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Dilbert14 comments

Posted in: Turkey investigating people who say coup attempt was hoax See in context

"More than 13,000 people, including nearly 9,000 soldiers, 2,100 judges and prosecutors and 1,485 police, have been detained, according to the president."

So, just couple days after the coup attempt, they were able to connect all these 13000 people to it? This is even worse than 911. where they named all 11 hijackers of the event, just couple days after it. Investigators must have been on steroids. Or simply they knew about these people already and looking for excuse to get rid of them. Dirty politics by dirty government. False flag operation. They are just following the foot steps of the big brother.

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Posted in: In your opinion, what should Japan do to resolve the World War II "comfort women" issue once and for all? See in context

Japan should gather all males that participated in the brutal practice and let the comfort woman treat them the same way they are treated. Even Steven.

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Posted in: Suga says Japan will keep on whaling, despite resolution See in context

This is same as a criminal saying, "I will keep on staling, no matter what the law say." Let's see how that will work for Japan.

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Posted in: Japan's whaling plans come under scrutiny at IWC meeting See in context

"The New Zealand proposal would make it very difficult for Japan to come up with a scientific program"

No more bogus research as an excuse to kill whales and sell their meat. If it was upto Japan, they would kill all the whales, drive them to a cove and slash them to the death. Just like what's just happening in Taiji today. We're glad that it's not up to you.

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Posted in: 20th Century Fox to officially apologize for 'Napoleon Dynamite’s' Japanese title See in context

Shiriana!! Wife and I laughed at this for several times!! We thought it must be on purpose, someone is having a laugh with these names. Another good one was "Centre of the earth" the way they pronounce it, so funny!!

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Posted in: Woman, 2 granddaughters dead in apparent murder-suicide See in context

I think there are more into this story than we are being told. Mother would never leave her kids with the grandma if she suspected mental instability.

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Posted in: Turkish police fired water cannon to prevent park protest See in context

Just a note for the people who doesn’t know why there are uprisings in Turkey and also Egypt. It’s the same reason in every country. People are sick and tired of leaders using religion as a tool to gain votes. Religion is primitive and most believers are uneducated. When they see things they can’t explain, they call to god, or explain it away by saying, god did it.

Protesting people understand that this attitude is outdated, uneducated and outright stupid. You can’t value science and progress by saying god did it all. These religious people are divisive because they only deal with fellow religious people, thinking the rest of the population in non-trustworthy.

World is in progress, we’re moving toward the future and weather they like it or not, religion will not be the way of the future. Gossips, rumors, grandma tales times are gone, we can only believe what we can prove. Otherwise we’ll be governed by scare tactics, god said this and god said that, you must live your life the way we tell you, or torture in jail waiting for you.

I wish we could send all these religious muslim fanatics to Saudi arabia and let them live their lives under that regime. So we can enjoy life without religious boundries, scare tactics, violence and fear.

Let me ask just one question to god believers, why the hell would god put mosquitos in earth? What kinda sick mind should god have in order to let them just suck our blood, give us deseases and result to thousands of deaths each year. That is not my god and will not be. Anyone else would do a better job.

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Posted in: Alarmed by anti-Korean demonstrations in Tokyo, anti-discrimination groups in Japan are calling for a law to make hate speech illegal. Would you support such a law? See in context

It's just ugly, should not be allowd to happen just anywhere, wouldn't want my kid to come across with them. They should only be allowed to gather in certain area, not in just any street.

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Posted in: Australia harpoons Japan's whaling program at U.N. court See in context

"proud of its tradition of living in harmony with nature, and utilizing living resources while respecting their sustainability,"

I lauged at this. They still make statements like this where there is no fish left in their waters. While slashing dolphins year after year in their coves and leaving 100s of tons of whale meat in cold storags while hunting more whales. Oo, how about buying fin whales from Iceland and turn it to dog treats? That's respecting nature right?

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Posted in: Riots in China's Xinjiang region kill 27: Xinhua See in context

Highball7, did we? I must have missed that, can you provide some links?

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Posted in: Turkish PM claims victory after protest crackdown See in context

Victory?? I laugh at that! He's digging his own grave by showing how brutal his regime and policies are. Everyone all around the world heard how democratic he is. Free media is being arrested very day. He's running the country like mafia. His supporters are sub human level idiots who descegrated the Turkish flag by throwing them on the floor or just sitting on them. His days are numbered, he does not represent secular Turkish people. He's loosing support every day, we're gaining more and more people each day. People are waking up to see who he really is. There may be some conflict ahead, but I believe freedom and democracy will win and he will be gone.

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Posted in: Turkey warns it may use army to end protests See in context

Army will not be deployed against protesters in Turkey! It will never happen. Protesters in Turkey are not vandals, they are freedom lovers, republic lovers and dictator haters. Army is the protector of secularism and the day they crack down on peaceful protestors, all hope would be lost, I believe we'll never see it.

Erdogan is weak because he's taking this personally, calling protestors names and trying to show them as terrorists, trying to gather a crowd that is larger than protsters. He has a small man complex, saying things like "don't test my patience" and too many "I"s in general. It's embarassing to have PM like him, trying to clinch on his position and power. He collected people to his gathering by offering them money and transportation. People from most uneducated parts of city, doesn't know how to talk and how to walk. THey ended up trashing the place and descegrating Turkish flags by throwing them on the floor. Worse protester wouldn't do things they've done. They are no way representing Turkey, neither their PM Erdogan.

Turks owe their fredom to on man, Mustafa Kemal Atatuk. He saved this nation single handedly when all hope was lost. Modern Turkey is his achievement, his present to us and we simply can't change it. Any leader trying to move Turkey away from this road will be reminded their place.

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Posted in: Is Edward Snowden who blew the whistle on vast surveillance programs run by the National Security Agency that trawl through telephone and Internet records a hero or traitor? See in context

"It doesn't matter whether you consider him to be a hero or a traitor. That's a subjective categorization. Objectively, he is simply a criminal who has broken some serious laws governing classified information."

Yes it does matter. Objectivity is not determined by what's imposed on us by governments. When gov interests conflict with public interests, whoever protect the public interests will be a hero for the public. I now have great respect for this man and hic actions. He sacrificed his life for the common good. Anyone calling this man traitor would not do what he did. They would sit quietly even though they know their rights were being violated. They would sit still even though they have the power of uncovering lies and deception. They would not sacrifice anything for their fellow man.

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Posted in: Clashes in Istanbul extend into night in Istanbul See in context


Yes, and we're happy that he is. If he was bit smart, he could have ended protests by just couple of words. Instead, he shows his "small man complex" in every chance he gets, calling protesters names, calling his own crowd for support, and doing things to divide the country into his supporters and the rest. Also resorting to new lows as it was too obvious people who threw petrol bombs at police were his recruits, possibly part of police. There are pictures being passed around in social media with him holding an oscar for this performance. People are not easily fooled. in 15 days of resistance, there were no petrol bombs thrown at police and all of a sudden today? At 8am? When all TV stations happened to be covering the event live? Police could take those protesters any time they wanted, but instead chose to fight with them efortlessly whole day while posing for the TV cameras. How low can they go and how stupid do they think people are. I was bombarded last night with all posts in FB about how people are resisting tear gas all night long in Taksim. He is planning to hold a meeting there this weekend and the need to clear the square. I don't think it'll be as easy as they think, but they are the ones have weapons and all people have are each other.

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Posted in: Turkey clashes re-erupt as protestors rage at defiant PM See in context

@therougou, this has nothing to do with what Inose said. Turks are not fighting, they are making peace. Everyone is helping each other to stand against the regime that is becoming more and more totalitarian, islamist and facist. PM thinks he can do just about anything since he's in power for 10 years. Turks are showing him who the real boss is.

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Posted in: Australia hopeful of Japan whaling ruling by int'l court this year See in context

IWC admits that it's a research whaling??? Can we ask IWC to post the results of years of scientific research?? What is exactely learned by this scientific research?? NOTHING!!! They are not even sure how long whales live.

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Posted in: Doctor arrested for stealing women's underwear See in context

Leave the guy alone for crying out loud, there are much worse things than this.

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Posted in: Japan gets tough on law-evading hallucinogenic herbs See in context

Let the people do what they want. Each of us are responsible of keeping our lives happy and productive. Let the person decide and deal with any substance they see fit in their lives. There aren't that many people interested in these things and the ones interested are not going to be lifetime users. It's just a period in life. The punishment for using these substances should not be more violent than the potential effect of the substance. It's not governments responsibility to stop people from experimenting alternate state of consciousness.

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Posted in: Anti-whalers ask supporters for cash to fund next campaign See in context

I've donated.

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Posted in: Inose under fire for comments on Istanbul Olympic bid, Islam See in context

To Ben Yoshida,

"Put simply, I hope Istanbul, for the term Istanbul is actually Greek, Is tan Poli, and Poli means the city of all. A city that joins the peoples of the east and west. "

Where have you heard this? There is no truth to it what so ever. When Turks took the city from Greeks, it was called Constantinopole. They changed the name to Istanbul about 150 years later, which actually diviated from Islambol. So please don't make things up if all that possible.

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Posted in: 3 adult siblings arrested for living with mother's skeletal remains See in context

Not everyone can afford the costs of funerals and as long as costs are not backed by government, we will see these kinds of cases.

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Posted in: I don't understand why the planes have to fly over Wakayama. Neither the U.S. military nor the Defense Ministry have given any explanations. See in context

The only reason Ospreys are flying above is becuase you complained about helicopter noise. I can't do the same thing to my neighbor, but US can do it to you. I'm thankful.

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Posted in: Japan will never stop whaling: minister See in context

Yakuza rules this country, because regular folks are too affraid to raise their voices. Even when the whaling is loosing money year after year, even when last whale restaurants are closing their doors, even when there are 100's of tons of untouched whale meat in cold storage, even when considerable portion of the aid collected for tsunami victims given to whalers, Japanese folks will not raise their voice. Yakz knows this and that is how they make these kinds of statements. We'll see I guess.

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Posted in: Razzies put bite on 'Twilight' as worst picture See in context

Adam Sandler's That's my boy was HILLARIOUS!!! One of the best comedy movie I've seen lately. Someone must be jelaous of Adam Sandler. He's great!!

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Posted in: Grammy stars warned not to flash flesh See in context

It's the Grammys not the MTV awards.

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Posted in: Man suspected of killing 9-year-old granddaughter See in context


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Posted in: 'Twilight' finale leads Razzies worst-of list See in context

I liked Adam Sandler's "That's my boy". It was hillarious. I guess you had to grow up in 80's to really enjoy that movie.

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Posted in: Fugitive Watson back on Sea Shepherd ship See in context

Thank you Captain Watson for protecting our oceans. You are our hero!!

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Posted in: Japan support for whaling outweighs opposition: poll See in context

No worries, Seasheperd will put a stop to this sooner or later.

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Posted in: A month after download law, consumers spending less on music: survey See in context

The ones I liked:

—“Since they got so strict about downloads I actually don’t feel like buying new music.”

—“I used to discover a lot of new bands by downloading their albums without worrying about whether I’d like them or not. Now I can’t do that, so I hardly buy CDs.”

—“I don’t want CDs, per-se; I want music. If more tracks were available to download I’d buy more.”

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