun and other violent crime.

Now, you can be fearful of absolute freedom - that's your choice. Absolute freedom is not always safe. And yes, I will choose that freedom. You can exercise your right to NOT own a firearm (if you live in free nation that allows such a right), but do not attempt to take away my rights. You are nothing more than a man - inherent human rights are not to be dictated to anyone by another human being. The right to life is THE most inherent, obviously - yet it means nothing without the absolutely implied right of self-defense - that even the United Nations has affirmed.

That defense should be available through the most effective yet practical tools available. The firearm. It levels the playing field, especially for the those with a lesser advantage due to physical impairment or limitation otherwise. When a woman of small stature and lacking in physical prowess presents a .45 caliber hand gun to the 300lb. would-be rapist, the game changes.

And yes, the first thing you will say is that she is more likely to be killed by her own gun. WRONG. Look at the REAL statistics and facts provided by both the FBI and the Department of Justice with regards to this. Not the BS given to you by the Brady Campaign, and the usually crowd.

Banning firearms accomplishes nothing positive. Crime is crime, murder is murder. The Japanese are relegated to blades and other means, and they are successful at this method.

If you don't like firearms, or otherwise fear them, then stay in Japan. -OR- I might recommend another country where firearms are very strictly controlled. Say, Mexico? Oh wait. Heavy gun control, yet MORE gun violence than in the U.S. Wonder what's going on there? Why isn't gun control working? Oh right, criminals don't give a CRAP. Same thing in England - gun restrictions UP, gun violence UP. So no, gun control does not work.

And guess what? Guns were not always so strictly controlled in Japan, nor in places lIke England. It used to be much more common (and easy) for a civilian to possess firearms in either place, a great example would be in the earlier part of the 20th century - and guess what? Very little gun violence. Particularly in the case of England. Japan was effectively disarmed by the United States at the end of WWII and the subsequent government structure took that to an extreme. Fortunately, Japan still manufactures very nice firearms that we are able to possess in other nations that still have that acknowledge the freedom.

Japan is very safe, yes. Loved that part of living there. But I'll keep my freedom, I'll keep my firearms. And I love America for that. At least until the liberals totally manage to destroy the country.

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Posted in: Parents arrested for starving 3-year-old daughter to death See in context

Doesn't get much sadder than this. Disgusting.

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Posted in: Nagano quake leaves 39 injured as houses collapse See in context

Getting' hard for Japan to catch a break these days….

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Posted in: Aging Japan struggles to make immigrants feel at home See in context

My advice, as an American that has seen the negative effects of uncontrolled immigration in the U.S., and that has lived in Japan as well, is that Japan needs to approach this CAUTIOUSLY. The numbers should be controlled and limited. Japan is still a nation with a unique identity and culture, for now. That is why I love Japan.

The U.S., on the other hand, is a mixture of cultures, that at one time used to be a strength. It no long is a strength - now every ethnic group wants it all about them. It's becoming quite chaotic and political correctness rules the day. Diversity is good, to an extent. OVER-diversity, from which the U.S. now suffers, is contributing to our downfall.

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