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Posted in: Trump: Only 'stupid' people, fools oppose better Russia ties See in context

It's very convenient for people to talk and remember the "Russian hacking" - do you really believe the "intelligent" services didn't know about? - than to talk and wonder about the NSA - who did the same and worst, and not only to the Americans....

And why you are so many rush to judge? Tramp is a modern businessman :) Maybe he has in mind an alliance with Russians against Chinese. You never know. Let him become a president first. Give him some time...

And about the Peace Nobel Price I read, it is a tradition for the US president to get it no matter what :D

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Posted in: New range of light-up costumes perfect for Halloween See in context

Nice and sexy collection, but I didn't see any connection to Halloween.

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Posted in: Japan takes aid show to Africa in China's shadow See in context

If Japan wants to hurt China, should focus in Myanmar... In Africa there will be always chances to involve.

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Posted in: Rio opening ceremony to break with opulent traditions See in context

The Brazilians know very well how to entertain people. One way or another, we will have a great time :)

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Posted in: U.S. military prepares for biggest Okinawa land return since 1972 See in context

Okinawa belongs to the Japanese people and should return to them. IF China attack Japan, then is gonna be a world war anyway. Global disaster, and not only Okinawa's.

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Posted in: Are airport body scanners an invasion of privacy? See in context

Someone in here asked "what's next". Well, it's a chip under your skin, "for your own good". If authorities care about protection from terrorism, they would apply all these terror-controls from the airports, also in bus and train stations, in schools, hospitals.... a chip under your skin. If they really care about terrorism, they should seriously invest in those countries, and provide people with decent jobs, houses, proper education, proper medication, development of all kind. As humanity we have the technology, and yes, we have "the money", to help all people live in peace and prosperity. But the values and the "ethics" are mentioned only for some. Welcome to the "Brave New World".

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