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Lol the girls are unneccesary. But like most of these guys said. Not like anyone forced em...

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Someone watches too much anime porn.....

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Its sad to see they STILL don't get along. even in ancient times they didn't like each other, I have several friends from japan and a few from korea and they all agree, this same thing has been going on for hundreds if not over a thousand years. Its time to bury the friggin hatchet already! I hate to see two nations hate each other like that simply because its more or less, a tradition. Its just sad. Culture and tradition is great and all but it really slows you down sometimes. :/

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interesting indeed. Although I should think that like all ancient cities, its blanketed, not dotted with haunted places. (and I believe the perameters of ancient change depending on the subject; civilization, city, person etc. for example. 107 isn't by any means ancient for a city but definitely ancient for a person.) at any rate, Kyoto is far too old and has far too much bloody history to simply have a few haunted places. I imagine that countless spirits across centuries of history prowl those streets. The ghosts of the shinsengumi probably stare down with hatred upon oblivious western tourists. x3

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