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Dinesh comments

Posted in: Gov't OKs bill with tough road rage penalties; elderly driver testing See in context

First put decent broad roads and then enforce rules like this ,,,,

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Posted in: National Police Agency mulls revoking driver's licenses over road rage See in context

Driving in Japan is one of the scariest things ever.. Drove in the roads of India and Vietnam. But people mostly don't involve in physical spats.. Japanese pedestrians and cyclists are too. Scary to handle and very ill mannered..

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Posted in: Tens of thousands attend event for emperor's enthronement See in context

No one cares!!!

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Posted in: Kansai Electric gift scandal extends to Kyoto branch See in context

Is it called gift scandal in developed countries and bribe scandal is underdeveloped nations?

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Posted in: Cambodian court convicts 2 Japanese of murdering taxi driver See in context

Japan is helping countries like laos and Cambodia in there infrastructure, so giving death penalty to them will strain thier relationship. So the judges are lenient I guess

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Posted in: Almost 20,000 foreign children in Japan not attending school See in context

Most of the foreigners feel Japanese schools is not a save place to enroll their children.

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Posted in: Anti-NHK party head suggests genocide to solve overpopulation See in context

Finally I got the reason why people keep on electing Abe as PM..

What an idiot

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Posted in: Apple launches iPhone 11 series in Japan See in context

Bunch of stupids waiting in line.. Serious waste of money..

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Posted in: Elderly people account for record 28.4% of Japanese population See in context

Shocking stats...

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Posted in: Koizumi seeks further innovation in Japan to fight climate change See in context

Family politics sabotaged my home country and its going to do the same thing to Japan.. People should stop electing people like this. They aRe not even fit to run the government ND have any basic knowledge ..the only thing they can do is loot more money from us, save more money in Swiss banks and make his son future prime minister .

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Posted in: TEPCO will have to dump radioactive Fukushima water into Pacific, minister says See in context


The ocean contamination from the nuclear disaster site is solely into the Pacific Ocean and not the other oceans and seas. The level of contamination isn't even equal to all that released from the atomic bomb testing.

Just another of the dumb conspiracies, there are so many of them.

Have you ever studied about water current in school?..

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Posted in: TEPCO will have to dump radioactive Fukushima water into Pacific, minister says See in context

Already Japanese comtamanited 2/3 Rd of oceans in the world due to 2011 disaster, keep on continuing your good job to environment..

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Posted in: Nissan mulls pulling out of S Korea, Financial Times reports See in context

No one prefers nissan anyway

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Posted in: Truck may have taken wrong road before crashing with train in Yokohama See in context


The should have planned this way a decent flyover or a underground crossing.. There are so many ways to do this..

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Posted in: Truck may have taken wrong road before crashing with train in Yokohama See in context

After seeing the accident video, it's too hard to turn the truck in the small area before fumikiri. Government gets so much tax money from us and can even a provide wide roads or have a proper road signs. every road is narrow which leads to more accidents.

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Posted in: Police end probe of Kawasaki stabbing rampage See in context

Ending probe within 3 months without conclusive evidence is too pathetic...

No one can go on a killing spree without a motive.. Basic psylogy..

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Posted in: 87-year-old man arrested for molesting 8-year-old girl in park See in context

Arresting after one month? What a lazy police...

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Posted in: Trump revives suggestion he'd end birthright citizenship See in context

Good initiative, hope no one shows off hey I Have a American passport hereafter..

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Posted in: Japan to build ¥67.5 bil underground neutrino detector in Gifu Pref See in context

What a utter waste of money...

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Posted in: Mental illness issues could make death penalty impossible for Kyoto Animation arsonist See in context

Kill some random People tell that you have mental illness escape prison sentence and live your life peacefully!! What a country we live with this pathetic judicial system. Government has literally failed to protect us. Government should protect us or abolish this crazy laws and these guys should be executed ASAP..

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Posted in: Can Tokyo's efficient rail system handle Olympic strain? See in context

First government need to operate more trains for the people travelling in rush hour during normal days, then let's think about how to solve rush hour traffic during Olympics..

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic premium ticket packages to sell for up to ¥6 mil See in context

Way too expensive..

Does people have enough money to buy tickets for this hefty price or am I just broke...

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Posted in: Hiroshima mayor urges Japan to join nuclear ban treaty; Abe declines See in context

Hope the world gives up nuclear weapons..

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Posted in: Man who lost wife, daughter in car crash conducts petition against driver See in context

This old man should be arrested and put behind bars till death but what happens when you are a former big shot in Japanese government and a ryojin who has a license to do what ever you want in this country .He will find loop holes in the system and escape any jail sentence even he's arrested again..

Feeling sad for husband what pain he will be going though. Let's hope for the best

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Posted in: 2 lawmakers with serious disabilities attend 1st Diet session See in context

The renovations have so far cost 880,000 yen.

All our tax payers money!!

Hope they voice common man problems..

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