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Posted in: Billionaire Maezawa says 'free cash' tweet most shared of all time See in context

Eureka moment in getting rid of the Achilles heel of online clothing hawking with his simple but brilliant method of making sure that every one gets the right fit since there aren't no fitting room in cyberspace. If, he was so self-centred he would have called his Zozo suit: "the Zaza suit by Mae'zaza"wa !!! I am sure he will become a great philanthropist. And, i hope that he makes the best selfie ever by a civilian with the Earth in the background !!!

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Posted in: Canadian charged with trying to smuggle Y630 mil worth of stimulant drugs into Japan in guitar case See in context

Meth is demonized in the media. It is not such a bad drug. It is in the same family as Extasy and MDMA. You can purchase ephedrine at GNC and as almost the same affect. Doesn't kill people. It is a smart drug used by special forces and some people of the elite. The Japanese society is too straight and evolves slowly. What can you expect from massive guzzlers of Johnny Walker. chunkygalsforme: your comment is hilarious but it ios not because one dresses in a clown suit and plays heavy metal makes for a payback from been like that on stage. Kiss could deserve a good bad karma for their outrageously ridiculous outfits and make ups. As for Lushis Lee; thank you for your sympathy. I would hope that Daniel Burton Whitmore would be deported to Canada to serve a term of jail agreed between both Justice ministries of Canada and Japan. I know that Japanese can be stern but they should show leniency by deporting this young mislead man. Also, it is true that they should have let the trail go further. And, yes a full room of seating yakuzas in Nagoya must be quite a sight. But, mind you yakuzas can be pretty civilized citizens. My statement is not outrageous and does not reflect the position of JT. I hope they publish this post for the sake of this Scum guy !!!

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Posted in: Japan to pull out of IWC to resume commercial whaling See in context

It would be interesting for JapanToday to look into this Japanese phenomena for "whale research". What is the real rhetoric and why show so much deference to the world ? The whales are going to extinct anyway like the polar bears, the penguins, the coral reefs and the plankton. I sure hope that they tape all hunts on HD so that their grand-children can enjoy the "research" with virtual reality goggles.

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Posted in: Man sentenced to 4 years for abducting nurse who was later found dead See in context

Prosecutors had sought a seven-year jail term for Ito, but the court judged it was too heavy when compared with punishments for similar cases and gave Ito a shorter term. That is the logic for meating out 4 years of hard boot-camp prison style ? They should give the example to all criminals in japan that think that nurses are useless subjects of the empire. Imagine how the nurse feel in Japan concerning that awful murder. Attack someone that makes a lot less then doctors but that this all the work for doctors and the poor families of the sick and injured. They should conduct a survey and see how many Japanese would tolerate such idiotic and horrofic conduct to be allowed upon their civilain population. mere targets for easy money for low lifes that resort to murder an innocent and vulnerable human being for a few thousand dollars from the state ? They should punish severely but he knows what will happen to that individual once he is released from jail. Maybe, he is a wanted man !!! Is own immature undertakings. To consider to kill and destroy a precious asset of the state ? The pure impunity towards that poor woman. I hope the nurse in Japan don't live in fear because of this. How many have stopped going to work outs through the country ?

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