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Posted in: Mother arrested after leaving 3-year-old daughter alone for week to die See in context

How the hell nobody hear poor child criyng of hunger!At 3three year old can scream for help, even the neighbors didn't notice or hear it is incredible.Reast in peace poor soul!

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Posted in: Parents arrested over fatal abuse of 4-year-old daughter in 2017 See in context

From 2016 when the neighbor notify the welfare until 2017 when the girl died wtf they where doing? They did nothing to help the girl.Rest in peace little soul‥it breaks my heart

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Posted in: 86-year-old man arrested for molesting two sisters aged 6 and 4 See in context

A play area where i use to go with my 3 year old daughter twice different creepy old man starring and approach my daughter wanted to shake hand.Other time in the same shopping center take lunch with my daughter old man approach and starting to talk with us especially looking at my daughter insistently.make me sick only thinking.

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Posted in: Police suspect human error in fatal car crash in Tokyo See in context

Lots of accident happens by elders in japan, many often i heard on news and still nothing change about. really?? 87old and still drive!He took the life of a three old child and his mother. That elder man lived his life. the poor kid had the whole life ahead.

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Posted in: Mother of fatally abused 10-year-old girl detained following husband's arrest See in context

This poor girl died without any help,the negligence of the city welfare and the school who handed father a copy make him more angry, they are also guilty of Mia death, of course mother also take part of her abuses.Baka bakari!Instead of take her daughter and run away she give birth again one year ago. Wtf?? Rest in peace angel!

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Posted in: 33-year-old man arrested for abusing girlfriend's 2-year-old son See in context

Unbelievable! When this kind of women will wake up and not involved with anybody who pay attention to them. First he beat you and still keep him in the house with your baby, i will die single better then stay with a violent man. She expose her child to risk, is her fault cause she don't brake up from the first beating. Poor baby had to suffer from her ignorance, and that scumbag he deserve stay in prison until he die.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing 3-month-old daughter because she wouldn’t stop crying See in context

Many child abuse in Japan, lot of strange and cold people, so said..

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing 3-month-old daughter because she wouldn’t stop crying See in context

Poor baby,how can you hit a small baby you monster! I hope he stay in prison for a long time and never aproach that child. Many cases like this in japan, almost young man with no ideea of being father and no responsibility becomes "father"And the women who decide to have children with this kind of gomi i bet she is know about his bad comportament. So said..

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